Managing Me… Discover 8 Keys To More Passion & Inner Peace

Look for this soon to be re-released book that will guide you to a more passionate and peaceful lifestyle.

James discusses 8 Key areas of life with clearly defined suggestions on how to improve and provide the greatest impact on the quality of most lives using your own identified strengths, talents and skills.

James is a great teacher with strong and positive belief in everyones ability to have the kind of life they always wanted –a clear and well thought out step by step approach to consider things like developing a more positive self image, dealing with anger and using it to your advantage, how to enjoy a more loving relationship and how to be more assertive and less aggressive when communicating your wants and needs to others.

Learn how to create a personal mission statement to guide you through each day and much more.

On-line counselling available-confidentiality assured.


Author Jim Cloughley's 
Brand New Blueprint For Learning