Easter Is What Easter Wasn’t . . .

When I began to write this article yesterday it was pre-Belgium. My thoughts go to those who were injured and to those families who weren’t quite so lucky and lost loved ones.

I must admit that I am not someone who believes in coincidence. This is not news for those who follow things that I write. I am a cause and effect guy. When something happens something usually happens because of it or in response to it. That’s clear to me and many others, it seems, agree.

For example. I  overheard a conversation the other day that was focused on the crisis in the insect world which has seen multi-millions of bees dying off for a variety of reasons and the best this one person could up with is “Ah, the poor little bees-so sad” This guy carried on in a mocking voice and then said, “perhaps we should be worrying about something really important like jobs or the lack of them.”  I wanted to intervene but I couldn’t. I wanted to remind this genius that these ‘poor little bees’ are responsible for the vast majority of the food we consume not just here but from around the world–they are our life line. This got me thinking about some of the other things that we have forgotten or ignored the importance of and since Easter is upon us I began to think about the ’cause and effect’ of transplanting chocolate bunnies for the story of Easter and it’s importance in the world we live in.

Whether people are atheists, agnostics or believers one thing is for certain and that is this is a world recognized celebration that breeds hope and promise to millions upon millions of people. It has been celebrated for 20? centuries. How many other ‘stories’ do you know or are aware of which have lasted that long under constant scrutiny, challenge, disbelief and pressure to prove or substantiate the ‘claims of the story’. People to this day are slaughtered for their unwavering hope and promise of the ‘story’ and yet hundreds of millions around the world continue to believe. What I don’t understand is this: if there is no basis for belief in the ‘story’ then why are so many bound and determined to disprove it? I’m always curious when I hear of someone who, when faced with an alarming crisis of some kind, turn to ‘God’ at that point and pray for a miracle to take place. If there is no basis of truth in the ‘story’ then who are they talking to? Who are they asking to help? Just askin’. Why are so many threatened by the hope and promise of the’story’? Why not just leave it alone and let it die it’s own death in it’s own time? I digress.

The world currently lacks true leadership. It lacks a sense of hope and any indication that the world is moving toward a time of Peace and Goodwill. Just look south for a moment and that point is obvious. And yet we are determined to eliminate or negate the one ‘story’ that has given millions some semblance of hope, possibility and promise–something to hope for or believe in. A friend reminded me the other day that there are huge numbers of people that believe that the WWE is real wrestling but can’t begin to think that the’story’ is based in some fact.

The key factor in all of this, for me, is my belief  in cause and effect. I mentioned that when something happens there is usually a response as a result. Is it possible that in the last while with the challenges and the refusal to believe in or accept the ‘story’ that this could account for the rising tide of hatred, violence, grief, lack of leadership and the widening of  community not only locally but in the world community as well. The cause would be the abandonment of traditional Christian values—the effect is this lack of hope and the upswing of global violence we are experiencing now. Not too many days go by without a report of a mass shooting somewhere or a person blowing themselves up in order to kill as many others as possible. That’s sick stuff to me.

There is a distrust that exists among nations and all of this might just be coming to us as a result of our determination to disbelieve ‘the story’. Right now it appears we don’t have much to believe in or hope for except chocolate bunnies and piles of cash. Good luck with that.

Anyways, that’s how I see it. All the best, Jim

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