Truth Talkin’ Thursday: Episode 32

Greetings folks. Well Jane and I sorta disagreed with something I had said about parents and parenting and so that became the topic of our conversation this week. I said that I thought if parents weren’t prepared to make their kids their #1 priority then they should not have had kids in the first place. Jane had some other thoughts and shared them with me. See for yourself what she had to say.

Truth Talkin’ Thursday: Episode 31

This week Jane and I got down to exchanging personal philosophies with a good discussion regarding the BIG question that plaques a great number of people: “What is my purpose?”  “What is it that I am supposed to be doing?” “Why am I here?” I see it as a very basic uncomplicated process or it can be–Jane had another view and explanation that was great and one that works very well for her. Check it out by clicking on the U-tube link below.

All the best and enjoy. Send along your take on this topic to  OR to Jane at:

Truth Talkin’ Thursday: Episode 29

Greetings-this week Jane and I discussed the importance of belief systems and how we are really held hostage by them from an early age. Many adults find that they are curious or even concerned about the strength of our emotions when it comes to decision making and why we feel as we do. For the rest of the conversation and to understand more about how to change these beliefs click on the link below.

Truth Talkin’ Thursday: Episode 27

Jane and I comment on the Teachers vs. the Board in the recent negotiations. My position was simple-heres a period of time for both sides to get together and settle the deal over the summer. No deal–it starts costing BOTH sides per day–1000.00 per day. After a week it goes to 5000.00 per day-and after that it doubles per day. The kids should not be the ones who get penalized and most of us know that it is not the teachers working in the learners best interests nor is it the board. For the board–do they have to pay the teachers if they are not working? There is never a guarantee of retro pay as part of a settlement–not should there be.

Check out the rest of the conversation below–all the best–Jim

Truth Talkin’ Thursday: Episode 26

Jane and I discuss what each of us thinks are some of the major issues of the day. Many of us struggle with or experience these situations and don’t understand how to deal with them. We certainly are frustrated by them but the real question is “have we lost our way and as a result are we having difficulty finding our way back ‘home’. Send us your comments about what you see as being one of the major concerns that our society is frustrated with and how you might ‘fix it’. Comments can be sent to us through my e-mail address: OR through Jane at

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