Spirituality: What is it exactly?

“If you don’t choose just know that someone will choose for you”–JC

Everyone-maybe not EVERYONE but many will give you their own interpretation of what ‘spirituality’ is and what it means. Some folks will say that it’s a religious experience. Apparently that can be true but not always. Some folks say that it’s a ‘feeling’ of complete inner peace. The birth of my children were the two most powerful examples of spirituality at work in me. It can be experienced in total aloneness and it can happen by witnessing a random act of kindness. It can be produced by sounds or scents. Travelling the Prairies at Harvest time; witnessing the ice towers as they drift by the East Coast towns and villages. When I witness the Rockies I feel that feeling of calm and peace again. Driving the Trans-Canada Highway only to see wild life up close and personal can create it. It almost pure and perfect. I understand that it can be experienced by a whole country when there is a unified meeting of the minds that is so passionate that people can actually be over come by it. I presume it’s that feeling of being connected to a greater and common purpose. Some would say that our spirituality is the very ‘life blood’ that runs through our national veins.

As a nation it appears we are in danger of losing our identity. With it will go our sense of ‘spirit’ which is our unifying force. It is indescribable yet absolutely imperative to our survival as a free state. Yet we have done nothing but allow political correctness to become a more adversarial and destructive force today than at any other time in our history. The concept and practice is ‘murdering’ our way of life by decimating our natural inclinations–our spiritual survival and drive.

How is that happening you ask? We allow children from different cultures to openly practice their religions freely and without concern while denying the same opportunity for Christian children. We can’t use the term’GOD’at public gatherings either. This happens in our schools which is a system that we pay for as well. This in the name of political correctness and diversity. We are a step away from granting limited application of Sharia Law in this country–yikes! Speak about a giant leap backward anyone?? Where are all the women’s groups by the way?? It seems as though they are afraid to step out of the fox hole all of a sudden. Injustice is a dire enemy of spirituality and we grant injustice almost daily.

I have always believed that the heart and soul of any country is their ability and their commitment to maintaining their own sense of spiritulaity and what that means in their lives. Look at the passion the Islamic countries generate to defend their religious convictions. I don’t remotely agree with their interpretation of their good book but the fact remains they are growing in world influence and we are going the other way. I may not agree with other doctrines but I am certainly struck with the conviction and dedication others show for their beliefs and what they are willing to do to protect the integrity of what they believe. We will only be as strong as our collective national spirituality will permit us to be. As is slides in importance or focus and our children are denied the right to a fair and equal hearing on our past way of life so will our national self-esteem begin to falter to the point of extinction. At the very least our school system needs to grow a pair. We can say ‘NO’ when particular groups demand that we stop doing one thing so they can do another. When that happens there is injustice.

Our governments–Hey you remember them–they’re the ones that we elect to protect us and our way of life. Perhaps it’s time for it to step up and begin doing what they were elected to do and be less concerned with the over used idea of diversity. There is no diversity if one person is taking over or negating the rights of another. That is just a swing of influence and not a demonstration of acceptance. If the feeling is that our children need to be exposed to diversity they also need to be exposed to open conversations about ALL other ways and thoughts about what their choices are or could be. No slant-no hint-no suggestions-no favourites–no agendas. I feel the same way about the focus on our children’s sexuality and the public emergence of alternate life styles. We need to ensure that open discussion and equal conversations/representations take place concerning the whole spectrum of relationships and given equal time in doing so. This means extolling the freedoms and virtues of heterosexual lifestyles as much as and as well as homosexual lifestyles. I’m not picking sides but rather asking for equal and level playing field here. Adults need to have as much legal consideration in the courtroom as their children. Our children should not be able to ‘divorce’ their parents–the great emancipation of our children needs to be tempered with some realism. The point: if we cannot and do not protect the integrity of our institutions the erosion from the inside out begins and our national and personal spirituality goes with it.

It is no secret that our religious and spiritual way of life is in serious danger and so is our sovereignty and our extended freedoms. Whether we like it or not as our national ‘spirituality’ wanes so will our national fervor. Canada is fast becoming someone else’s idea of what this country should look like. It is being transformed right before our very eyes as we sit around and watch ‘Rome’ burn to the ground. The ghost of Nero rides again. The fact is, as Canadians, we go as our national spirituality goes and right now it is heading straight for the toilet.

John Kennedy said some time ago: “There are risks and costs to a program of action. But they are far less than the long-range risks and costs of comfortable inaction”–something to think about.

Anyways, that’s how I see it. All the best, Jim

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2 thoughts on “Spirituality: What is it exactly?”

  1. Jim I totally agree with your common sense and the caring person you come
    across as if you ran for Prime Minister of Canada you would have my vote. It is
    to bad that there is not one person in our government that I trust, what happens
    to all their promises when they are running for office and why is it that not any of them remember what they wanted and what is best for Canada. Thanks for
    your posts. Linda

    • Greetings Linda and thank you for your comments. I appreciate the time
      you took to make them.I to feel that way. Unfortunately, there are,
      not many politicians who have earned nor do they deserve our trust. It
      used to be an honorable career choice but it now seems that more
      elected folks are there for the pension and whatever they can steal. I
      don’t wish to paint all politicos with the same brush but as you have
      said-once they get to Ottawa they seem to forget what and who got them
      there. Many find it very frustrating to the point now that many people
      don’t even bother to vote any more and that is a choice which come
      back and haunt us I’m afraid. I included a quote in my last article
      which stated “If you don’t choose just know that someone will choose
      for you.” If we are not careful many of those who are left exercising
      their right to vote will be those who want to see a much different
      Canada than the one you and I want. Thanks again for your comment–all
      the best–Jim


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