A Different Kinda Week . . .

It seemed that every where I went people were buzzing about France and the attacks. Some were deep in thought and conversation-speculating on what was to come. Would there be more and why there would or wouldn’t be. Many were in quiet debate while other folks were arguing and angry. Still others wanted revenge and others wanted to ‘send a message ‘ to those people. I tried not to get involved in the discussions but that was almost impossible.

My week was very quiet and uneventful–which is rare and was welcomed.

But I did manage a couple of things:  A podcast with Dr. Stephanie Standfield 

I feel quite fortunate to be involved with Stephanie. She has developed some great programs especially to do with managing our health and well being. She brings a wealth of experience a knowledge to her practice which is located in Colorado.

Click on the following link for more information that could transform your life

and help you achieve the type of life you always dreamed of.

You can hear our interview and other conversations that connect our thinking and our work.



My video pick for the week:

A very thought provoking 5 minutes you’ll not want to miss delivered by Brigitte Gabriel who provides expert commentary


That’s my week–hope you all had a good week as well. Comments or ideas are welcomed-contact me at: jim.lifechoice@gmail.com. You can also learn more about mentoring our sons-more information about ‘A Man’s Work Is Never Done: A Novel About Mentoring Our Sons’ and/or understanding more about the process of managing yourself more effectively to find the passion and inner peace that lies within us all–check out ‘Managing Me . . . 8 Keys To More Passion And Inner Peace’

Have a great week, Jim

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