5 Ways To Find Christmas…I Hope

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Here I am again at a time of the year when I question and wonder why I find myself lacking in the ‘Christmas Spirit’. I am trying to see or understand what other people do to get into the feeling of Christmas–the Christmas Spirit.

For years now I have looked at Christmas thinking–hoping, really, this year will be the year when I ‘get it back’. When I was a little person I remember what looking forward to Christmas was all about. I know I felt differently. Excited. It seemed to take forever for the ‘big night’ to come. But over the years I seemed to have lost that warm connected feeling. Now it’s more a feeling of ‘when will it be over’ and ‘If I hear another Christmas carol I’ll puke’.

The good news is that I now understand how I get to this place every year or at least what the major contributing factors are. If I know how I get here then I should know what to do differently to not get here. I might add that I understand how some people get really melancholy around Christmas time. It is supposed to be a time for family and celebration but if you are homeless or unemployed you likely are out of both. This is supposed to be a wonderful time of the year–a time of compassion, giving and loving but we have turned this into a time of ‘want more’. Many others, it seems to me, have lost the true meaning of Christmas as well. Ask your kids what’s it all about. Do they have ANY sense at all of the true meaning of Christmas? If they do perhaps we should let them ‘drive the bus’. Adults are messing it up big time.

It is a time when commercialism takes over earlier every year. The Santa Claus parade comes around Thanksgiving now. What the hell is that? Jokingly I think that there should be a law that says businesses can’t play any Christmas carols, anywhere, or advertise before December 1st at penalty of being vilified.  There doesn’t seem to be any respect for the basic cultural and spiritual components that explain Christmas. What do our kids hear? What do they see? What do you want them to see?

Nonetheless I have decided to press on with my ‘recovery’ program in pursuit of the elusive Christmas Spirit. Here are 5 things that I will either stop doing or I will start doing to that end:

1. If the sign in the window says ‘Merry Christmas’ then I’ll go in and look around with the idea of shopping there. If no sign is evident I will NOT go in.I’m right out of political correctness. I will NOT wish people ‘Happy Holidays’. 

2. If a radio station starts playing carols and advertising before December 1st. I will not listen to any further broadcasts until after the holiday season is over. Too much much too early for me. It just heightens that sense of commercialism.

3. No outside decorations going up on the outside or the inside of my home. After a while they just seem to be a regular part of my surroundings and I stop noticing them. They lose they speciality to me.

4. I’m not going to attend any parades or special events that are not scheduled for sometime after Dec 1.

5. I’m going to pay much more attention to the little folks who have got the Christmas buzz going on and talk to them about what Christmas is all about for them. Perhaps they can teach this old dog some ‘new tricks’ when it comes to being in the moment.

That’s my plan-we’ll see how it goes.

Anyways, that’s how I see things. All the best, Jim

My favourite quote this week:

This sorta sums up what Christmas has become for many but not all thank goodness.

“Too many people spend money they haven’t earned to buy things they don’t want to impress the people they don’t like”–Will Rogers (My favourite thinker and writer)

Forward Thinking Program:

Meeting tomorrow with the gentleman who is helping me with the editing part of this project. He has also been an integral part of the thinking and motivation to develop this proposal. The forward part of the work is done-for now. We will be looking at what the new curriculum will look like. This is the exciting part for me. It is going to be innovative but energizing for the ‘learners’ who will be exposed to it.

Truth Talkin’ Thursday:

Jane and I were at it again this week. We are so enjoying the program and we get to help some folks who are stuck or jammed up with life. That’s the amazing part. What a privilege to do this. This week we briefly recapped our previous conversations about assertiveness vs aggressiveness and we provide an example of how to work through a common scenario at home regarding getting the kids to be helpful voluntarily around the home without being aggressive.

Tune it in. We think it could be quite helpful to many frustrated parents out there. Go to u-tube-type in Truth Talkin’ Thursday-Episode 11 or go to jimcloughley.com-click on Truth Talkin’ Thursday and find episode 11 in the list that appears.

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