Are we financing our eventual demise by . . . ?

Better To Walk Alone Than . . .

(CAVEAT: I wrote this article with the hope that we wouldn’t get angry with any one or any particular group nor would we be mean spirited to others who are not like us. I simply want to inform and energize folks so that they can voice their concerns to their government leaders and hope they have the ‘stones’ to do what is right. What is happening, at this time, is NOT right.)

The short answer to the question in the topic bar is–yes, I believe we are. We are helping those who would see us defeated and destroyed move ever closer to that day. How? By purchasing their oil. Our petro-dollars filter down to those organizations that would see us annihilated or eradicated whichever word you choose. Granted it’s a day that is still, relatively speaking, too far away to worry about. But why do we wait to deal with an issue that most can see coming? Lets look at a couple of basic facts and then I will ask you to click on the link I have included and you can spend the 4+ minutes watching and listening to a woman speaking about her concerns and then be your own judge about what you have heard and how you feel about it. She can do a much better job of describing it than I and, I confess, I do get a bit emotional around this topic especially when it comes to the continuing existence and freedoms of my grand children and their children.

I am not an alarmist. I am not a bigot. I am not an extremist. I am not biased and I am not a religious zealot. What I am is a Canadian. I am a man who loves his country and the way we choose to do our business not only here but within the global community. Is our way of doing things better than others? I don’t know the answer to that question. I do know that Canadians, for the most part, are respected out there and that says a great deal about how we do business. We do not hesitate to share our inherent freedoms and a desire to be part of a true global village. I love our country and its Christian roots. We don’t get up in the morning and look for ways to kill others. We are giving, forgiving and generous. We are polite, sometimes to a fault, but that’s who we are and what we do. Those who receive our money are using it to finance violence against us. They come here and immediately begin to use our freedoms, beliefs and our system against us. Political correctness will be our downfall if we don’t table it and do it now. Even the mere discussion of Shariah Law, for instance, here is in this country, is so antithetical to who we are. Perhaps we should be doing business with those who are not openly dedicated to destroying us and our way of life. Perhaps we should pay closer attention to what Australia is doing. What do they know that we don’t?

My fear is that we will trade our long term interests for short term gain. I mentioned the other day to a colleague that the 4th World War started when we decided to sell out to the immigrants that were coming here who were demanding that we accommodate their need for changes regarding OUR customs and their comfort zone. And we did it. Poof–there goes Merry Christmas. There goes prayer in schools and a change in the Mounties uniform–a strong tradition to name a few notables. The ‘requests’ may be varied but the outcomes are the same, for us anyway, which is a continuing erosion of our identity as a nation. It’s a classic move to destroy from within. These, seemingly, are not all that important in the scheme of things but are part of a time plan that will last many years well financed by our willingness to use their oil and in return for our help and our resources they finance our eventual demise. What a plan–brilliant really. It’s like the lobster who enjoys the warm water in the pot until it realizes, too late I might add, that he is being boiled to death and can’t do anything about it–oops. This war won’t be won with guns and ammo. It could be lost, however, by our lack of foresight. Once we have committed ourselves to this willingness to appease those who would see us defeated we step closer to the day when we will be asking ‘them’ for approval to do what we always felt we had a right to do to live our lives in peace and harmony according to what WE believed right for us.

Happy Birthday Canada–the best country in the world to live in. At least for now.

That’s how I see it, anyway–Jim.

Please take the time to watch this-it’s that important a message.

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