Truth Talkin’ Thursday: Episode #63

Jane and I chat about how the year went for us–what did we learn–what did we realise about our own growth and what does the season mean to us. We both admitted that we enjoy our time together and we enjoy passing along what we have learned from doing the videos each week. For me the season doesn’t represent what I hoped it would. I find it far too interested in making money from the season and I hope that at some time we would get back to the story of Christmas and demonstrate that feeling of caring for you friends and neighbours and of treating ALL people with dignity and respect as they deserve. Jane had other thoughts that I found very interesting. Tune into the video below and double click on the arrow to get it playing.

All the best to you and yours and from both Jane and I we wish you all a Merry Christmas and a Safe & Prosperous New Year.

Truth Talkin’ Thursday: Episode 62

Greetings–Jane and I discuss the important topic of “Awareness” and how it relates to finding our “Happiness.” I suggest that, as human beings and as complicated as we can be there are some things that are just dirt simple. Happiness and Awareness are states that are connected and if we, as humans, want to experience happiness then we need to do a bit of work in order to make that happen. So check out the video this week to find out more. Double click on the little arrow. Thanks for stopping by, Jim


Truth Talkin’ Thursday: Episode 61

Jane and I discuss the concept of “Happiness.” IT can’t be bought but it can be given away. I believe that it is the one common goal that we, as human beings, cherish the most. It is the goal that most of us pursue on our” personal journeys. So we discuss the idea and will in the next weeks be talking about how to find “yours.”

Once you find it how do you keep it?

For more about the topic just double click the button below

All the best, thanks for stopping by–Jim

Truth Talkin’ Thursday: Episode 60

Greetings to all–well Jane and I got to chatting about why we started to do these little clips in the first place. Hard to believe that we have posted 60 of these things. We have covered a great number of topics-not always agreeing–but always being respectful of each of our differences. It has been fun as well as informative and so we agreed to keep doing them for awhile yet. All each of us wanted to do was to bring some new perspectives to the front and help folks find some Peace and Happiness in their lives. Apparently we have done some of that. We are hoping to add a phone/Skype component soon so that we can invite people to call us and discuss what they will. That way we can offer to include people in the clips if they want or not if they don’t want. Stay tuned–all the best and thanks for dropping by–Jim


Truth Talkin’ Thursday: Episode 59

This week Jane and I speak about the force of ‘ego’–how does our ego fit into our lives? How does it direct us or does it? Is it destructive or helpful? How would you  know and other viewpoints. Click below for other parts of the discussion and then see how honest and forthcoming you can be with yourself. Can your ego boost your self-esteem? Can it destroy your self-esteem? These are life directing questions and the answers are vital to our mental health. You can fool those around you but you cannot fool the guy who looks back at you every morning while you are shaving or brushing your hair.


Truth Talkin’ Thursday: Episode 57

Greetings:  This is or has been an interesting week for Jane and I  as we discuss the benefits of meditation. To many meditation is a hoaky kind of hippy activity left over from the 60’s. Many others thought that a joint and a wine skin helped us meditate or some peyote. No–I think they call that hallucinating and that is not the same at all. Nothing could be further from the truth. It is likely one of the most effective ways to deal with stress, depression and anger to mention some benefits all with out the assistance of modern day science and technology(medication). Learn how to meditate properly (there is a ‘proper’ way) and you will be amazed at what structural benefits you will experience. The practice can help clear our minds and allow us the opportunity to think, be rational, and collected. Click the link below to find out more about how Jane and I see it.  Thanks for checking us out.

Truth Talkin’ Thursday: Episode 56

Jane and I continue with our discussion on whether or not prostitution should be legalized or not. I vote yes for a variety of reasons. Jane, however, sits in the middle not convinced that it is the right thing to do. Join us for the rest of the conversation. If you have any feelings or thoughts one way or the other please send them to me at  We’d be happy to discuss those as part of our next clip.

Truth Talkin’ Thursday: Episode 55

Join Jane and I this week as we discuss whether or not prostitution should be legalized and treated as a business with the same legitimate deductions as any business enterprise. Which side did I go with? You may be surprised and for reasons you may not agree with–click on the link below for the rest some of the conversation.

We apologize for the abrupt ending-were going with a technological malfunction but will pick and finish our conversation this coming week–thanks for stopping by, all the best, Jim

Truth Talkin’ Thursday: Episode 54

Join Jane and I as we examine the ‘cookie cutter’ way of living our lives that we are moving toward and perhaps not aware that we are doing just that. We talk about becoming more tribal in terms of how we live our lives and although we think we are all individuals look at how we dress and how we speak etc. Click below for the rest of the discussion–thanks for tuning in, Jim

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