Truth Talkin’ Thursday: Episode #82

This week Jane and I chat about money and how the pursuit of money can destroy lives and how people can manage their money better so that they end up with more of it just by being vigilant–by recognizing how to use it properly. Most of us don’t have a clue as to how to manage their financial resources. Because you don’t make a great deal of it doesn’t mean you can’t accumulate enough to retire on someday. Be smart with it and it can work for you. Don’t be smart with it and it can destroy your chances of living a carefree life. Click on the link below for more of our discussion.

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Truth Talkin’ Thursday: Episode #81

Greetings–Jane and I discuss how to deal with crushing or seeming insurmountable disappointment in our lives and how some people just never seem to have a day without disappointment or let down in some way. There are some practical things that we can do to do to help lessen the the overwhelming feeling of victim-hood for instance. Check out the rest of our conversation by clicking on the link below.

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Truth Talkin’ Thursday: Episode #80

Greetings to all, Jane and I used our time and yours this week to speak about the crisis that we are facing as a society and yet there seems to be little of substance happening to address the issue. That issue is the rising occurrence of teenage suicide. The numbers are staggering–Between 2006-2016 the suicide rates for white kids age 10-17 were up 70% and the rates for the same group of black kids is even higher at 77%. How can they be in so much pain? What are we doing now that is different from what we were doing in 2006–? Something has changed. Click on the link below to hear what Jane and I are thinking. Thanks for stopping by. Send comments to me at


Truth Talkin’ Thursday: Episode #79


Jane and I took a side trip down memory lane today to discuss what we each thought best described “community.” Naturally we each described what that word meant to us but we both agreed–to some degree–that it sure sounded different when we got to chat about what it means today–how it isn’t close to being the same and how community used to mean a closeness and an attitude of reaching out to anyone who needed a ‘leg up.’ Folks would gather to help one another and then have a huge feast to celebrate the occasion. It was just different where today folks often think about what’s in it for them. At any rate check out the rest of our conversation by clicking on the link below and send us your thought-pro/con/ Tell us what community means to you.


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Truth Talkin’ Thursday: Episode #78

Jane and I tackled the topic of ‘Communication” and how to do it so that you are more successful at it. There are so many things that we do incorrectly or that we are not aware of that sabotage our efforts to communicate. We talk about so of the more obvious ones in the clip below. So if saying what you want to say in a way that you hope will be heard then this will be most important to you. You ever wonder why someone says to you: “But why did you do that?” or “I still don’t know what it was you were trying to say.” Check out the clip to see what might help you to be more clear. Thanks for stopping by, all the best–Jim

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Truth Talkin’ Thursday: Episode #77

Jane and I spoke about the tragic deaths of those folks who died out west in a traffic accident in Humboldt. There has been such an outpouring of love and sadness. They will be missed. My point was that, as tragic as this event is and has been, why does it take something like this for us to demonstrate our humanity? Why is it that we can’t be as caring and as energised to do good for our fellow travellers all the time? Apparently we have it in us. When I think of someone who freezes to death on a street in one of our cities or towns or some child who dies because of a lack of food we need to be able to demonstrate the kind of care that has been shown for those who died in Humboldt. When children are bought and sold many turn a blind eye. Catch the rest of our chat by clicking on the link below.

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Truth Talkin’ Thursday: Episode #76

Greetings–this week Jane and I tackle the a comparison of the good ole days to today’s lifestyle. There is a crisis happening all around us and yet we don’t or can’t or don’t want to see it for what it is. Being mindful that there are a good number of great parents and kids who are doing great things we need to look at the bigger picture in our towns and cities. Our society today has sold out to technology–technology is raising our kids. We have abdicated our responsibilities as parents and as adults for the most part. Agree or disagree? Check out the rest of the conversation we had and send any comments to me at: Thanks for stopping by–Jim

Truth Talkin’Thursday: Episode #75

Greetings-Jane and I spoke about change and how difficult it can be for us to invite change into our lives. Many of us fight it and try to deny it. The only sure thing in this world is the fact that change is inevitable and we will resist change most often. For me it helps explain why so many are so unhappy to the point where they get sick physically and emotionally-even spiritually. Tune in to the rest of our discussion for more on this very important issue in our lives. It may make the difference between being at peace and being at war with yourself. Just click on the link below. Thanks for stopping by–all the best, Jim

Truth Talkin’ Thursday: Episode #74

Greetings-Join Jane and I this week as we chat about the perils of being ‘fake’. Why do so many people feel the need to be who they are not? Why do folks feel that they have to create this false sense of reality or chat up their importance to the world they live in. The hardest thing for people to learn about is a friend or partner who has not been honest about who they are and what they do or believe. If they become important to us we often let them get close to us. Then we find out that they are not who they said they were. It not only hurts us but it  makes us wonder about what we believe to be true, who we are and what we stand for. It just sucks all ’round.

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Truth Talkin’ Thursday: Episode #72

Come and join Jane and I as we discuss some parenting stuff around how much do we do for our kids? How much should we do for them? What is the importance of allowing them to experience the consequences of the decisions they make? If they want to act like adults and be treated like adults then they need to understand that adults are responsible for their decisions as well. Our job is to help them learn life lessons by discussing the pros/cons of an issue they are dealing with. Then we step aside to allow them to make their choices. If they turn out to be  mistakes we help them learn something of value from those mistakes instead of blaming them and calling them names or telling them how disappointed we are in their behaviour. Punishing and consequences are not the same thing either.  .

Click on the link below for the rest of the discussion. All the best, and thank for stopping by–Jim

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