Feminism. What Does It Really Mean Today ?

If They Can Get Along Then Why Can’t We?

Recently I began reading a collection of blogs on a site I follow hoping to gain a greater understanding of what feminism means. I don’t claim to know more than anyone else and I will openly cop to that but it seems that the topic has become an ‘ideological football’ with teams claiming to know better than the other guys. What started out as spirited dialogue plummeted into name calling and character assassination and the points trying to be made got lost.

Feminists are on about the treatment of women in foreign countries and how awful it is. To be clear as a male in the world I, too, am horrified-really horrified-that the rest of the world accepts the brutality and the logic of beating someone who has been raped or a young girl who is held down and, against her will, is circumcised with a broken bottle or a knife. The so-called civilized nations of the world and I include the toothless tiger referred to as the United Nations in this criticism, turns a blind eye because the behaviour is said to be cultural in origin and therefore somehow is OK. Sadly, these practices and others appear to be beyond the reach of world condemnation or judgement or sanction. It is not OK. It is nothing short of barbaric and needs to be condemned in the strongest way possible by the rest of the civilized world. But the bickering, and the negative emotional energy that is being spent by feminists defending who said what about what is self defeating and polarizing. And to even hint that men don’t have any idea about what this is like is simply absurd. ¬†While we are scrapping amongst ourselves we are not paying attention to the real issues. The feminists and those supporting feminism need to clearly define what ‘feminism’ means today because I suspect that the definition would be quite different from what it used to mean.

One strong voice speaking for all those who want to see this brutality stopped is needed but those who favour a unified voice are finding it difficult because they are not quite sure what they are fighting for any more. Can we not take ‘feminism’ and ‘masculinism’ out of the glossary of terms and just say those who care are speaking as one. There are a great number of males out here who really do support gender equality as a global concept.That concept, however, needs to include children and other men as well.

There are those women who want to rule the world and there are men who wish to do the same. Theirs is a different struggle. They are not going to be much help to any of us who hope to see the world become a more accepting, caring, encouraging and tolerant world.

Trying to affect a change in a foreign country concerning their traditions and their cultural obsessions is, in my view, beginning with a non-starter. Expending a great deal of emotional energy and valuable resources trying to do that (change the unchangeable) allows us an opportunity to vent and threaten and not much else. We have no voice ‘over there’ and we have no power or control over what does or does not happen next. But we do have some control over the people we elect to represent us and perhaps if we were to:
1. energize and organize those who support the idea of a single voice speaking for all those who value equality for everyone (it is not just a ‘feminist’ ideal) then we could work to ending global barbarism.
2. encourage them to begin voting for representatives who have proven or pledge to support efforts to end the unjust, horrid and brutal tenents of Sharia Law.
3. just plain stop doing business with those countries who don’t support our view of equality where it concerns the rights and freedoms of women AND men AND children. Perhaps the celebs could contribute to that effort with their wealth and their public statements and support for such an approach. I’m not sure how many would get on THAT bandwagon but it would go a long ways in terms of touching people in other countries because of their international face and notoriety. People around the world may not know who Steven Harper is but they know who Wayne Gretzky is. Celebs carry weight–use it wisely.

MOST importantly we cannot take our eyes off the ball here at home by allowing any discussion to gain a foot hold regarding Sharia Law and how it should be applied to members of the Muslim faith who reside on our home turf. If we aren’t careful the ‘wolf’ could and would sneak in the back door while we are guarding the front door. Don’t be naive enough to believe that that could never happen–not here. 911 could never happen either we were told.

Let’s make sure that our own house is in order and safe before we begin running off trying, with the best of intentions, to be trail blazers in other countries where we have no power. Let’s try to control what is within our power to do so. Once we do that we can encourage other ‘free world people’ to follow our lead and build a world force armed with resources and world political support. Then we would have a better chance of effecting some basic changes regarding world accepted standards for living in freedom. I would imagine that the countries who live by Sharia Law would have to pay attention to the call of the ‘free’ world if the ‘free’ world stopped doing business with them.

?????? Ever wonder how many of our commercial dollars currently go to groups who are dedicated to wiping us off the surface of the planet? Are we not financing our own destruction?

I often wonder why Muslims who live a free and prosperous life in the west or other parts of the world don’t do more to end the horrors in their own country? Why they don’t fight their own battles?

That’s how I see it anyways–Jim

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  1. I totally agree – how about the rights of all humankind, not just factions of it. As spiritually equal beings, nothing will be truly accomplished until we all work together to deal with these issues. Thankfully, more and more people are realizing that. The pendulum went way off balance with feminism, now it has swung the other way, and when it reaches the middle, we will accomplish good things.

