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Life is grand, isn’t it? There is always a surprise or something special that happens if we relax and don’t take ourselves too seriously. I’m not sure if the following account qualifies as news but then again I don’t care if it does or not. That’s the wonderful thing about claiming your life as your own. You need not answer to anyone for anything.

This week I enjoyed an opportunity to visit with my niece’s little boy. I had never met him until last Sunday. He is 31/2 years old now. This is exciting news at least for me. I felt as though it was exciting news for him too which added to the joy of the day–the ‘good’ news.  He’s a great little guy and full of life and energy and wonder. While watching him do his thing I got thinking about all the things that we adults make a big deal out of and why can’t we just sit back and enjoy the spectacle of humanity on display. For some reason, the Pride Parade came to mind.

I wonder if people would be upset if heterosexual people proclaimed a particular day of the year as a celebration of their sexual orientation? We could create a flag and wave it around. We could organize a “United Straight Day’ Parade and mark it around the world. Hey we could use the occasion as an excuse to run around half or fully naked in the streets as part of our declaration of?  I wonder who pays for this parade and why should we? IF folks want to walk around half naked or fully naked good for them I guess but why should a taxpayer have to pay for their fun? And why don’t they walk around like this on other days? Why not go to work dressed or undressed like this?I would hope that we would have other more important places to put our money. Don’t get me wrong here. I don’t have a problem with it all. If folks want to put themselves out there to celebrate their being able to love who they wish with no repercussions that’s cool. But why should I care about that? Actually, I don’t care about that. What I do care about is that they are free to do that without fear.

As I have said many times I work to see people as human beings FIRST and then what they are after that. It’s the first part of that that is important to me. Let’s treat EVERYBODY the same. That would be as human beings.

So why is it important for people to demonstrate in a parade with their physiology quite visible for all to witness? How does this promote their goal of being seen as ‘normal’ folks? As a straight male, I don’t feel the need to prove myself to anyone and if I walked around with my ‘physiology’ apparent I’ be arrested. How is that treating people with equality and fairness? I would think that if someone is gay or lesbian or bi-sexual folks would want to be seen thought of and as accepted as ‘normal’ folks. Like it or not people, generally speaking, are either normal or abnormal. I don’t see or think of gay people or lesbian people as being abnormal until I see a Pride Parade. It is all so confusing.

Anyways, that’s how I see things. All the best, Jim

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Enjoy but you have to get up and dance around the house when you listen to this.

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