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I chose the above picture because it symbolizes what Christmas needs to be all about. It amazes me that this is likely the busiest and most stressful time of the year for so many and yet families and good friends manage to find the time to come together and celebrate such a magical time of the year. Grand parents and great grand parents get to see and hold their grand kids. They get to witness who these little people are becoming and emotions can be over whelming. Such a great time of the year. My question then is this: ‘Why do we have to have a reason to get together especially as a family?’ Everyone seems too busy to make it happen. I love seeing pictures like the one above. I just wish we could do it more often because it is most important, now more than any time before us,  for families to stay close and relevant for more than a few days a year. My hope is that we will understand the importance of having close family ties in the face of such adversity all around us. There is such strength and re-assurance for all when we stand together.

Business slows to a near halt–as it should

Not much to report or comment on because of the buzz and that’s the way it should be. Irons remain in the fire and conversations and creativity are put on hold. New ideas are born and there will be lots of time to deal with them after all the Christmas hub-bub has happened. The affiliate program is progressing slowly but moving ahead and this will provide so many more opportunities for people who visit my site to become informed about ways to improve the quality of their lives and how to grow their relationships with their families. Information is key to growth for all of us.


It’s never to late to share the gift of love, knowledge and insight.

Books are a great gift to give at any time–they say “I was thinking about you the other day and thought this might be something you would enjoy.” Although they are becoming more electronic a good old fashioned soft cover book is still a great gift that can last a life time and is more portable than carrying an electronic device of some kind. Happy to say that my literary offerings are available at CavershamBookSellers in Toronto at 98 Harbord street now or you can contact me directly at (web site)  OR if you have an interest in purchasing one of mine.


Parenting Tip For The Week.

One of our many jobs as a parent is to guide, teach and help our kids understand the ways of the world-to protect them, as much as possible, from pain and peril. However,  one  important thing that we need to be doing  that many of us miss is to just listen to our kids when they want to talk. We need to listen to him/her with ALL our attention for as long as it takes. We need to be quiet and not interrupt when he/she is talking about how the world-their world-looks to them. If we encourage them they will tell us their fears and their hopes. They will share their’wisdom’ with us regarding what is happening in the only world they have to be concerned with. The biggest mistake we can make is to correct them and tell them that they are wrong to think ‘that’ way and that we have all the answers to their problems. If you want to shut them down be critical of what they are trying to tell us. If you wonder why they don’t talk to us about the real important issues in their lives anymore it’s likely because we ridiculed or judged their words the last time they tried talking to us. We may not agree with what they say but we have to let them know that it is safe for them to say it–we need to listen. 


My Video Pick For The Week.


Anyways, that’s how I see it–all the best, Jim

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