You Wanna Survive?…We Will Need To Slay The Three Headed Dragon For The Best Chance!

I read, with great interest, an article in the Toronto Star dated June 19, 2017, that was describing the latest attempt to honor another of the Prime Ministers’ election promises. Actually, I find it refreshing–a politician who actually does what he said he would. But to do it just to say it’s done is a poor reason to spend over 101 million dollars over the next 5 years as well as 21 million per year? I think part of it is to assist the Status of Women program and part is for collecting data to help develop a program concerning domestic violence However, a quote from the article above concerns me a bit:” The game plan will include a way to develop and share research on everything from street harassment to getting boys and men involved in solving the problem.”  This implies that men and young boys are responsible for the problem.Why then is there money going to build a ‘Center of Excellence’ for women. I would think it would be built so that the perpetrators (implied to be men and boys) could be rehabilitated or reprogrammed somehow. Contrary to some information there is stark evidence to suggest that women also get involved in domestic violence and even lead the statistics when it comes to domestic violence against children in the home. Solutions, therefore, need to come from both sides of the equation and not just the male side.We are both guilty of violence and that is the overriding issue for me and not the number of cases.

Above I mentioned a ‘three-headed dragon’ that sits in wait for humanity to implode. And humanity will implode if we continue down the trail we are currently travelling. We will NEVER solve this issue between men and women unless and until we begin to treat each other with the respect and dignity that we EACH deserve from each other irrespective of gender identities and assignments. We are ALL human beings FIRST and then men and women. We are supposed to be this great nation that showcases our acceptance of other cultures and we can’t even accept each other for who we are as men and women?  Understanding morality and moral values comes from years of education and living what we preach to our kids. That isn’t turning out well either. Turns out we TALK a good game but not much else.

The three-headed dragon I mentioned is comprised of three main social issues that we refuse to address for some reason.

  1. Education
  2. Fatherlessness
  3. Violence. (The acceptance of violence as a way of life. (TV, Movies, Fashion, Music, Print Media, Innuendo that is now creeping into our Politics–just look south folks it’s not hard to see)

Our Educational system is failing on several fronts to adequately prepare our children for the realities of the 21st Century global marketplace. It is possible to experience a much stronger and relevant program for much less money. Anyone interested??  However, our planners refuse to consider wholesale change as an option. Ironically we talk about the need to research (see above) yet there is so much research done on this topic dating back to 1962 with the Hall-Dennis Report and we STILL won’t consider the findings and suggestions that had great appeal. The small changes which have happened have not been big enough or broad enough and not wide enough to do what needs to be done. To paraphrase Charles DeGalle–“Education is far too important to leave in the hands of bureaucrats.”

Consider Fatherlessness and how many billions of dollars  (click on highlighted link and then Fatherless Canada) are spent on social and connected services every year dealing with the outcomes of a system that is terribly broken. The court system needs to be changed and the social system needs to consider how to keep fathers involved in their children’s lives in the event that dad leaves for whatever his reasons. Stop judging. Today dad is punished for leaving and that works against the children as well as mom. Mom needs to be helped. She also needs to be a part of the solution to this rapidly growing crisis. Often times now she is part of the problem. Let’s find a way to help her and support her without using the kids to do it. There is a great deal of research that supports the contention that children need to have a father figure in their lives to understand the social messages that help keep them better informed and aware of what appropriate behavior is about. If the education system is not going to do that in earnest then men-fathers-need to be able to exert that kind of influence and for that, there has to be some consistent contact between father and son.

Violence is so prevalent it has become acceptable these days as part of the entertainment. In movies, TV, fashion, print media and music videos, women are marginalized and used as bait for young men to view as toys and not to be taken seriously. I’m not a prude by any stretch believe me but I find it disingenuous for feminists to go off on men and at the same time sanction the portrayal of how young women are used for ratings and viewership. Can’t have it both ways I’m afraid. 

When we chop the ‘heads’ off these three dragons we will see the equality we ALL hope to see and experience. In the mean time let’s stop throwing money out the window thinking that we are doing something good when not much has changed.

Anyways, that’s how I see things.

All the best, Jim

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