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Believe it or not it happened. Many have been waiting around for him to screw up and he did. Good for him I say. Our PM lost it in parliament and committed an agregious act for which he needs to burn at the stake. For those who haven’t heard or really don’t care let me provide a quick summary of events.

Apparently a rather important piece of legislation was up for a vote in the House. This was a vote that the Tories and the NDP didn’t want to come to fruition and so they did what many election losers do when they can’t have their way. They showed their disdain for the process by not going to sit in their seats and ready themselves to participate as they should have.

Apparently the whips (party leaders in the House ) need to present themselves to the speaker so that he can bless the proceedings and on goes the process. These two beacons of propriety hadn’t done that yet and our PM thought that he might hurry along the process by helping the Tory Whip find his way to the front of the chamber. In doing so he pushed his way through the audience on the floor, who should have been moving toward their seats at this point but no doubt were encouraged to follow the lead of their fearless leaders to take their time before making their move to be seated (a shining example of civil disobedience). On his way through the gathering our PM uttered a couple of directives, get the f__k out of my way was one, to those others who were, one can only assume, posing as real members of parliament who were also supposed to be finding their way to their assigned seats. On his way toward the Torie Whip or as he got there and began to turn around he unintentionally elbowed a female NDP-MP in the chest causing her some physical distress to the point where she needed to leave the chamber altogether. Does this sound like a skit on SNL to you by the way??  

Now I agree that it was a choice that, in retrospect, he wishes he could make again but done is done. However, he showed that he had some ‘stones’ almost immediately by apologizing for his inappropriate behaviour. He accepted, completely, the responsibility of making that decision and stated that he needed and expected more from himself and that this should not have happened. Unlike, I might add, any behaviour that either Thomas Mulcair or Rona Ambrose (Once someone could find her) had ever done at any time in their federal lives. The extent of their righteous indignation sickens me. At any rate, as he was trying to speak, the shining examples of all that is right wouldn’t shut up long enough to allow our PM to apologize, not only to the House but to the MP who was hurt in the exchange. When she returned Justin Trudeau showed his class by addressing her directly and sincerely .

There has been no end to the verbal barrage that has ensued. You’d think that some kind of depraved sacrificial ceremony had taken place on the speakers desk or something. Are we aware that in European government houses of parliament there are fist fights, beatings, all kinds of threats made and violence perpetuated on other members of parliament? I really don’t fear or see us moving in that direction. My goodness don’t we have much more important work of the government to take care of than to whine about our PM losing it because opposition members were acting like little kids?  Please.

I have more respect for our PM now than before this little incident. He showed us that he is human with emotions. That’s a good thing. He showed us that he takes the importance of life and death decisions and guidance seriously. That’s a good thing. And he showed us that, like his father, he does not tolerate fools easily. Also a good thing. He did what he did. He made the appropriate apologies–let’s get on with the business of the people.

Anyways, that’s how I see it–all the best, Jim

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Parenting Tip:

How many of us came from the school where discipline really meant punishment? We were told that “this will hurt me more than you but it has to be done”. I don’t know about you folks but I never really bought into that one. The belief was that in order to learn a lesson there had to be some physical discomfort inflicted or some kind of punishment meted out for the message to stick.

I’m no saint and I don’t wish to suggest otherwise but I, as a parent, didn’t buy into the idea that corporal punishment was a good teacher. What it did do was create a ‘fear’ of what my parents might do to me. They would never have maimed me or anything but I do remember catching the odd swat now and then.

As a parent I think it is quite possible to use discipline as a teaching tool rather than one that promotes fear. I wanted my kids to learn that what they did or what they were considering doing might be wrong because . . . . .   It was the lesson of the discipline that I wanted to stress because I knew that at some point I was not going to be here and that ‘fear’ they held would no longer be the ruler by which they made their choices/decisions. And to be honest I wanted their respect not their dismay or distress.

The Affiliate Program:

I had spoken before about trying to get some folks together to establish an affiliate program-one where all of us who had things like books and products to market would help support each other by promoting each others stuff. I must admit that I dropped the ball on that one-not because I don’t believe in it–I certainly do. I think its a great way to provide good products and services to people for a great deal less money making them much more affordable for those who would like or need them. I just got side tracked with two other projects and as I will do sometimes I found that I am only one person and I can only do so much at once. I will do the affiliate thing once these other projects are up and moving.

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“Be sure to get the most from each day. Why-? Because you traded a day of your life for it.”


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