I Can’t Believe What Just Happened Can You?

I know there will be some readers who will see me as being anti Caitlyn. I guess we’ll both have to live with that. However, I can’t believe what just happened and it seems that very few out there-especially those professionals who have the opportunity and the where-with-all to speak their truth–haven’t. Are they that frightened of the backlash that may occur and the damage to their precious careers?? Wow.

I looked up the definition of courage in the ‘New World Dictionary–2nd Edition’ and it says:’ (heart, spirit) 1. the attitude of facing and dealing with anything recognized as dangerous, difficult, or painful, instead of withdrawing from it; quality of being fearless or brave; valor  2. mind; purpose; spirit–the courage of ones convictions, the courage to do what one thinks is right.’

Now unless I missed something I’m thinking that this whole show was a wonderful ratings gig that worked out really well for the networks. Not many missed the opportunity to see the new ‘Bruce’.  I respect her right to do what she did. I believe that it was a very difficult personal decision for her to make and good for her that she had the support of those who love her to tell her to do what she needed to do so that she could experience the type of life she always felt she deserved. I have no beef with that at all. But this issue is a personal decision and a family decision not a public decision that is plastered all over social media and TV.

The people who should be ashamed of themselves are those executives and hangers-on who only saw a ratings spike that would make them millions. This was a tragic demonstration of how to turn someones real life experiences into a bonanza and to take advantage of America’s penchant to cheer for the underdog. I’m not sure Arthur would be proud of what happened the other night but I’m sure the proponents of the Political Correctness Camp were quite pleased. I just shake my head at those lemmings who don’t have the ‘stones’ to say what they really feel. There were so many people who just couldn’t fall over themselves fast enough to make sure they were on the ‘right’ side of this whole thing.

I got thinking about others who might be justifiably distraught at Caitlyn’s selection for this award. How about all those soldiers, fire fighters and police officers to name a few who do an outstanding job at saving lives and facing death EVERYDAY.  Is this not a grand gesture of ‘courage’ they are required to demonstrate  EVERYDAY on the job. Wow–what were you guys thinking? Oh yeah–ratings. If you were looking for recipients that were deserving of the award how about a guy named Jesse Owens–remember him? 1936 Olympian competing in front of Hitler who wasn’t Mr. Owens greatest supporter at the time or how about Wilma Rudolph. She overcame infantile paralysis, then suffered with polio and scarlet fever but overcame all of that. She had a leg brace on until she was twelve years old, endured and survived the hatred, EVERYDAY, that was directed her way only because she was black. Wilma went on to become the fastest woman on the planet–1960 Olympics. No big deal there eh? Or perhaps Ty Carter. Who you say? He’s the Army guy who was presented the Medal of Honor in 2013 for his 2009 battle field heroics from the same president who bestowed such great accolades on Caitlyn for her courage and bravery. How do they compare? People need to know who this guy is so that they can appreciate him for his heroics and true bravery.  Apparently he saved many of his fellow soldiers lives that day. But then the battle field is only real life–it’s not Hollywood is it?

Courage seems to be a word that has now become one that is completely subjective and without a great deal of substance to it anymore. The Espys, although I understand they are symbolic of athletic achievement most often, are not totally sports related. There are many folks out there who experience very traumatic events, suffer though tremendous losses and continue to function, somehow, day after day. Perhaps they are parents of children who die or disappear, or they lose everything they own in a flood. These are truly courageous people.

I have no doubt that coming out in such a public way as Caitlyn has and being a role model of a sort will help many people who are trapped in a body that isn’t really theirs. But there are not many who can afford to make the changes that she has made which in some ways only exacerbates their feelings and their frustrations. The rationale of helping others falls a bit short here.

Sorry Caitlyn. The message you feel the need to deliver to others in similar situations could be made on any major talk show, radio show, TV show-night time/day time, newspaper or magazine on the planet. It didn’t need the Espys to be the forum–you could have passed with gratitude and thanks.

Anyways, that’s how I see it–Jim

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3 thoughts on “I Can’t Believe What Just Happened Can You?”

