Truth Talkin’ Thursday: Episode #88

This week Jane and I went on the road for a wee ride to Pt. Abino Boat Club. Beautiful spot right on the water. Once there it was easy to relax and chat about being who we are really meant to be and how we waste so much of our precious time trying to be who we are not. We watch reality shows and wish that could be us. We watch “soaps” and take the place of one of the characters. My point was why is it so awful being “us”. We are special into this world and we bring skills and talents and a unique view of the world. All of our trials and experiences have prepared us to be who we are and we are meant to help others who struggle with who they are. Anyway–double click on the arrow below to hear the rest of the story.

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Truth Talkin’ Thursday: Episode #87

Jane and I discussed how to handle our “stuff” and why that is so important to our survival. By “stuff” we are talking about the challenges we face every day-the issues that confound us-We need to be able to say “no” at times and feel OK about doing it. We can’t worry about what others will think of us or whether they will be angry with us. If we are not looking after us then we will not be able to help or support others when they need us to. SO–it’s OK to say “no”–when I say “no” I’m saying that I need to help me before I can you. Check out the rest of our conversation by clicking the arrow below.

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Truth Talkin’ Thursday: Episode #86

This week Jane and I discussed Fathers Day and what it means or at least what we,as fathers, hope it would mean. We each talked about the relationships we were involved in with or being a father. Jane talked about her experience with her dad and spoke about being a father and what that meant. Being a father is such a personal experience and not always easy to speak about. My hope was that you would find a way to do that and don’t wait until next Father’s Day to do it. Every day can and hopefully is Fathers Day. Check out the rest of what we had to say about that great day by clicking on the link below.

Comments are always welcome to either Jane at:  ot to me at: Would appreciate hearing from you. PS I have an outline for a 10 point program on how to re-build a father-son relationship for those dads who want to be a part of their sons (or daughters) life but don’ know how or where to get started. Go to–it’s under “Programs” on the content bar on the home page.

Truth Talkin’ Thursday: Episode #85

Greetings–thanks for catching this weeks chat with Jane and I. This week we got talking about how folks tend to handle problems and issues that arise from no where. For instance, we plan things out and for some reason unknown to us things go south on us and we get all in a dither wondering “now what”. I know things like this have happened to you–they happen to all of us at one time or another. Sometimes more than once. Point is how do we handle this stuff when it shows up at our door. Catch our discussion about how to handle these times and what you can do to add to the solution. Sometimes the less you “do” the better.



Truth Talkin’ Thursday: Episode #84

Greetings all, This week Jane and I spoke about why people struggle to deal with change and how it can be a positive in our lives and not the harbinger of bad ‘mojo’ that so many think it to be. Change simply means things are not going to be the same now and maybe, just maybe, that is a good thing. As we said: : “change is inevitable, growth is optional”–Nigel Risner. It really is up to us and isn’t that the best option of it all. Change is not the enemy. Click on the link below for the rest of the story–thanks for stopping by–Be well, Jim

Truth Talkin’ Thursday: Episode #83

Greetings–Jane and I spoke about the importance of learning how to rest and the difference between rest and relaxation. There really is a major difference between the two ideas. One of the great issues of the day is why can’t we maintain what we have worked hard for. Another one is why the great rise in mental health problems and diagnoses like depression, anxiety disorders, headaches, sore muscles and aching bodies. A great deal of that can be prevented by simply paying attention to what our bodies are “telling us.” Check out the rest of our conversation by clicking on the link below. Thanks for your interest–Jim


Truth Talkin’ Thursday: Episode #82

This week Jane and I chat about money and how the pursuit of money can destroy lives and how people can manage their money better so that they end up with more of it just by being vigilant–by recognizing how to use it properly. Most of us don’t have a clue as to how to manage their financial resources. Because you don’t make a great deal of it doesn’t mean you can’t accumulate enough to retire on someday. Be smart with it and it can work for you. Don’t be smart with it and it can destroy your chances of living a carefree life. Click on the link below for more of our discussion.

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Truth Talkin’ Thursday: Episode #81

Greetings–Jane and I discuss how to deal with crushing or seeming insurmountable disappointment in our lives and how some people just never seem to have a day without disappointment or let down in some way. There are some practical things that we can do to do to help lessen the the overwhelming feeling of victim-hood for instance. Check out the rest of our conversation by clicking on the link below.

Please send me your thoughts and ideas about how you deal with crushing disappointment and what others may learn from what you do. There are many folks who find themselves in this position–we need to help each other more about such things. Send any e-mails to me at:        Thanks for stopping by, Jim



Truth Talkin’ Thursday: Episode #80

Greetings to all, Jane and I used our time and yours this week to speak about the crisis that we are facing as a society and yet there seems to be little of substance happening to address the issue. That issue is the rising occurrence of teenage suicide. The numbers are staggering–Between 2006-2016 the suicide rates for white kids age 10-17 were up 70% and the rates for the same group of black kids is even higher at 77%. How can they be in so much pain? What are we doing now that is different from what we were doing in 2006–? Something has changed. Click on the link below to hear what Jane and I are thinking. Thanks for stopping by. Send comments to me at


Truth Talkin’ Thursday: Episode #79


Jane and I took a side trip down memory lane today to discuss what we each thought best described “community.” Naturally we each described what that word meant to us but we both agreed–to some degree–that it sure sounded different when we got to chat about what it means today–how it isn’t close to being the same and how community used to mean a closeness and an attitude of reaching out to anyone who needed a ‘leg up.’ Folks would gather to help one another and then have a huge feast to celebrate the occasion. It was just different where today folks often think about what’s in it for them. At any rate check out the rest of our conversation by clicking on the link below and send us your thought-pro/con/ Tell us what community means to you.


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