The Week That Was . . . Reclaiming Christmas?

The big day has finally come and gone. Most everyone has survived it for another year. I must admit that I tried to approach Christmas in a different way this year because I had found myself, in previous years, feeling rather empty and lost. I realized that I had completely missed feeling the spirit of Christmas. I’m not suggesting that others need to see it as I do. I’m saying that I had lost Christmas and this year I tried to find it. So in our family home we agreed that we would not purchase gifts for anyone-ANYONE-except for our grand daughter who is four. We ended up purchasing 3 boxes of ‘Stuff’ that were available on line for a small amount of cash. The three boxes were delivered as suggested by the company we bought them from and there they sat under our tree. We had absolutely no idea what was in them. When the time came we opened them to see what was what. I began to feel completely at ease. We had not been involved in the shoulder to shoulder fights for a parking spot,  the line ups of stressed to the max shoppers looking for last minute bargains in November, the banter around who WANTS what and all the other insanity that people complain about at Christmas. No stress-no over spending, no wrapping, no transporting ‘gifts’ from place to place.

Will Rogers-my favourite summed it up this way:  How many of us spend money we haven’t earned, to buy things we don’t want, to impress people we don’t like?” That is what Christmas had become for me. 

I decided that over-the-top commercialism, listening to rappers screaming Christmas Carols and so-called divas singing in a range that only a dog could hear would not be on my agenda this year. Instead I went to a Christmas Eve church service. I listened to a choir that bordered on angelic sing traditional carols beautifully and actually witnessed folks who were there simply to experience the gifts of Christmas in their own way.  I left there feeling quite surprised at the end of it all. I felt like I caught a glimpse of the real message of what Christmas is REALLY all about. For me it’s about remembering the message of Peace on Earth and Goodwill toward others–these are true gifts. The nice thing is we can share them any time and as often as we like for no particular reason other than it feels good to do it. It is not, afterall, about making Walmart more wealthy.  I like it.

This weeks parenting tip:

We need to make sure that our kids feel connected to us at ALL times and not just when they do something that pleases us. They need to know that they have a ‘place at the table’ and that their thoughts and views, although we may not always agree, are important. As parents, we need to show genuine interest in how they see things for their world is much different from the one we live in. It doesn’t mean that they can do whatever they want but it does mean that they are important too and that the door will always be open to them.

Affiliates and how they benefit you readers

Next week in this spot I will, hopefully, begin to introduce you to some great new resources that could help you increase your skill development as parents or as individuals in the fast paced world of today.

My top video for the week–calling all skiers-this is utterly amazing

Whether you are a skier or not this  2 minute clip deserves a watch–enjoy

The Week That Was . . .


December 3, 2015

Another week, another mass shooting. It is becoming a common place headline. I’m not trying to be flippant here–not by any means. I think it is so sad that the ‘free’ world-mainly our US brothers and sisters are so stuck in their ‘rights’ that they cannot see that the rights of others are being violated because they continue to believe their rights are more fundamental and important to their freedom. Wow–now I’m confused. So sad that innocents have to die to satisfy the outdated and misguided wants of others. I think the old saying goes–‘violence begets violence’–so true.

Here’s what’s going on in my world and I hope that all who read this this week are having and will continue to have safe and productive days and nights.

An Independent book store is carrying my books now

I’m excited to report that Caversham Book Sellers from Toronto have agreed to carry my books on their shelves. This is a store that services many of the Uof T student body, they have been doing business for many years in the city and have a great reputation for providing quality titles especially in the mental health field. I feel very honored to have my book in the shop and look forward to being with them for a good length of time. Thanks again to Caversham. If you are interested in some of the other titles they offer go to their web site at


Christmas IS coming–what to give–Hmmmm?

When in doubt always think about the gift of books. They are wonderful gifts that keep on giving long after the occasion has passed. The really nice thing about books as gifts is that they can be passed along to others who may be sharing your path with you for awhile. You may give it to someone who is only here for a bit and yet your book  could end up in Brazil or Africa some where. How amazing is that?


The affiliate program is still happening

Still working the kinks out of the affiliate program which is essentially a program by which people who visit me on my site have access to products and programs of other professionals who offer any number of helpful, informative and interesting ideas designed to promote an enjoyable and less stressful way of life for instance or may provide helpful tips to parents who are single moms or dads who are looking for help to keep a balance in their lives. Stay tuned I promise it will happen for all to benefit.


A Helpful Parenting Tip

Parents–you need to learn how to listen. Don’t be so quick to judge and to interrupt what your kids are telling you. Just listen and give them a forum. They will tell you all kinds of things if you let them. Believe me-you want this to happen. It is how you stay in touch with the fast changing world your kids face every day.


My Video choice this week–from Chriss Angel

Be prepared to be astonished. Even though we KNOW that this isn’t real you’ll will still marvel at how he did this. For me it says that no matter what you think you see it may not always be the truth.


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