5 Things Donald Trump Has Taught Us . . .

Is Donald Trump laughing at us or with us?

It may be difficult for some to think that DT is able to teach us anything but believe it or not he has taught us some very valuable lessons about politics and how shoddy politics has become. He truly reminds me of a carnival barker from the old days. Those who remember those days would also remember how convincing those barkers were to the point where they actually got us to spend our last buck to see the show inside the tent behind them.

Every once in a while an opportunity presents itself in a way that enables us, if we are truly paying attention, to discover life lessons so valuable that we overlook them because of their simplicity. We often say ‘if the solution was that easy don’t you think someone would have done it or realized it before?’

Not long ago, in our own country, such a moment in history revealed itself and we (collectively) did the unlikely. We changed how we were moved as a nation and voted out a guy that was slowly destroying our national spiritual existence. People were being strangled by apathy and hopelessness and were getting ready to hand over total control of their lives to a guy who didn’t deserve the privilege. I called him the ‘Teflon Man’ because nothing ever stuck to him.

Something similar is cooking south of us. We can only hope that our U.S. friends are smart enough to see what has been happening there as well. The problem they have is their alternative to Mr. Trump is not much better than Mr. Trump himself when it comes to credibility.

None-the-less here are five things that I believe Donald Trump has taught us as voting people:

1. He has shone a bright light on an immigration policy that is in desperate need of being re-thought. The fate of an entire country could rise or fall on this issue alone. The current policy is riddled with political correctness, moralistic thinking and bleeding hearts but a wholesale ethnic roundup is not the answer.

The Lesson:  Never depend on and trust a person with a great deal of money and power  and a basic lack of compassion to lead you to a place of integrity and fairness.

2. DT has certainly suggested some solutions to the immigration problem but most would agree that, yes there is a serious problem regarding folks that have entered the country illegally but they have integrated themselves in the American society now although many have not assimilated themselves into North American culture and remain reluctant to do that.

Toss the demonstrated and violent criminals–OK but not ALL immigrants are criminals. DT speaks of an intense vetting, whatever that means, perhaps this is the place for that effort to begin.

The Lesson: Never allow a narcissist who claims to have all the answers to YOUR problems gain a foot hold in a position of power. He will destroy most things he touches.

3. Trade agreements do need to be re-thought and perhaps even renegotiated but not with threats, a hammer and a gun.

The Lesson: Anything that has to be created and/or maintained by coercion and force is doomed to failure. You cannot buy loyalty and consensus.

4. DT has not spoken about or vaguely alluded to, at least not while I have been listening to him, any mention of creating a completely new paradigm concerning how we educate our children. The current system is so broken and yet politicians continue to pour billions into it with little improvement in outcomes when considering global market places. Most large businesses have been brutally clear about the need to change things but no one in a position of power has taken up the challenge. Too much money to be made by leaving such things alone.

The Lesson:  Never elect a businessman to run a country. They make terrible leaders. It has been shown that the best weapon to combat instability and disproportionate distribution of wealth is by having a well educated  population. An up to date approach to educating our children would also promote greater health and equality. No shots fired. DT does’t or can’t see the bigger picture–the global picture because he has limited vision. He thinks as a businessman when he needs to think as a leader of people.

5. There can be no prosperity, equality and fair competition in any society where a misogynist and a bigot reigns free. There can be little doubt that DT demonstrates both of these characteristics. The word disingenuous comes to my mind immediately when describing him.

The Lesson:  DT has taught us that ANYONE who runs for public office especially at the state/provincial and federal levels should be not only be vetted much more strenuously by the judicial system but also by independent psych services. I shutter at the thought of how many ‘mentally ill’ candidates are out there right now making life changing decisions on our behalf and we can’t stop them. Think about DT’s behaviour and how irrational he has been at times. Just sayin’—–

Anyways, that’ how I see it. All the best, Jim

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    • Greetings Ramona–thank you for the comment-appreciate your time and interest–My hope is that others will see through this guy before it is too late. Every time he opens his mouth he confirms how little he knows and yet he remains in the hunt. Unfortunately that doesn’t say much for Hillary either–Jim


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