What Is The Hidden Danger Our Children Face? . . . And We Can Fix it.

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If you are a grandparent, a co-parents or a single parent this article will be of extreme importance for you. Please don’t pass it over. Those children around you who you love and care for will be eternally grateful to you for your time spent.

The following is an article describing the importance of how we will choose to educate our children. It will explain a little bit about how the goals for educating our children have changed and that’s a GOOD thing. Did someone forget to forward the memo to the rest of us? Be assured. The changes of which I speak will come upon us more quickly as technology continues to challenge the boundaries of our imaginations.  As caregivers and mentors we need to keep up with the changes if we are going to support, encourage and provide our children with an opportunity to self-actualize.

As the research continues it will prove more definitively how the system has changed and what we need to do to encourage our children to keep pace with the changes. If we do this right they will lead us we won’t have to lead them. We owe them the opportunity determine for themselves what kind of education they will receive. We need to listen to them as they tell us what is important to them.

Based on the following information we will see just how we need to change our beliefs and our focus, where we need to change, what we need to change and how to begin that process. There are still those today who believe that the primary way to learn is through reading. There are many of us that understand that statement is not completely accurate. As we can see by the pyramid above there is a demonstrated difference and greater benefit to the learner by engaging the learner in a collaborative learning experience. Kids today want to have a say in the design of their learning experience and they want to be involved in deciding their learning objectives. Learners today also make a strong case for doing away with standardized testing as do a great number of social researchers. Homework will soon be a thing of the past as it will be done in class with the learning to be done in discussion with other class members.

The traditional learning methods including lectures with a talking head at the front of the class, selected reading from textbooks, demonstrations and particular types of audio visual presentations are much less effective then group or class discussions, hands-on exercises (tactile) and practice. Helping and teaching others understand or use the material has a very positive outcome when considering effective ways of learning. These are the ways of the future. Compiling this data and research was done by National Training Laboratories, Bethel, Maine.

Each and everyone of us who is responsible for or to a child to support them and encourage them in their educational pursuits needs to learn as much as they can about the educational system in their community and how to strive to make it better.

I have included a link to Sir Ken Robinson that would be very helpful to all of us in understanding more about the need to move ahead of the century old system that is still in play.

The video is about 10 minutes long. I know-it’s a bit longer than most but it is really well worth it IF you are interested about knowing what is “the learning crisis” that we are living with and what we can do to begin to resolve the problem. This is one of those things where WE can actually do something-right now-to begin the process of change and do a great service to our children and grandchildren.

Anyways, that’s how I see things.

Please pass this along to others-friends and family-especially those who have school age kids or will have very soon.

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