A Beautiful Christmas Blessing . . . Enjoy

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I will be taking the next week off so I would like to thank the folks that read my articles and follow me for your support and interest. I appreciate all the comments I have received over the past year and look forward to connecting with everyone again in two weeks.

I wish you all a very Merry Christmas and may your New Year be blessed with Hope, Peace, Happiness and Love. Speaking of that be sure to hear Allan Jackson sing Silent Night (link below)

Comments are always welcome and I would appreciate any ideas that you might have about articles, topics to address, how do we make this better–is it too long? Let me know what you think and what you might want to see done differently.

Please forward this to family and friends. Contact me at: jim.lifechoice@gmail.com  OR  jimcloughley.com

Be safe and know that it’s OK to let the other guy go first.

All the best, Jim


1 thought on “A Beautiful Christmas Blessing . . . Enjoy”

  1. Well said Jim, It’s more than OK to let the other guy go first! In fact, we (Christians) are CALLED to let the other guy go first, it’s a responsibility that too many don’t take too seriously. Funny you should say it like that. In driving you see various personality types. You can’t help but notice the guy that thinks he’s a little more important than the rest of us, you know he manipulates, tailgates and all lanes are his to use at will, without signals…and more. Then you have the selfish person that keeps the nose of their car so close to the one in front that nobody is ever going to take his space (that 120 square feet belong to him). We could go on, with numerous examples of crazy driving, LOL. I really believe that how you drive is how you live, it’s an outward reflection of your real thought life. Seems anonymous, but we see you. Then you have the driver that: Stays in their lane, signals when changing (in advance), never blocks a driveway always letting others to enter the street, stops at yellow lights (safely), keeps a safe distance from who he follows. This is a man that enters the traffic of life seemingly without notice and exits without leaving the scars of pushing people around all life long. What we get from him, is an example of grace extended and the blessings he passed out along the way by letting us go first. Merry Christmas, Jim & “Whosoever will”.


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