If Only Some Dads Could Read This Before They Leave . . .

Friday, April 25, 2014

As I have mentioned before there are some things-some messages that only another male can deliver to a son.

Lately, I have read more and chatted more about this than in all my years working in the field of Social Work. The ‘this’ is the importance of fathers being in their son’s lives. The ramifications of not being there are simply too incredible to comprehend and yet fathers are opting out of the responsibility in record numbers. I wonder if they only understood what is happening because they are not taking an active role in their son’s lives if that would make a difference in their decision to not be present either physically or emotionally? Would they choose to do anything different? Then the question begs the answer to “why father a child if you are not going to stick around to be the parent the child most definitely will need?”

So I thought that, instead of rambling on I would post a couple of web sites and a really great video (a short one) that outline the importance in a far better way than I could using fewer words than I would and perhaps they will get it and step up. However, I will say this before I go. If fathers don’t get involved or stay involved in some way right from the start of this child’s life then they will be directly responsible for what many of these young men and women will do that society will likely have to clean up because they didn’t do the right thing when they had the chance. That’s not meant to be a guilt thing. That’s just the plain clear truth of it.

Anyway, that’s how I see it.



(This is a great video of a young father doing what he has to to help calm his baby to sleep. If you have seen it before it is worth another watch. This is what it is about-being a father)

This is NOT the time for fathers to be doing this but rather the time to step and do the right thing.

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