Global Parenting At Its Worst

September 30, 2013

Global Parenting at its worst:

I can’t believe how much time and effort has gone into and continues to go into the US decision to bomb Syria for the, albeit, extremely callous and barbaric act perpetrated on its own people. This is a country that wants to be seen and treated as what-a serious contender for world acceptance?

So the U.S. has taken how many days to determine what they will do and how they will do it. They have appointed themselves, yet again, to the lofty position of being the worlds’ gunslinger.

Does Syria need to be reprimanded in some way.  Absolutely.  No question. They need to understand that this is not how a civilized nation of the global community who wants to be seen as a world figure exhibits itself. But bombing them is not the way to do that. What makes this response any different than what they are trying to punish Syria for. People will die. They will be endangered once again. IF you want to hurt them then do it where it will have the most affect. Organize the Middle East and the allies and anyone else who is repulsed by what Syria did and black ball them for 3 months or whatever period of time is considered appropriate. Let the civilized members of the global community turn their collective backs on them. Shun them as it were.This act needs to stand above politics. Do it economically and geo-politically and mean it.

This whole bombing business is tantamount to parents punishing a wee child for something they did yesterday or last week and expecting them to get the message that the punishment is supposed to deliver. It’s like punishing a puppy for tearing up a slipper a week after it did the deed and expecting it to never do it again. In both cases they won’t even remember what the punishment is for. And all this at a time when the US is crying poverty to its citizens and claiming that they are still in a precarious position economically. So they go out and blow what 150 million-700? million dollars or however much it costs to bomb someone these days and it is money they can ill afford to spend-so they say. How many social programs will get eliminated just so they can go flex their muscles and show the world that they are still the major force in the world? This is a global issue so let the global community as a whole deal with it.  Honest feedback is always welcome.

That’s the way I see it anyway–JIm

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