Perception vs. Reality: How Much Of Us Fits In Either?

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Such an amazing photo. Is it real or is it photoshopped? I’m not saying one way or the other.

Perception: means becoming aware through our senses; recognizing and interpreting through                                       sensory stimuli

Reality: means accepting things as they actually exist; the world or state of things

Lee Atwater, an American Political Consultant, is mentioned as the originator of the quote: ‘Perception is Reality.’ Others have said that most people hear what they want to hear and they don’t hear the rest. That may be true as well. My question then is–Do folks really want to know the truth or just what appears to be the truth? Should we trust those who claim they will fight for our best interests? Let’s consider 5 areas of our lives where we really need to be more diligent if we want to seek out some Peace and Serenity in our lives.

  1. POLITICS–The most obvious one is politics. For the most part most politicians are masters at creating the perception they are genuine, they really do care and will work tirelessly to right the wrongs of those who have gone before, they have answers others seem to have failed to implement or come up with and all that needs to happen is for them to be elected. Trump is the master of deception. What he is doing is what most sociopaths and narcissists do and that’s create confusion, blame others and promote deception. The perception they create is one that is truly believable and thus becomes a reality. What we hear and see forms our beliefs. We want to believe what we hear is the truth. A good politician will take advantage of that. The reality is most politicians will get just enough done to keep them in office for the next 4 years.
  2. MEDICAL –What the system wants us to buy into is that all that can be done is being done. We have come to believe that equipment needs to be that expensive and that drugs need to be that expensive . However, we have been told by professional groups, doctors, governments and lobbyists that drugs need to remain expensive to help cover the cost of producing the next generation of drugs so that our health and the ‘cures’ that come with that can and will be found. The perception is that without those drugs people who don’t have to die–will. Click on the link I provided to see how the poor pharmaceutical companies are managing to scrape by.  In this case the perception and the reality of the medical/pharmaceutical industry is the same. 
  3. BUSINESS–The petroleum industry is so good at creating the perception they are in trouble. They justify the price of gas at the pumps based on future contracts and then don’t live up to that explanation when the prices drop in the world market place. The perception is they are hurting and we need to help them survive. We settle for a shrug of the shoulders and say, ‘So what can we do about it?’ The reality is they are making as much or more than they used to-at our expense. Another perception is that our government is doing it can to regulate prices and keep them under control. The reality is that they are complicit in the ‘big’ plan of amalgamating oil reserves and will eventually create a global marketplace that will create a global price. Some would call this an monopoly.
  4. ENVIRONMENT–This one is likely the most egregious perception of them all. We have been told for years the world environment is in serious trouble by those who are in a position to know. The Americans, for one, have recently debunked this as ‘fake’ news. They have created a perception that all is well and that the earth is in fine shape despite hard scientific evidence to the contrary. The government wouldn’t lie about that–would they? The reality is they would if it meant that companies were going to profit more.
  5. EDUCATION–This perception is the easiest to defend. For years we have been told that we have one of the finest systems in the world. Not true anymore if it ever was. Currently we rank 6th in the world behind South Korea, Japan, Singapore, Hong Cong, Finland, The U.K. and then Canada. We continue to make erroneous and misleading comparisons with other countries based on questionable numbers. The reality is we are not living up to our obligation to lead. We have sold out. Other countries are gaining or passing us by in terms of growth and development. We need to be less accepting and more questioning of what our leaders are trying to sell us. The old saying goes: ‘They will do it to us long before they will do it for us.’

Perception is NOT reality. When we buy into the excuses and the stories about why something didn’t work out we are adding strength to the perception and we don’t see the reality.

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The reality is that we will believe our perceptions to be  true

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