And The Losers Are? . . . Us, Again


I promise this will be my only rant/article on elections but I can’t seem to help myself when it comes to this topic. I’m tired of being ‘a loser’ when it comes to our election process and what it has become.

I watched the ‘debate’ the other night, featuring the ‘three blind mice’, with a growing sense of loss. What I was losing was my precious time wondering when and if any of these candidates were going to get to the point of having this get together in the first place. As happens when considering a ‘debate of the issues’ it quickly degenerated into character assassination and trying to convince the viewer that a vote for them is a vote for the lesser of the three evils in front of them. Go figure. Instead of focusing on what they will do that is better or more reasonable for the electorate in clear, concise and understandable language we get excuses, condemnation and double talk. Mr. Hudak and Ms. Horwath ganged up on Ms. Wynne and Ms. Wynne tried to ignore the other two. What a train wreck. I found Mr. Hudak disingenuous, Ms. Wynne overwhelmed and ill prepared and Ms. Horwath lost in the middle somewhere trying to figure out how to salvage some semblance of political dignity. Quite an endorsement for why they should be given the reigns of power. Regardless, we are going to end up with one of these beacons of leadership and we’ll be stuck for another 3-4 years.

It seems to me that leaders and parties have been moving away from what their duties and responsibilities are regarding their ’employers’. That’s us by the way. They work for us not the other way around. When was the last time your representative, be they municipal, provincial or federal employees, came to your door and asked your opinion on anything? Too busy they say. Doing what I ask? That’s like saying to your employer that you can’t come into the office to talk about business because you have other ‘things’ more important to do.

So here is what I think we should do before it’s too late and we have no power left as an electorate:

1. In California they have a law on the books that allows the voters to impeach a governor for ‘misconduct’ and other stuff. We need to be able to hold our representatives accountable for their actions and not have to wait for 1 or 2 or 3 years down the road to do that at the ballot box. We should be able to toss someone out on their backside when they mess up. This is what it is like in the real working world and we are always being told how we must pay our public officials a competitive rate of pay if we want to attract the best or most qualified to work in the public sector. If that’s true then our public officials need to be held to the same standards and experience the same consequences as those in the private sector. If a candidate for public office, whether that is for the position of Prime Minister or Premier of a province or the mayor of a city or town stands up in front of a group of voters and says ‘if I am elected I will do . . . ” and within the first one hundred days in office has not moved to make good on his campaign promise(s) he can be impeached. We need to be able to throw his/her ass out where it belongs. We need to hold him/her accountable and with no ‘severance’ package–no golden hand shake–just gone. I truly believe that we would force those running to be more open, honest and careful about what they promise.

2. When they promise to do ‘this’ or give us ‘that’ they should have to describe exactly how and when they will make that happen. They need to state clearly where the money is coming from, what, if anything, will be eliminated or cut and when it will happen.

3. Attack ads should not be allowed once the campaign starts. I truly want to be informed about what someone is going to do for me that the other folks are not ready to do. One candidate should not be allowed to disparage another or attack their credibility. Let the voters determine the value of a candidates credentials–that’s our job. If statements are made concerning another candidate’s behaviour they had better be backed up by incontrovertible evidence. If they cannot be proven to be true then the uttering candidate would be out of the election. Enough of innuendo, false truths and out of context statements. Enough trying to discredit the other guy to make yourself look better. Besides when you do that you just look and sound like an idiot who cannot win by any other means.

The gist of it for me is this: I am tired of being used by insincere candidates who are looking for a great pension while the rest of us work our backsides off to put a bit away for a rainy day just to have it squandered away by some greedy or dim witted politician.

I’m tired of being lied to and taken for granted or worse–taken for an ‘idiot’ who isn’t supposed to know any better.

I’m tired of being treated as a second class citizen in a first class country and having my rights eroded by some jackass who feels that political correctness is a sign of compassion and understanding. I agree it used to have a purpose. Now it has become a tool to gain favour with a particular group or to get re-elected.

I’m tired of feeling like a ‘loser.’

That’s how I see it, Anyway

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All the best, Jim

3 thoughts on “And The Losers Are? . . . Us, Again”

  1. I often wonder, if most people – say 80 or 90 percent – actually bothered to vote, we’d be seeing far different elections and different candidates. The corporations run the politicians now, but the public could amount to something greater. People just have to care. But people don’t and those that do are so disappointed in the system that they hardly bother to vote as well. I know a girl who is very smart, who calls herself a realist, who said all elections are rigged so why does it matter. Just like that, we’ve lost one more voter.

  2. The election process is so phony and the people up for election are almost beyond description, it is very hard not to feel completely hopeless against it. Pathetic comes to mind, but unless we are active in the voting process, nothing will change. I love the idea of impeachment – accountability is something these people need to address up front – let’s vote on that issue alone!

    • Greetings Nancy–yes I agree that the process is a mess. How have we gotten so far away from what it was truly meant to be–simply to have a particular person speak on our behalf about how we would like to be governed according to OUR standards and ideas not some half baked candidate who never bothered to check in with anyone before he/she raised their hand in agreement. It seems that once a candidate wins an election they then feel that they speak for everyone just because they got more votes. What about the people who didn’t vote for that candidate?–how or when do their concerns get presented or represented. I do believe that our politicos NEED to be held accountable for everything they do and say. They need to be helped to understand that they are there only to represent us and to make sure that our best interests are presented and represented with enthusiasm and honesty. How hard can it be?? Obviously it is more difficult than I thought or perhaps that sense of entitlement that our representatives display has gotten in the way of civic duty and the basic sense of trust that we grant them. Perhaps they see an opportunity to get something for themselves ‘for all their dedication and hard work’. In any case I, too, am fearful of the day when most folks just give up because they don’t feel they can change the system. I believe we can change the system and we need to be more concerted in trying to do so.

      Thanks for your time, your comment and your interest

      All the best, Jim


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