” For The Greater Good . . . Yeh But Whose?’

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Whenever someone utters this phrase ‘for the greater good’ someone else seems to take a hit of some kind. I would say that, in the beginning at least, most folks, often in positions of power, really do have an agenda they want to focus on which they hope will improve the quality of life for the majority. But soon disagreements begin regarding how to go about things and which things are more important than others and so on. Then some strenuous opposition ensues and before you know it there becomes an ‘us or them’ situation. Usually the reigning side, with all the best intentions, will invoke the ‘go to’ phrase ‘for the greater good’. My suggestion here: Run Forest-run.  The ‘greater good’ often suggests some pain now for a much greater gain down the road.

We are told that sometimes it’s OK to tell a little white lie in order to get the approval or permission to do something that we know is really not right. During the Bush Administration (that would be Junior’s run) we were told that Saddam Hussein possessed or was thought to possess nuclear weapons and therefore we needed to go over there and destroy whatever was happening. What was really needed was an excuse to invade Iraq so ‘for the greater good’ became the rallying point. Who knows why George Jr. spearheaded this call to arms but it wasn’t because of his concern about MAD-mutually assured destruction. That was proven to be false. I suspect it was for reasons more personal in nature. Revenge comes to mind for the slight that Saddam put on George Sr. Saddam reneged on an agreement with the CIA. George Bush Senior was the Director of the CIA at this time.

But what concerns me the most is this. When making decisions whether that means of a personal nature or on behalf of a whole country the process is the same. ‘For the greater good’ is about justification and not much else. It often means setting aside things like honor, loyalty, justice, injustice, doing the right thing for ALL concerned and so on. It also means that we are not modelling or setting a very good example as adults for the next generation of decision makers. It says to them that these qualities, which we depend on to govern our march through time, are or can be disregarded if enough people say it’s OK to do so regardless of the consequences.

In essence, we are providing a green light to the next generation to exchange, ‘bend’, or re-interpret laws of the land and to disregard any morals and standards that might apply if the end can justify the means. We are beginning to see this play out now with both our kids and our leaders. Being ‘blind’ to what is going on is NO excuse. The message needs to be that it is not OK to be doing business this way.  

Anyways, that’s how I see it. All the best.

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A Forward Thinking Program:

The work and research continues on our FTP. It is a slow and sometimes tedious undertaking but we hope the effort will certainly be worth it. People have asked if we are really serious about what we are doing and I assure them that this is INDEED a very serious attempt to rethink and redesign the whole educational system so that our kids and their kids will be better prepared to achieve, compete and lead Ontario and Canada for that matter into a time when we, again, will be known for being innovators, creators, critical thinkers and valued members in the work place. It can happen and it must happen or we will surely be left behind. I have included a great video this week provided by Sir Ken Robinson who has been and is known as a true expert in the field of education.  More to come as we begin to write/develop a new curriculum. Much has been done and much more needs to be done.

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This is undoubtedly one of the most important 5+minute videos that you will ever have a chance to watch. If you care about where your children are going and what their future might look like you will want to see this. Enjoy. Don’t miss it.

Truth Talkin’ Thursday:

Jane and I are continuing to enjoy our TTT program. This week we discussed a wee rant of mine about the feminist movement and political correctness along with some discussion which will carry on for a bit next week on the difference between aggressive people and assertive people and how to deal with a non compliant child.

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