Lifechoice Program

THE LIFE CHOICE PROGRAM was developed to fill a gap in the services available to people seeking assistance. This is an anonymous and completely confidential on-line program. Knowing that their identities are protected can, for many participants, promote a comfort level necessary to facilitate a complete learning experience. Therefore, your complete confidentiality is our priority with the assurance that your personal business remains just that–your personal business.

The two requirements to be a part of this program are:

  1. An inner personal desire to increase the quality you experience in your day to day living and
  2. Accepting that how you are managing your life at this time isn’t getting you closer to what you want to experience in your life each day. You may not know what to do next but you need to know that what you have been doing hasn’t worked out particularly well.

Many programs tell you how to do it.  Some tell you how they did it so you should do it that way, too.  However, we choose the time to make the lifestyle changes necessary so we can begin to move toward a time of peace and stability in our lives. The Lifechoice Program is based on the idea that when we are able to make better decisions, our lives will become less volatile. The connection between how we feel and how we think is evident. If we feel poorly, the decisions we make will likely reflect that. Conversely, if we are feeling strong, positive and vital we will likely make different types of decisions. Think of a time when sadness and gloom were all that existed. Imagine how difficult it is to manage emotions without getting angry or depressed. Decisions outline how we function. Nothing gets done without first a decision. The LifeChoice Program identifies three key components needed for optimal change, therefore optimal success: The need to learn the skills necessary to manage your anger and stress more effectively; to problem solve more effectively; to be more assertive and less aggressive and still get most of your needs met; to better understand and function in your relationships with others and to learn how to value yourself as a human being.2)  The need to assess, challenge and re-define how we make our decisions.  Do we have all the skills we need to make those decisions?3)  The need to assess, modify, augment or supplement our current state of health.My hope is that The LifeChoice Program can play a role in your change process but should you not be ready, I wish you well.

All the best, Jim


“To offer a sense of hope and promise upon which a client can build  a more productive and enjoyable life.”

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