A Different Kind Of Relationships Book-A Must Have For Any Parent

“This book clearly lays out issues that, not only young men but adult men as well, struggle with regularly.The step by step approach within the context of a story, more than held my interest. This is a must read for single parents, co-parents and young men who question their place in today’s society. Teachers and professionals who want to learn how to support and assist young men in this time of uncertainty will learn valuable tips”–Phil Durrant, MSW,RSW, Niagara College, Ontario.

Greetings to all from Lifechoice. May 4, 2014

Finally a resource for single moms and dads
Finally a resource for single moms and dads

Some folks have asked if I’m doing any book related events in the summer so the following list outlines what I’ll be up to and where:

Influence Hybrid Publishing Group, which is the publishing house that I am part of, have arranged for me to participate in a BC book tour, along with 8 other authors, beginning on May 15th, 2014.

May 15-from 6:30-8:30pm—Book signing at Black Bond Books, 1-15562 24th Ave., Surrey, B.C.

May 16-from 6:30-8:30pm—Book signing at The Book Warehouse, 632 West Broadway, Vancouver, B.C.

May 17 & 18-from 2-4pm—Book signing during both days along with a Q & A panel at Chapters Victoria, 1212 Douglas Street, Victoria, B.C.

May 30-from 11-2pm-Book signing at Indigospirit Book Store (Chapters), 600 University Ave., Mount Sinai Hosp, Toronto, On (just me)

May 31-from 12-4pm-Book signing at Chapters Book Store, 55 Bloor Street West (Near Bay St), Toronto, On. I will be joined by Carol Teed who has written a wonderful book called “The Secret Language of Cats”.

November 13-16 at the Toronto International Book Fair at the Metro Convention Center

If you are around any of these places please drop in to visit. Love to see you . Please tell your friends as well—with thanks–Jim


Books make great gifts at any time but especially for birthdays, Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, or for just any day.

For more information on the book and how it can be used as a professional resource, a learning tool, to offer teaching points on how to re-establish damaged relationships especially between fathers and their estranged sons, a more broad based look at the journey from boyhood to manhood that faces all of our young men or if you are looking for a story about how human beings exist in relationships with others please connect by either e-mail or type my web site into your browser.



Hope to see you at one of the events, all the best, Jim

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