I Asked The Wee People And They Said . . .

Mother Nature At Her Best

Having some Irish blood running through me, this week was significant in a few ways. Most significant, though, was a conversation that I had, at least I think I had, with Seamus and Fergus. Let me explain.

This past Monday(17th), after putting in a rather busy but productive day, I sought some relaxation time. I sat down, put my feet up and just let my mind wonder where it would. The next thing I knew was I was strolling down this beautiful lane that stretched off into the distance with shrubs and hedges down each side and a canopy of flowering branches over top. The smell of the blooms was almost overpowering. Light streamed through the leaves and warmth enveloped me. It was perfect.

As I strolled along I noticed a little Inn. Being inquisitive I ventured in to see what was what. The place featured an old wooden bar with a wooden planked floor and held about 15 folks. All the tables were full with the exception of one table in the corner that offered one unclaimed chair. As I started to move toward the chair I noticed that the two fellas sitting there were engrossed in a conversation so I wondered if I should make my way over to ask if I could join them or not. I didn’t want to interrupt but I was hungry and tired so I took a chance. “Would it be OK to join you fellas”, I said. “I’d just like to sit for a bit and enjoy the atmosphere. I’m new around here and I can’t stay long so I’ll try not to bother you any.” “No problem”, they said. A few seconds went by and the man on my left introduced himself and his companion. His name was Fergus and the other fellow was Seamus. Seamus went on to say that he and Fergus were just discussing the state of things as they saw them and would I care to chirp in with my thoughts. I asked what they were chatting about and Fergus went on to explain. They were talking about this little town not too far away called ‘E-Nuff’. Apparently once a year this little place has a town meeting where everyone gets together to talk about what they have had ‘enough’ of over the past year. They go on to say what they will try to do to change things a bit. Then they create a list and post it in the town square to remind each other what they had talked about. The towns people spend the rest of the year trying to change as much as they can to eliminate things from the list. The following is a list of the things that came up during the town meeting in E-Nuff. Some of the things on the list came from the conversation that went on between Fergus, Seamus and I.

1. Greed–Fergus pointed out that the sandbox was big enough for ALL to play in. The rich could keep their wealth but they needed to be sure that those who went hungry and struggled to put food in the bellies of their families had more opportunities to earn money to do that. Not charity–opportunity.

2. Anger, racism, bias and resentments. Seamus pointed out that every moment spent hosting any one of these emotions was a minute where joy and peace could not be experienced. Fergus and I both tipped our glasses. (poi–I don’t drink alcohol so mine was ice tea)

3. Lying and selfish self centered politicians. It’s seems they are everywhere now. There was a time when politicians were appreciated and looked up to. People trusted them. Now they are a great source for late night TV comedians. My how the mighty have fallen.

4. Seamus brought up Rob Ford and A-Rod. It seems as though they have created a world wide reputation and not one to be proud of. “These dog and pony shows are really getting old.” Seamus and I tipped our glasses.

5. Sense of entitlement–“you owe me” is a common refrain. The world owes you nothin’. Go earn it and stop whining.

6. Exploiting those who have no power. They need a voice not a kick in the teeth.

7. Political correctness. What can any one say about this one? IT IS KILLING US.

8. Vampire movies. It’s time for something else–anything else.

9. Reality shows. Really? Are we that starved and bankrupt for ‘entertainment’?

10. Stupid, insulting and inane commercials especially on TV.

11. Political attack ads and the Parliament Hill Bully. You know the one with the pasted on, phony, insincere smile. Fergus and Seamus knew who I meant somehow.

12. Video games that show the senseless slaughter of people. These are the ones that supposedly pass for computer and brain skill development resources. Have we become that gullible or have we become that sick?

13. People who use their cell phones while driving. TAKE THEIR FRIGGIN’ LICENCE AWAY–What’s a life worth these days anyway?

14. Governments that dig far too deep into our pockets expecting them to be bottomless. Surprise!

15. CEO’s who are constantly rewarded for mediocre performances when the workers are told there is no money for them and their families. A bonus should be tied to profits and performance. If your company losses money the CEO bonus is less to match the % of the loss.

16. Men walking away from their families.

17. 2 tier court systems. There are laws for the rich and then there are laws for the rest of us.

18. Those who literally get away with murder–especially when the victims are children.

19. War. How about folks take care of their own mess if they don`t like what is happening.

20. The obscene amount of money dedicated to developing better ways of killing more people quicker and easier with less effort and less resources needed.

21. Arrogance. Do we really know more than the other guy? Our system may work for us but it may not suit them.

22. 2 tier medical system. Is my child’s life less important because I may not be able to afford the best treatment?

23. Blaming teachers for what the parents refuse to do or fail to do. Either way take some responsibility for what your kids are doing. They represent you out there in the public eye so what do you want the public to see?

24. Hypocrisy.

25. Poverty/hunger. There are far too many going to bed with swollen bellies while we toss out a weeks worth of food because we are gluttons but can’t eat any more?

I glanced at the clock that hung along side of a shillelagh only to see that three hours had passed in the blink of an eye. So I bid my farewell to Seamus and Fergus and picked up the list I had made. I tucked it in my shirt pocket and went out the door into the cool evening. Before I knew it a warm hand was gently nudging me and I opened my eyes to see my wife smiling down at me. She mentioned something about me saying goodbye to someone but didn’t recognize the names–Seamus and Fergus.

I grinned at her and said I would explain it later. As I walked away I happened to touch my shirt pocket and lo and behold I found a piece of folded paper. I pulled it out and started to read what was written there. It appeared to be a list of things starting with the word ‘greed’.

That’s’ the way I see things anyway

All the best, Jim



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