Truth Talkin’ Thursdays: Episode #95

Jane and I explore the question of “What are our civic responsibilities”? Do you understand yours? How do you make decisions about defending or acting on what you believe are your civic responsibilities? Would you turn in a friend if you knew he/she was making a few bucks under the table because they were struggling making ends meet?

Check out what we think about this topic and how much of it fits you.




Truth Talkin’ Thursday: Episode #94

Jane and I discuss how some folks try TOO hard at being successful or at being the best parent you can be or wanting to quit smoking. All great to consider but at what cost to you. IF you are miserable or always on edge or not being mindful regarding what is happening to you overall then perhaps you need to find another way to reach your goals. If you are working that hard maybe you need to listen to yourself when yourself says ” this just isn’t the right way to be going about this-this is more harmful than the outcome promises”. Check our the clip below for the rest of the discussion. Thanks for stopping by–all the best, Jim

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Truth Talkin’Thursday: Episode #93

Join Jane and I this week as we talk about “how to slow down time”. As we get older it seems as though time goes by faster. Christmas isn’t THAT far off folks. Join us and then send your thoughts about this to us at  OR If you have any great ideas about how to do this–be sure to share them and we’ll put them out there for others to enjoy.

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Truth Talkin’ Thursday: Episode #92

This week Jane and I get back to the topic of relationships and discussing the one thing above all others that will help connect a man to that relationship more deeply than love or sex. Once this simple factor is forgotten or not considered important any more usually signals the beginning of the end of even the healthiest relationships. To know more about this topic click on the link below and then ask yourself if this relates to you in some way.

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Truth Talkin’ Thursday: Episode #90

Greetings All–This week Jane and I talk about deadlines and how they cause us so much stress. We seem to have forgotten that we control the creation of deadlines and they should never control us. It’s more about planning than it is about they just happen. All of our discussions since we began doing these little videos has been about recognizing that the quality of life we seek is about what we are willing to do to make that happen.

So it becomes a matter of what each of us has to learn to do so that we remain the masters of our own universe. Happiness and peace of mind are not nebulous concepts beyond the grasp of “ordinary” people. They are the result of us maintaining control of what we do and how we do it. Take ownership and make it happen.

Check out the clip below to know more about how you can make that happen. Thanks for stopping by.

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Truth Talkin’ Thursday: Episode #89

Jane and I take a light hearted but serous look at “guilt” and the idea that perhaps we look a bit too hard to find things to be guilty about. Sometimes others will expect things from us that we are not comfortable with and will not do them. Should we feel guilty about that? I say “no.” There are times when “not feeling guilty” is a good thing when those around us think we should. Double click on the arrow below for other examples and further discussion about this topic-it’s an important one-check it out.

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Truth Talkin’ Thursday: Episode #88

This week Jane and I went on the road for a wee ride to Pt. Abino Boat Club. Beautiful spot right on the water. Once there it was easy to relax and chat about being who we are really meant to be and how we waste so much of our precious time trying to be who we are not. We watch reality shows and wish that could be us. We watch “soaps” and take the place of one of the characters. My point was why is it so awful being “us”. We are special into this world and we bring skills and talents and a unique view of the world. All of our trials and experiences have prepared us to be who we are and we are meant to help others who struggle with who they are. Anyway–double click on the arrow below to hear the rest of the story.

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Truth Talkin’ Thursday: Episode #87

Jane and I discussed how to handle our “stuff” and why that is so important to our survival. By “stuff” we are talking about the challenges we face every day-the issues that confound us-We need to be able to say “no” at times and feel OK about doing it. We can’t worry about what others will think of us or whether they will be angry with us. If we are not looking after us then we will not be able to help or support others when they need us to. SO–it’s OK to say “no”–when I say “no” I’m saying that I need to help me before I can you. Check out the rest of our conversation by clicking the arrow below.

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Truth Talkin’ Thursday: Episode #86

This week Jane and I discussed Fathers Day and what it means or at least what we,as fathers, hope it would mean. We each talked about the relationships we were involved in with or being a father. Jane talked about her experience with her dad and spoke about being a father and what that meant. Being a father is such a personal experience and not always easy to speak about. My hope was that you would find a way to do that and don’t wait until next Father’s Day to do it. Every day can and hopefully is Fathers Day. Check out the rest of what we had to say about that great day by clicking on the link below.

Comments are always welcome to either Jane at:  ot to me at: Would appreciate hearing from you. PS I have an outline for a 10 point program on how to re-build a father-son relationship for those dads who want to be a part of their sons (or daughters) life but don’ know how or where to get started. Go to–it’s under “Programs” on the content bar on the home page.


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