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The Supreme Court of Canada has struck down the current laws basically legalizing prostitution as of December, 2014. I’m sure that some will disagree but it’s time has come. It is certainly your right to disagree as it is mine to agree. To answer those who are thinking the question “would I want my daughter, my son, my wife or my partner to be involved with the sex trade? No I would not. I would hope, however, that I, as a parent, would be able to instill a healthy sense of self in my children whereby they would, hopefully, choose a different career path. As for my partner working in the business I guess that would be up to me to decide if that is something I could handle or not. She would have to do the same regarding me as her partner. I’ve always maintained that most who get married have no idea who they are marrying. They don’t ask the important questions and seek the knowledge they need to make an informed decision about who and what they are involving themselves in before they marry. They fall in love with a fantasy and see only what they want to see. Love is often blind.

If we are willing to legalize a powerful mood altering drug such as cannabis which could be used even in the workplace and if we are willing to provide heroin for those who are addicted, supposedly trying to learn how to control their use, then why would legalizing prostitution and allowing it to become a legitimate revenue stream for those who choose willingly and freely to participate in it as a ‘career choice’ be such a world shaker. Who are we to say ‘oh no you can’t do THAT’. There are those who believe that women should have complete control over their bodies. Then doesn’t that also mean that they can use their bodies for anything they choose? For me, truthfully, this topic has always been about morality and the difficulty some people have with that. We need to understand that we cannot legislate morality no matter the issue. Besides, there are too many other concerns to put our energy into like trying to stop people from killing each other over religious issues or working to ensure that every belly big and small has enough in it each night so that little innocents can live to see another day. How about cleaning up our food supply and our air and water–really doing something about it instead of accepting the lip service we get from those charged with our welfare and our well being. So, for me, if someone, male or female, wants to go out and get lucky on a Saturday night and someone picks up some money for providing that service-have a nice day. I believe that sorting out some solutions to ensure our survival as a species trumps this whole issue about legalizing prostitution. I’m not saying that it doesn’t have it’s serious concerns but lets determine some priorities here.

For those who are interested in how other countries deal with this issue click on the link below.

Three Reasons to legitimize prostitution:

1. It’s called the worlds oldest profession for a reason. You can’t stop it so lets, at least, try to make it as safe as possible for all those involved. Service providers, both male and female, need to be medically fit to ‘work’. That means regular check ups and health care cards to show that’s happening. Before business happens the card is presented. No card-no business. The people involved need to become familiar with ‘universal precautions’. Lets put our precious resources to use in other areas like keeping pedophiles off our streets, permanently. Perhaps we could restore our health care system to it’s former level of excellence or actually insist on reducing, immediately, the pollution that continues to threaten our long term existence on the planet. Would legalizing prostitution lower the incidence/spread of AIDS? Would it alter the development of particular mental health disorders–stress, anger or rage? What about devising a new paradigm regarding our children who deserve a much better deal concerning their education and doing more to help families that are falling apart in record numbers to stay connected if not together as a unit. There’s the real threat to our stability as a community and one that we are not nearly concerned enough about.

Who is having sex with whom and why–provided it is completely consensual and no one-NO ONE-is being hurt or coerced in any way should not be our concern right now.

2. The service providers could register themselves as a business with all the expectations of taxation and deductions as the rest of the business world gets. The taxes collected are said to be in the Billions of dollars. Ear mark some of those funds for assisting our seniors, for instance, to create better standards of care for them in their twilight years. Cover more of their meds so they don’t have to choose between meds and dog food for dinner. Oh yes–it does happen.

3. Just as bricklayers, mechanics, doctors, dentists, electricians, even lawyers use their hands and other body parts to earn their living, so does a sex trade worker. The main difference is that they use different parts of their anatomy. So is that the hang up? A body part is a body part. Folks need to be able to use any of their body parts to earn their living if that is what they choose to do. Who are we to decide or determine who uses which parts to do what? We may not like the choices they make but they have the right to make those choices just the same.

It’s not a perfect world. The question is how can we make it better for all concerned?

Anyway, that’s how I see it–Jim

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  1. Your argument seems to make some sense on a few practical levels. While I appreciate your point of view, I don’t quite see it the same way. I think that there are troubles unheard of until this happens. The proof will be in the putting, as they say.


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