Now you can discover what some others have known for years . . . How to use the skills, talents and resources that you don't recognize you already have. You can improve your parenting, communication, and relationship building skills easily and quickly. Read on to find out how to get started--Jim

I am good at hearing what you need. Our task is to work together to find the best ways to resolve the issues that you believe stand in your way of success by using the skills and assets you already possess.

I am competent and knowledgeable. I am good at encouraging people to move forward at their own speed while maintaining a non-judgemental approach to healing and growing as a human being.

I am good at recognizing peoples strengths and helping them to create a new approach to living their lives with dignity and purpose. I see myself as an agent of change. If you are willing to do the work I will help to provide the plan.



I graduated from college having completed the Social Service Worker Program at Niagara College and then completed the Addictions Studies Program at McMaster University. I have worked in the field of Human Service Work for over 25 years. Having done so I have developed a keen understanding of the differing ways both genders see the world they live in. I worked primarily in the field of addiction treatment in a residential treatment program. I was privileged to work with families, and couples as well as single parents. I continue to work in the field to this day as a private counsellor. I expanded my fields of interest to include life coaching and couples counselling. I have written and published articles about strengthening personal relationships as well as healing parenting relationships. I wrote, published and released my first book in 1997 called “Managing Me . . . It’s An Inside Job” as well as a complete workbook to coincide with the text. I re-released that book after some re-writes in 2015. I also wrote a book called “A Man’s Work Is Never Done . . . A Novel About Mentoring Our Sons”. That became an Amazon Best Seller in 2011. It’s a book describing the challenges a fatherless son faces and how to guide him through the transition from boyhood to manhood.

My most recent interest concerns the importance of developing a new paradigm regarding how we educate our children. We need to prepare and educate our children in a manner that enables them to compete for the new jobs they will see relevant to the emerging 21st century marketplaces. That currently is not happening as well as it should. For the past two years, a colleague and I have been working to create such a program and it is now, finally complete. Stay tuned – Jim

McMaster U


Presenting Workshops In A Workplace

Public Speaking

1:1 Counselling-On-Line, Skype or In Person

Resolving Parenting Issues

Individual Relationship and Couples Counselling

Life Coaching

Designing and Delivering Programs On-Line and In-Person

Communicating More Effectively

Personal goal setting

Published 3 books

Substance Abuse: O/P Treatment Program

As a physician who deals with families of every description, I see a strong role for literature such as this and room for so many other works that help us raise our children.I would recommend this book to fathers, grandfathers, mentors and all men who work with boys and teens.

Amanda Bell

Depressed Teenager

I found this book clearly laid out issues that, not only young men but adult men as well, struggle with regularly. This is a must read for single parents, co-parents, young men who question their place in today's society, teachers, professionals and anyone else who is interested in understanding what is happening in the world for men currently. The timing of this book is perfect.

Phil Durrant

MSW, RSW Coordinator of Social Service Worker Program

I first met Jim at his book release on December 2, 2011 in Port Colborne, curious to hear about his new book "A Man's Work Is Never Done." I thought it may relate to my experiences volunteering as a big brother (thru the Big Brothers Big Sisters of South Niagara Agency). Everything Jim was saying about the character's traits, challenges, and successes I could relate to.

Mike Leone

Mike Leone, President Big Brothers Big Sisters of South Niagara

Male clients of today would benefit from the wisdom in this book. Men need role models which are often non-existent in their lives. Jim's book would be a great resource for men in my practice but young men overall today. Great Work Jim.

Roxanne Derhodge

BSc., MSc., Psychotherapist/Consultant.

Jim Cloughley poses some challenging questions to all 21st-century men throughout his latest book called, "A Man's Work Is Never Done . . . A Novel About Mentoring Our Sons'. What is the mark you will leave once your life is done? These questions need answers as adult men and young men, together, must confront a shifting paradigm of what and who exactly a man is to be in our modern world. 

Barclay Walker

Hon. B.Sc., B.Ed.,O.C.T

The book is an insightful read into the mind of a man. Yes, I thought I had it all figured out before I read 'A Man's Work Is Never Done . . . A Novel About Mentoring Our Sons'. It brought sensitivity and understanding into the ‘why and how’ of the every day actions and thoughts of our male counterparts. 

Sherri Cousineau

Business Owner and Mother Of Two

In "A Man's Work Is Never Done: A Novel About Mentoring Our Sons," Jim Cloughley explains his statement, in novel form, as he helps a troubled young neighbour understand what it is to be a man in today's world. Whether male or female, young or old, this book will help you understand more fully the process of transitioning from boyhood into manhood. 

Rev. Steven Davis

B.A., M.Div., R.N.G.         

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I am competent and knowledgeable. I am good at encouraging people to move forward at their won speed while maintaining a non-judgemental approach to healing and growing as a human being.
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