The Week That Is Or Was . . .

This picture reminds me of how grateful I need to be when crap is falling all around me. There is amazing  beauty and wonder that surrounds me all the time if I just work a little harder at times to see it.


Every once in a while I find myself involved in a passionate discussion about religion and about the presence of God in our lives and how ‘his’ presence is suspect because no one has ever actually seen him. Fair enough I suppose. Then the conversation goes to the inevitable with me saying or asking three questions:

1. If you don’t believe there is a God then why do you spend so much time trying to prove he doesn’t exist?

2. Have you ever been involved in a near death experience where you actually thought you were going to die or that someone very close to you was in jeopardy-a child perhaps? What was one of the first things that came out of your mouth? Most people I have asked said that they prayed, begged or bargained by asking ‘God’ to help them out some how and in return they would do anything asked of them.

3. The obvious next question then is: “If you don’t believe that there is a God then who are you talking too?”

I’m not proselytizing here but rather posing questions that many are either afraid to ask or are shy to ask. Also, I attended two funerals within the last last week and I guess I’m reminded of my own mortality. I think I can say with some certainty that I am less afraid but more saddened by it all than I was at the start of the week. That’s why pictures, like the one I borrowed from an unknown photographer, seem to hold much more importance for me today. It’s the Peace that it suggests and the comfort in the simple things that life has to offer.

We don’t have to spend a great deal or go looking for some special place to enjoy what is abundant right in front of us.

Truth Talkin’ Thursdays:

Well Jane and I are encouraged by the T.T.T. experiment into blog radio. Although we still haven’t figured out the ‘how to’ part of involving third parties into our conversations we have dedicated ourselves to cutting the length of the interviews we do with each other down to 10 minutes max. We have gone from 19 to 15 to 14 minutes in the last three weeks and will continue to encapsulate more effectively in the next couple of weeks. It is difficult because the time goes so quickly and the topics are fun to talk about. We are basically uncensored so we can discuss anything we want without worrying about political correctness or feminism or masculinism. The only rule that we have is that the conversations be respectful and relevant. I have begun to archive past interviews between Jane and I on my web site: under the banner of ‘Truth Talkin’ Thursdays’. They can be found on u-tube as well under the same banner or you could go to Janes web page at:

Here is the u-tube link for this week:


A Forward Thinking Program:

As a parent have you ever wondered about what your kids are being taught at school? Have you ever wondered why they aren’t doing better or why their ‘marks’ are not very good? Have you ever wondered why they have to be bussed to school and it takes an hour for them to get there? Have you ever wondered why, when you go to the parent/teacher interview why you don’t come away from them with more enthusiasm or excitement about what is going on and why what you see and hear and what you hear from your kids are two different accounts of the same events. Do you ever wonder why homework is still assigned and why exams are so traumatizing for some kids? These and so many other questions need to be asked by parents and answered by the school board that has been granted the responsibility to provide those answers and to provide the best education possible so that our children can be prepared to compete for high value jobs and meaningful career choices.

Sorry to report that this isn’t what is happening and is certainly not what you are paying for. For more information stop by this site and I will try to clarify what has to happen and why it needs to happen soon. The answers AND the solutions are what we are working on as we speak–it will happen and with your help it will happen sooner.

Music Video Of The Week:

The voice may be all but gone but the icon and legend of Bob Dylan lives on. We are privileged to witness him still and for those of us who remember Bob from the 60’s he is as important as ever. Congratualtions to Bob Dylan for being chosen as the Nobel Award Winner for Literature. I hope you enjoy both of these tunes: (Damn but the 60’s were sooooo good)

Anyways, that’s how I see things. All the best.

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