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Brand New Blueprint For Learning

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Give Our Kids A Better Chance Moving Forward!

Inside Jim reveals how the decisions we make today can give our kids a greater chance of success and make sure they're prepared for the future.

Inside You'll Learn:

  • How to make this a better experience for teachers
  • Why is learner driven education the better choice
  • Why learner success depends on our education stakeholders
  • Why we need to educate the "whole learner"
  • How to make post secondary career choices easier
  • Should we teach our learners how to think, train them how to remember or a combination of both skills? ‚Äč

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"James Cloughley is passionate about how kids learn. He is a strong supporter of teachers and their commitment to our children. He is not so passionate about the way the system works. James brings years of experience in Social Work to a rethinking of how each teacher's effectiveness can be compounded by structuring a system that brings out the best in them and the kids they teach."

Dr. Gary Screaton Page, MEd, PhD, Ordained Minister, Clinical Therapist.

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Author Jim Cloughley's 
Brand New Blueprint For Learning