    • HI Nancy–thanks for taking the time to send me your comment. I’m for that–human kind–treated with the same dignity and respect as the person next to them. It’s a marvellous concept and if it could only happen. I guess folks get tired of turning the other cheek so to speak and get entrenched in a ‘up yours too’ attitude. As this regards feminism I would love to see the day when we could jettison all the labels and just get to a place where those who have a passion for certain causes and principles get involved with them, until they are satisfied that they have given all they have to give at least for the time. They could then move on to other interests or take a break from everything and just enjoy for awhile. Stay too long and often times the focus is lost and is replaced by taking things personally–objectivity gets lost and replaced by anger and resentment. In a way this is similar to those who fight in wars that last generations. After awhile people continue the fight but can’t remember what the fight was about. I see feminism moving very close to that place.

      Thanks again Nancy–Jim

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  2. First of all I wanted to say that feminism, for most feminist I know, means not just equality but “humanism”. Female humans comprise 51% of the global population. We are not on the other side, we ARE half the sky! The fact that as women we are force by male controlled politics, religion and commerce to try and be heard, acknowledged, included, respected, honoured is inhumane….And the women and men of the free world who can voice alarm and horror for those who cannot must never remain silent.

    There are many, many valuable lessons to teach our children – our boys and our girls – my hope is that we teach all children to respect each other, to be equal, to be inclusive, to have no feeling of “greater than”….when these lessons of truth are known, there will be no more “his”tory and no need for concepts such as feminism or misogyny.

    • Hi Debbie and thanks for taking the time to respond to my article. You have given me much to consider but I’ll try to be brief. Being brief is not a gift I was gifted with by the way.

      I would certainly agree that the term ‘humanism’ is the goal I would prefer to see but there are those among us–males and females alike who would not see it the same way as you and I do. I’m not sure I would liken misogynists with feminists though. My understanding is that ‘masculinist’ is the counter term of feminist. When I think of misogynists I think of those men who hate women just because they are women and that’s not who I am nor have I ever made reference to women in any way that would suggest I do–at least I hope not. I hope that I have not been understood by you or any other women out there.

      I don’t disagree with what you have said in your response. Yes women are half of us and I’m grateful for the balance but looking at some things from the ‘other half of the sky’ it seems to be a two way street at best. I guess it depends upon our different perspectives. If we look at the sorry state of affairs that is the young male population for the last two-three generations many social scientists would say that there is a critical social issue here that has been ignored for a long time and now is epidemic not just in North America but around the world itself. I’d be happy to send along some of the findings if you like. The point is this ‘problem’ of fatherlessness, especially how it relates to young men, has become the #1 social issue of our day and yet little is, or has, been done to address any of the issues that connect the two points. For example fatherless young men are 5X more likely to commit suicide than young women; 8X more likely to go to prison than young women; 20x more likely to become rapists; 9x more likely to drop out of school early; 10x as likely to become substance abusers and on and on. The ‘feminists’ don’t even want to look at the problem since it does not have anything to do with feminist issues–equality and so on. How wrong and blind can they be–it is truly sad. How men are socialized–how and what they need to be learning has everything to do with how they see and treat women. It is pathetic how young men see women and, in many cases, it is not with any sense or degree of respect. Feminism and the political correctness that has accompanied the movement has side tracked the ‘social agenda’ and young men are suffering for it. Feminists have continued the push to punish fathers who leave their families and continue to try to limit their exposure to their children around the issue of money. Don’t pay–don’t visit. If we look at that in it’s purest form the staement sayss bsically if you don’t support mom you have no involvement with your kids until you change your mind. Hows that working out anyway?? Not so good. Does Mom need financial support–absolutely–no question. Is this the way to get it–absolutley NOT. At the end of the day the kids–the sons–pay the biggest price. What about those men who simply can’t pay for support and squeeze out any kind of existence for themselves at the same time. Economics has something to do with much of this but not all of it–I agree. However, the proof is out there (80% of single parented homes are headed by women)–that’s a good number of fatherless sons. The world has become a much more violent place in the last 30 years. If we consider the majority of mass shootings, bombings and murders by our youth or young men we can see that many were perpetrated by fatherless young men or boys with little or no father involvement/mentorship. We can also see how gangs have replaced family in many of our kids lives.

      Feminists did, at one point in our social history, have a voice and relevance but now if someone,usually a man but not exclusively, happen to disagree with ANY feminist point of view or stance he/she is branded a misogynist or a traitor to the cause. Feminists have managed to stifle any open and free debate about issues that are important for both of our genders to consider. That to me has nothing to do with humanism. Instead of all of us setting aside our emotions for a bit and discussing how to get more men involved with bringing up their sons and teaching them the value of human beings–men and women both, the need for respecting everyone-men and women both and instead of encouraging men to either remain as a strong male influence in their sons lives or get back to being hands-on fathers here we are caught up in this horrible time warp and many are just standing by ‘fiddling as Rome burns’. My last point here would be the uselessness of ANY group of males or females having a ‘label’ which tells the world who they are. Why can’t we be concerned world citizens who come together to solve or at least discuss how to solve a human state (fatherlessness) that will destroy us if we don’t act collectively to change things and do it quickly. We need to be agents of change in the world instead of the best antagonists we can be. We can’t afford the pissing match this has turned into.

      See I told you brevity is not something I seem to be able to master–please comment on my comment if you feel like doing that–all the best–JIm


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