  1. Jim,

    I couldn’t have said it as well as, or any better than you have here. I have commented on a few stories about Bruce/Caitlyn recently, but am certain they will fall on deaf ears. Only those that comment on articles such as ourselves, will read our thoughts. Or care.

    I have always believed in the “Live and Let Live” concept, as long as a person isn’t hurting themselves or others.

    But this “situation” with Caitlyn is where things stop for me.

    As you have put so eloquently in your comments above, decisions regarding anything outside the norm are very difficult to “announce” to anybody. And these decisions are very personal ones. Not ones to announce to the world, but to oneself and their friends and family. Many families have rejected and banished their own children when they state they are “different” than them in any way.

    If Caitlyn feels she is helping anybody she is wrong. Dead wrong. She is making it appear as though she has a billion supporters around her, when the “average Joe/Jill” will have one, if any at all.

    Certainly one will have billions of “friends” when they have the money that Bruce Jenner made. Take away all of that money, and there will be nobody around. Caitlyn would be completely alone, just like one of us “commoners”.

    I noticed the media reported that the night Caitlyn received the award she gave a very emotional speech. I didn’t see it, however, I can guarantee that not one single person went up and held her hand or wiped away a tear, like “normal” friends would.

    Also as you stated, Caitlyn had all the money available for her to have the “necessary” surgeries, that completely altered her appearance. What “average” person would have that kind of money or opportunity? She is going to create a huge following of people that wish they were her and are very depressed that they are incapable of fulfilling their wish to be the “same”. How many of those will consider, or God forbid actually commit suicide because of the anguish and depression that they suffer from? How many will “come out” to those around them, thinking and hoping they will get the emotional support that Caitlyn supposedly received?

    It seems that “Courage” can be added to the list of the most overused words in today’s society. The list that contains the words, “Love” and “Sorry”.

    Certainly it took a lot of guts to do what he/she did, but that is where it ends. Courage means to completely put one’s life in jeopardy while trying to save another’s.

    Who did Caitlyn save? I think the exact opposite will hold true in this case. She is giving people false hope with her fantasy life, and fake supporters around her. her life is far from reality. Far from “normal Joe’s/Jill’s” reality.

    Personally, I think everybody should get their “new found” gender/sexual preference and lifestyle out of the media and out of the faces of those that don’t “care” about what they do. Stop expecting the rest of the population to care or even pay attention to it. There are bigger things in the world to be concerned about than whether a government office will raise a rainbow coloured flag, or having a parade of barely clad people walking down a main street in the middle of a city to gain attention to who they go to bed with.

    Today’s society doesn’t know how to “get happy” as we were constantly told when we were younger. People need to accept themselves first and foremost before expecting others around them to accept them for who they are.

    And I am going to risk saying that a very large percentage of people in Bruce Jenner’s “predicament” live life to the fullest/happily without broadcasting to the world who/what they are. They don’t need to live in silence, but they don’t need a billion “friends” either.
    Anyways, before this turns into a novel I better stop. But not before saying that I strongly believe that Caitlyn and her family/”friends” are green-eyed, money hungry, groveling vultures that will remain by her side until the fame and fortune are gone.

    Then and only then, will Caitlyn know what the “average Joes and Jills” feel like. Or maybe she already does, if she isn’t so completely lost in her fantasy world of popularity. In that case, I pity her.

    She must feel absolutely alone.


    • Hi Darla–you need to put this out there so that others can read it. It’s real and that’s what is important here. Too many folks write things that don’t come from their heart-it comes from their ego and we need more people writing about what could be unpopular so that others feel it’s OK for them to do it too. Start a blog-have some fun-let people know how you see things. You’d be surprised at how many see it somewhat the same as You and I. Thanks for taking the time to send this back to me–JIm

  2. Both you and Darla couldn’t be any clearer. I am in full agreement, and have for many years been frustrated and disgusted by the hype promoted by the Hollywood types, while on the other side, not giving true heroes a minutes’ notice. It is disgusting and corrupt and I can’t spend a minute of my time watching or following all the nonsense. I sure hope other people feel the same way and have the guts to say so.


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