What Gets Your Blood Flowing A Bit Quicker? My Top . . .

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What is it that really gets your blood moving? Which people or situations have to present themselves before you really want to scream at something or someone?

What I do know about me is that I don’t tolerate fools easily and greedy, insensitive, selfish and self centered people disturb me-sometimes deeply-perhaps irrationally.

If you have a minute or two tell me about what disturbs you the most and moves you to ranting and anger. We all have something-what’s yours? Send it off to me at jim.lifechoice@gmail.com . No names are necessary. I’m interested in compiling a list for a future blog and would consider some of your comments.

If it helps I’ll go first:

When I look at global leadership I think of Canada and the U.S. On the surface it currently appears that there exists a huge gap concerning principles, values, morals and just about everything else that humans should concern themselves about. I supported Justin Trudeau for PM. Who is or could be more despicable and hateful than Donald J. Trump. I’m not suggesting for a moment that the two men inhabit the same ugly place in history BUT they both disturb me greatly (bigly in the Donald’s case.) at times.

Trump–In Trumps’ case it’s just that he is so separated from the people that he claims to care about. (For more reasons please read my blog from last week to understand what that means.) In short Donald Trump has, at least, done or is doing what he said he would do, if elected. It is difficult, for me, to be angry at someone who does what he said he would do. Isn’t that what we are looking for in our leaders?  My concern is not that he moved so quickly to get started as much as it is about HOW he did what he did. He doesn’t seem to give a rat’s ass who got hurt or who he threatened to make it happen. He has the power and the control.

He has appointed a large number of folks that are just like him. Steve Bannon, for one, should not be within ten miles of the place and yet he is Trumps’ number one boy. Apparently it was Mr. Bannon who hurried along the implementation of this likely unconstitutional edict. I’m aware that what happens south of us often ends up in our lap as well and that doesn’t sit well with me at all.

It’s not his habitual lying that bothers me. It’s more about the swamp he swore to get rid of and the inhabitants who were, supposedly, installed there. But he didn’t bother to empty the old one. Instead he just built a new one called the White House. Apparently he likes to build ‘new’ things. I don’t like him. Actually I could easily be moved to glorious anger when his name is mentioned. It looks and sounds like a huge ‘frat’ party gone wrong somehow. The party favours are power and control and the outcome is yet to be determined.

What angers me? He is such a thick skinned tyrant and nothing that I say or do, nothing that anyone says or does, can reach him emotionally. He is exempt. There is a disconnect between Donald and the world he now reigns. There is a certain fear and hopelessness that is connected to most things he does.

Trudeau–He oozes compassion and generosity. He inherited a certain amount of caring and wisdom. But does he care about us as Canadian citizens anymore than Trump does in the U.S.-really? He was so quick off the mark to say that we will take up the slack if or when refugees are displaced or turned back. That statement has since been amended somewhat. I get that the PM is a humanitarian. But he also seems to have this saviour complex going and Canada is not just his to play with. The point is there is a practical cost involved here as well. As a country we are running a deficit which we are ALL responsible for that is growing at a rate of $3,000,000.00 /per HOUR-every hour. We still have difficulties orienting and covering the costs of the last group of refugees we accepted into our country. We invited them and we need to look after them-I agree. Let’s not agree to invite too many others until we can do it right. We struggle to take care of our veterans, indigenous people and the mentally ill. To me THEY are the ones who are next in line and long overdue for that consideration. The decision to share our wealth needs to come from a national discussion and agreement. Being elected with a large majority isn’t a free pass to do that. Assuming it does is very disturbing to me.

We elected our Prime Minister to lead not dictate but sometimes, as with Donald J. Trump, those who spoke with a ballot need to be heard and taken seriously not just paid lip service. In this case Mr. Trudeau can be just as intransigent as Mr. Trump. Certainly he is more sophisticated I’ll happily give him that.

Anyway, that’s how I see things.

All the best and thanks for stopping by–Jim

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