I Think Politicians Give Politics A Bad Name . . .

It’s official now-this poster must become the public’s solemn declaration. Nothing else quite says it as it is like this one does.

There was a time when politics was a respected vocation. People got into it for all the right reasons it seemed and people in general were able to trust the person who received their vote. Not now and I fear, perhaps, never again.

Politics/running for office has been reduced to a travelling road show with nothing much of substance being spoken about or discussed. Rallies and debates used to be opportunities for the candidates running for a particular office or position in a prospective government to share their vision of hope and prosperity for the future. They would talk about how they would go about the business of improving quality in voters lives and I’m sure that, at one time, there was hope and expectations that it would happen.

As much as we might want to think that Trump is the ‘creator’ of the present day cynicism concerning politics, the deterioration of trust the free world held for the process began quite some time ago. Today it has become, simply, a fascinating reality show and nothing more. Serious politics has been reduced to a global laughing stock and the reputations of those involved in seeking electoral victories has gone into the tank with it. People like Donald Trump have ‘greased those skids’ no doubt but all he did was what the system allowed him to do.

I will admit this: Mr. Trump is a master at gaining attention and playing the media like a fine tuned instrument. I have said more times than I can remember that the media’s job is to REPORT the news NOT MAKE the news.  However, this version of the media have become pimps for the entertainment business and not much more. The internet can supply all of our news almost immediately now thereby putting a tremendous amount of pressure on news channels and newspapers to eek out some kind of ‘place’ to remain remotely relevant anymore. Trump understands that and he uses them to keep Hillary Clinton out of the news except when he wants to brand her with some rumor of some kind. Think about how much news time she receives each day in comparison to how much Trump receives.  If it weren’t for rumors, innuendo, wild and disparaging claims not based on any truth in most cases or just plain frivolous accusation of misconduct there would be no interest in this spectacle at all. But here we are. Two weeks left and few have any idea what the candidates are going to do for them if elected or how they are going to get things done especially if the House is opposite to their political stripe. President OBama found that out quickly. Three-quarters of what he wanted to do died on the House floor because of an unforgiving, mindless, mean spirited, arrogant and childish House of reps who represented no one but themselves. Trump says he will do this and that but if he can’t get it past the House it will go no where. This could be the saving grace for the US people.

So how do we, as the torch bearers for democracy (the US and Canada), stop what is happening south of us  from travelling north into Canada when it comes to the destructive and menacing approach to getting elected at all costs. One thing we can do is stop the accusations and the unfounded and unsubstantiated rumors uttered by the candidates.

What I suggest we do is penalize any politician, staff, subordinate or political party that is unable to corroborate any claims or statements made concerning specific events without irrefutable, hard and fast evidence that supports the claim. If they cannot publish, produce or provide the evidence then they are not allowed to campaign or make any public appearances or statements to voters until they can provide it. In the event that they cannot produce it they would be given the option to retract the statement they have made–publicly. I believe this would stop all of this nonsense we have been witnessing for the last year and a half and would discourage any politician from making wild claims. This would force them to speak about the real issues that they supposedly believe in-that supposes that they, as candidates, actually have an idea of what they are talking about. One of the main criticisms about Trump is that he knows little about the variety of issues that need to be discussed and that he has only a vague idea of how his thoughts and ideas would be received in the rest of the world.

This approach would force the candidates who are running to be honest and better informed about the issues being contested. That to me is the greatest gain from doing something like this. We, as an electorate could start believing in the truthfulness with which our politicians speak once again. Election races would not be reduced to who has the most signs or who has the best hair.

Anyways, that’s how I see it.

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