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The late Paul Harvey, a famous and respected radio personality, used the following phrase as a way of introducing the second half of his radio show every week: “And Now For The Rest Of The Story.”  The following article represents the rest of the story regarding erroneous, reckless and false claims and statements made by the current Prime Minister about our economy and the state of our finances. The link below connects readers with a web site that presents the honest and undistorted facts that disprove the claims that this government has made.  And now, a new free trade agreement has been signed, all behind closed doors and in secret, with no discussion or debate among Canadians which, in my mind, contravenes our democratic process. So much for the claim of being transparent in the workings of the government. I don’t believe that this recent behaviour leaves Mr. Harper in a position to be critical of anyone.

The following article, contributed by Dr. R. Ryerson, is based in fact. As you will read the writer has first hand experience and information that Canadians need to know about before casting their votes. If you decide to continue with your decision to support the current government despite all the breaches of law, ethics, honesty, truth and so on then, at least, consider the ‘rest of the story’ first.  I remember a quote from a civic teacher I heard  who said: “As citizens who vote, how we are treated and cared for is directly determined by the governments we elect.”  Personally, I’m not in favor of having a narcissist guide the rest of my life to suit his massive and destructive ego.

Here is the article I mentioned above: (click the underlined text below to connect you to the article disputing Mr. Harpers invalid claims)

“I listen to all the babble about how Mr. Harper is the great economic steward–the one who can manage the economy. But the people who make these claims, or believe them, don’t seem to look at the facts. The fact is that before the global economic issues of 2008 the Harper Government was running deficits.

Fact: Harper inherited a budget that produced a $13.8 billion surplus. He then reduced GST by 2% – and the deficits started…and they continued almost unabated for his entire term. Fact: Mr. Harper’s revenue reductions have been calculated to be $43 billion annually, accumulating to $430 billion over the past ten years. Think what that would have done for the deficit that will have to be paid for by our grandchildren (or Great-Grandchildren)! And the $43 billion would have nicely covered the stimulus package at the time of the 2008 meltdown.
How did we make it through the crisis so well? The answer is simple: the financial planning and tough decisions by the Chretien and Martin governments and Martin’s insistence that the Canadian banks must maintain strong reserves. And oil revenue helped too–although we did lose 400,000 manufacturing jobs with the high value of the looney that resulted largely from our oil-dependent economy. Check the facts. Or ask someone from the manufacturing heartland in Ontario and Quebec. An economic critique by economists Jim Stanford and Jordan Brennan looked at 16 economic indicators.

Laurence Martin, Political Columnist for the Globe and Mail, says: “The study thoroughly debunks the Conservatives’ claim. Having examined 16 economic indicators with extensive data for each, the report concludes that the Conservatives have the worst record of all our governments in the postwar years. “The Harper government ranked last or second last in 13 of the 16 indicators.”  Is this the economic stewardship we should reward on October 19? Oh wait, Martin is one of those nasty journalists…and we know that they pick on poor Stephen Harper. But did the journalists invent the facts stated above, or Duffy, or Wallin or Brazeau? But of course, with the Harper government we don’t deal with facts, evidence or reality. It seems it is only those nasty journalists who deal with facts!

Fact: Harper builds more prisons as the crime rate drops. (the crime rate began dropping before Harper came into power.) We dropped the long form census so that business and government no longer know what it is they are trying to manage or who they are trying to serve. That reduces efficiency and the competitiveness of our governments AND private sector. As a businessman for much of the last 20 years, private sector competitiveness is a hot-button issue to me. Scientists are muzzled and the ability of the government to make sound decisions based on science and information decreases, just as the warped biases of this government are translated into policy. The beauty of it for Mr. Harper and his ideology-over-evidence soul-mates is that without information and without science, it becomes harder and harder to dispute the warped anti-logic policies put forward by this government and their mean-spirited attacks on the opposition. Is this an anti-conservative rant? NO! I worked as a senior scientist and later as a Director General (DG) in one of the world’s top scientific organizations under the Trudeau, Mulroney and Chretien Governments. I know our science was valued by senior ministers in all of them – Liberal and Conservative. Several of my favourite Ministers were in Mr. Mulroney’s cabinet. We were encouraged by ministers in all of those governments to seek publicity for our world-class research. They correctly saw science as the engine of growth and something Canadians should know about. It was and is necessary for the government to understand science and related industrial policy. As a scientist and DG I presented our work to more than fifteen Ministers over my twenty-seven year career. Today scientists are hidden away. The governments of the day listened to us as advisors and made their decisions–and they did so knowing that the rest of Canada had access to and could understand the science upon which decisions were made. That sounds like a democracy to me. Let’s return to evidence-based policy making … and democracy.

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