Truth Talkin’ Thursday: Episode #78

Jane and I tackled the topic of ‘Communication” and how to do it so that you are more successful at it. There are so many things that we do incorrectly or that we are not aware of that sabotage our efforts to communicate. We talk about so of the more obvious ones in the clip below. So if saying what you want to say in a way that you hope will be heard then this will be most important to you. You ever wonder why someone says to you: “But why did you do that?” or “I still don’t know what it was you were trying to say.” Check out the clip to see what might help you to be more clear. Thanks for stopping by, all the best–Jim

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Truth Talkin’ Thursday: Episode #77

Jane and I spoke about the tragic deaths of those folks who died out west in a traffic accident in Humboldt. There has been such an outpouring of love and sadness. They will be missed. My point was that, as tragic as this event is and has been, why does it take something like this for us to demonstrate our humanity? Why is it that we can’t be as caring and as energised to do good for our fellow travellers all the time? Apparently we have it in us. When I think of someone who freezes to death on a street in one of our cities or towns or some child who dies because of a lack of food we need to be able to demonstrate the kind of care that has been shown for those who died in Humboldt. When children are bought and sold many turn a blind eye. Catch the rest of our chat by clicking on the link below.

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Truth Talkin’ Thursday: Episode #76

Greetings–this week Jane and I tackle the a comparison of the good ole days to today’s lifestyle. There is a crisis happening all around us and yet we don’t or can’t or don’t want to see it for what it is. Being mindful that there are a good number of great parents and kids who are doing great things we need to look at the bigger picture in our towns and cities. Our society today has sold out to technology–technology is raising our kids. We have abdicated our responsibilities as parents and as adults for the most part. Agree or disagree? Check out the rest of the conversation we had and send any comments to me at: Thanks for stopping by–Jim

Truth Talkin’Thursday: Episode #75

Greetings-Jane and I spoke about change and how difficult it can be for us to invite change into our lives. Many of us fight it and try to deny it. The only sure thing in this world is the fact that change is inevitable and we will resist change most often. For me it helps explain why so many are so unhappy to the point where they get sick physically and emotionally-even spiritually. Tune in to the rest of our discussion for more on this very important issue in our lives. It may make the difference between being at peace and being at war with yourself. Just click on the link below. Thanks for stopping by–all the best, Jim

Truth Talkin’ Thursday: Episode #74

Greetings-Join Jane and I this week as we chat about the perils of being ‘fake’. Why do so many people feel the need to be who they are not? Why do folks feel that they have to create this false sense of reality or chat up their importance to the world they live in. The hardest thing for people to learn about is a friend or partner who has not been honest about who they are and what they do or believe. If they become important to us we often let them get close to us. Then we find out that they are not who they said they were. It not only hurts us but it  makes us wonder about what we believe to be true, who we are and what we stand for. It just sucks all ’round.

Come join us for the rest of our conversation. Just click on the link below.

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Truth Talkin’ Thursday: Episode #72

Come and join Jane and I as we discuss some parenting stuff around how much do we do for our kids? How much should we do for them? What is the importance of allowing them to experience the consequences of the decisions they make? If they want to act like adults and be treated like adults then they need to understand that adults are responsible for their decisions as well. Our job is to help them learn life lessons by discussing the pros/cons of an issue they are dealing with. Then we step aside to allow them to make their choices. If they turn out to be  mistakes we help them learn something of value from those mistakes instead of blaming them and calling them names or telling them how disappointed we are in their behaviour. Punishing and consequences are not the same thing either.  .

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Truth Talkin’ Thursday: Episode #71

Join Jane and I for this weeks conversation on the expectations that are made of the teachers of our children and how they are unfair. We also identify some of the issues that plague the educational system today and why the kids are the big losers here. If  you, as a parent or a care giver, want to begin to understand what is really happening or not happening in our children’s classrooms  and why our kids aren’t doing as well as we had thought they might then check out our chat.

During the next few weeks we will deal more with what needs to be done to be among the worlds best programs-currently we rank 13th in the world in terms of determining which country offers the best overall educational program globally. Who sits on top?–South Korea followed by Japan, Russia, Hong Kong and then China. Think about that for a moment and ask yourself why are we so far away from the top of the list? Over the next little while we will explain why we aren’t closer and what we can do about it.

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Truth Talkin’ Thursday: Episode #70

Jane and I got into a discussion about being honest and is there a good time or not so good a time to be honest with others especially at times when truth needs to be shared or spoken. We each started out by seeing it a bit differently but eventually we got closer together with how we each saw things. For more-click on the link below to see how this ended up. Comments are welcome–please send them to : and I’ll get back to you. If you want to connect with Jane do so at:

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Truth Talkin’ Thursday: Episode #69

Well Jane and I get into it talking about Truth–what is it? How do we know when we hear it? Why is it important anyway? These are questions that we NEED to have answers for so that when our children come looking for answers ad explanations and they ask about a guy who always lied about everything what is it we are going to tell them. It seems as though the truth has diminishing value in todays world–how sad. What can we do?  Tune in for the rest of our conversation by clicking o the link below and think about what you add to the conversation.  Connect with us about your thoughts at  OR


Truth Talkin’ Thursday: Episode 68

Jane and I got busy with the topic of “balance” Why is it important? What is it? How do you know if/when you have attained it? Jane and I differ somewhat about what it is all about–my thoughts, among others, were that if you have to think about what it is then maybe you don’t have it yet. Balance is something that suits you and you know you have it when you feel stress free, anger free, anxiety free and free from panic. For the rest of the story please click on the link below and catch up–thanks for stopping by

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