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My Little Rant:

I know that attacking government is so easy but it really isn’t that much fun any more so I’ll go off on one of my other favourite targets. I wish that we, as citizens, would cease making criminals and thugs and really undesirable and dispicable people who have demonstrated their dislike for law and order and decency and respect  and . . . into rock stars and the like. What I suggest is that those criminals and those really messed up folks who perpetrate awful crimes on others whether it’s ISIS or El Chappo or mass murders and assassins or unibombers don’t get to have their ugly faces splashed all over our big screen TV’s at 6:00 pm or on CNN or any other supposed self respecting news agency. I have decided for myself that I have no interest  in seeing what these people look like–hell I don’t even want to know their freakin’ names. I don’t care. The cops know who they are and that’s good enough for me. They should not become notorious for their careless, callous and vicious acts. Let’s deny them the opportunity to be rock stars. Let’s deny them their “15 minutes.” Really–it’s bad for business. They should not have the delight of knowing that their deeds are being witnessed by millions of people around the globe. They don’t deserve that kind of recognition. Perhaps it is us who need to get a life but it won’t be me starring at some thug who can’t get his stuff together long enough to something good in the world.

Good Book To Read-A Real Eye Opener:   5 Stars for this one

We are a great deal further along the road to achieving abundance than we realize. It has become more apparent that the ‘money and power holders’ really are fearful of us peons becoming aware of what is really happening in the world. Remember the climate change folks–Al Gores’ crusade. Looking at it now. He wasn’t too far off was he. Not at all. The book is called ‘Abundance’ put together by Peter Diamandis and Steven Kotler. Do yourself a favour and pick it up. It will leave you scratching your head wondering why we aren’t doing some of this stuff-right now.

Parenting Tip For The Week:

One of the things that kids need from us is for us to be their parent not their friend. I often hear parents say, “My son is my best friend or more likely that kid will say Dad is my best friend.” I want to cry out and say no-that’s not a good thing.”  Parents cannot be best friends with their kids. Best friends cannot be parents. What our children do need is guidance, wisdom, to feel connected so that they feel they have a place, they need love but most of all they need to know that someone close by is there to hold them accountable, to encourage them to respect boundaries and other people, they need to  be taught how to compete and so observe the rights of others without losing their own. They NEED to be taught by their parents and their job is to learn from their parents. It’s a symbiotic relationship that cannot, under any circumstances, be taught them by a friend. Besides our kids, for the most part, have all the friends they need or want and if they want more friends then they just go and make ‘new’ friends.

No where is it written that parents and their kids can’t go out and enjoy the world they live in–together.  They can have fun together doing things they both enjoy, they can have the same hobby or love playing golf together or going to a ball game. Absolutely. But it doesn’t make them best friends. As for parents–they need to learn that their kids job is not to provide them with a fountain of youth. We are our kids teachers. They look to us for knowledge of the world so they will thrive.

My video pick for the week:

Enjoy–from one of the innovators and true talents in the rock and roll business

Anyways, that’s how I see things, all the best, Jim

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