Truth Talkin’ Thursday: Episode 54

Join Jane and I as we examine the ‘cookie cutter’ way of living our lives that we are moving toward and perhaps not aware that we are doing just that. We talk about becoming more tribal in terms of how we live our lives and although we think we are all individuals look at how we dress and how we speak etc. Click below for the rest of the discussion–thanks for tuning in, Jim

Truth Talkin’ Thursday: Episode 53

This week we tackle the task of understanding the importance of some basics when seeking peace and happiness in our lives. It all starts with developing an attitude of gratitude. It sounds kind of hoakey but it is really one of the most important considerations that we, as people, need to experience in our lives before we can progress towards our goals. Click below to get the rest of our discussion. Thanks for listening, Jim


Truth Talkin’ Thursday: Episode 51

Jane and I discuss how technology has enslaved us as human beings. It has grown so rapidly in terms of what it does that we, as people, have not kept up with the rate of change. We would not last long without it now-we have become very dependent on technology for our existence. Check out the rest of the discussion by clicking on the link below. Thanks for listening, Jim

Truth Talkin’ Thursday: Episode 50

Jane and I speak about the importance of taking time to make time in our lives. We don’t do a great job of managing our time well and therefore spend much of it doing things just to do or to feel as though we are being productive. We rush around to the point of exhaustion and then pat ourselves on the back for all we do for our kids for instance. How about just spending time WITH them instead of spending time in the same place as they are-WATCHING them being active.


Truth Talkin’ Thursday: Episode 49

This week Jane and I tackle the question about vengeance versus anger and how they relate to each other. Is anger or can anger be a ‘good’ thing too? What does vengeance do to us when its what we go to in times when injustice has been done to us in some way. This is an age old discussion but I think we get closer to the answer that makes some sense. But you need to be the judge of that.

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Truth Talkin’ Thursday: Episode 47

Jane and I discuss the ever present expectations that each of us have the other-being males and females and how difficult that can be to be fair and honest and the difficulties that come from that interaction. Women seem to be moving ahead in whatever development they feel is necessary and men seem rather confused by it all. Catch the rest of the discussion by clicking the link below–Enjoy

Truth Talkin’ Thursday: Episode 45

This week Jane and I go back to last week to clarify some points that we felt we left unfinished. We discussed the difference between Praise and Encouragement when it comes to parenting our kids. Although it doesn’t sound like a big deal for many kids it can make a difference in terms of how they see themselves when they get older and why some don’t have a sense of self-confidence and self-worth. I’m sure that that point IS much more serious for many of us. Check out this weeks discussion at: