3 Tips For Living Your Life With More Passion And Emotional Freedom.

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Creation By Diane Cruttenden

It’s no secret I enjoy studying human beings and their behaviour, their choices and hearing about their dreams and aspirations. I’m fascinated by what there is know about people doing what they do and perhaps why they choose to do them. Over the years I have come to believe two things and I admit I have no real way of proving them to be true or not other than people have proven me right more often than not.

What I found out was this:
1. That we are fear driven people and we make choices and decisions more often out of fear or ignorance than anything else.
2. That we often decide to act in a certain way based on what others might say about us or how they might see us.

In both cases, the good news is that we, definitely, can have control over both of the factors that influence our decision making. We can learn to control our fear instead of us being controlled by it and 2.–we are not who others think or say we are. We are in charge of who we become. How others see us is simply their perception.

SO the tips for living a life with more passion and emotional freedom are these: We need to ask ourselves three simple questions: 1.Where is the evidence that supports the idea that my fear has valid source; 2.That other people’s perceptions are correct and 3. Is it possible that others are always right and I am always so wrong? Of course not.

Glancing back at the photo I would say that this is a woman who is not afraid of much and doesn’t really care too much about what people say about her or how they might see her. She likely enjoys a spirit free of guilt and regrets which would lead her to more peace and excitement. These are life’s true gifts.

The key to living a life of freedom and joy and passion is for us to recognize what our fears are and then challenge them. When we can do this we will likely be much happier, more contented and more healthy people with fewer mental health problems, illnesses, and mistrust.

That’s how I see it anyways, James

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