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Jim Cloughley’s  Learning Blueprint

A Forward Thinking Program: A New Look At Preparing and Educating Our Children For The 21st Century.

I am pleased to announce that we have finally finished developing our new paradigm for educating our children.

The program outlines what changes need to happen right now in our public schools so that our children have the best possible opportunities to gain the education they will need to thrive and prosper in the new domestic and global marketplaces.We are offering anyone who is interested in knowing more, be they parents, teachers or students an opportunity to find out more about the program and what it offers that is different from what is being offered now. We can’t wait to see more children excited about going to school.

  • check-circle-oHow to make this a better experience for teachers 
  • check-circle-oWhy is learner driven education the better choice
  • check-circle-oWhy Learner Success depends on our Education Stakeholders
  • check-circle-oWhy We need to educate the “Whole Learner”
  • check-circle-oHow to make post secondary career choices easier

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