I Don’t Usually Do This But . . .

Greetings to all–Trust me when I say that I don’t normally do this but I made an exception in this case. I’m asking you to go to:
​ http://victoriamae.webs.com/

and spend a few minutes checking out this womans web site. That’s all I’m asking you to do. The rest you can decide on when you see her site. I have known this woman for over 25 years. How we met is another story but she was, and remains, a great gift found in the most unlikely place. She is one of the most miraculous, courageous, warmest, selfless giving and truly gifted and talented people I’ve had the privilege of knowing and I am honored to call her friend. ​

​This is no hoax–there is no gimmick–there is no scam involved here. She gives so much to the world around her and now she is in need of a bit of help herself.

If you can help her out that is great. If you can’t that’s OK too but please look at her work and then make a decision as to how you may be able to reach out to her.

As I said I don’t normally do this. We all are bombarded with stories that tug at our hearts all the time. This is an exception for me in that she has worked so hard to get to where she is in her journey. She has taken huge risks that many would not attempt let alone face and overcome. She is truly a survivor of the worst the world could throw at her and she has managed to find ways to continue on when it would have been much easier to have given up and given in.

You be the judge of who she is by what you see and read. Thanks for reading this and I promise to not make a habit of doing this again.

Live in Peace–Jim

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