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3 Reasons Why Women Need To Stop Whining and change their tactics about how to move up the corporate ladder:

When we look at the growing list of huge corporations that are headed by women we see: G.M.;Hewlett- Packard; I.B.M.; Pepsi Co, Inc.; Lockheed Martin; Oracle; General Dynamics; Xerox Corp.; C.S.T. Brands; Avon Products; Campbell Soup Co., Reynolds American and Guardian Life Insurance Co. of America to name a few. Fairly impressive list of businesses. So why/how did these women get the top prize in these huge corporations? How did they earn the right to represent these big companies? What separates them out from other business women who don’t or can’t make it?

It is true that there is still a numerical difference between male and female CEOs. However, we need to stop short of saying that women aren’t getting a fair shake. The above list proves otherwise. Perhaps if we consider these two important points:

  1. Many career women don’t want to run big corporations. Many others rather opt for different life styles and career choices altogether. So they don’t pursue the top prize as often.
  2. More women, in Canada at least, are pursuing higher education more often than males and consequently producing more graduating students. At U of T for instance for the first time 5 years ago more females graduated with particular Master Level Degrees than their male counterparts. There is bound to be an adjustment period in terms of preparing women to excel in the top positions in many corporations and for business to change their hiring practices and expectations for upper management positions.
  3. Do women deserve to be considered for upper management positions more often–no. Certainly not just because they are female. Should women be considered as equals to their male competitors for upper management positions-absolutely. Should companies hire the best qualified candidate for a position–absolutely and if that is a female candidate then so be it. If women want to compete for these jobs-do it but don’t expect a free ride and quotas that say you should get the job. Be the best overall candidate for the position instead. Get qualified and compete. When more women decide or choose to enter the arena and they come prepared to fight–more women will get the prize–as it should be.

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Forward Thinking Program:

We continue to move along on our proposal. It’s really exciting to think about it happening. I had mentioned Finland last time and the news from there is amazing–game changing for sure. Finland is known for it’s innovation in education and it’s creativity. They are also known for being unafraid to risk ideas that are truly outside the box. They have also occupied a top 5 position in the world regarding how they deliver their education programs and how they are regarded by other global members. This year Finland is at #5-assessed prior to announcement. Preceeded by South Korea (1), Japan (2), Singapore (3), Hong Kong (4) and Finland (5). Canada is ranked  (7), U.S. (14) right behind Russia.

They (The Ministry of Education, Finland) recently announced that they will stop offering Math, History, Physics, English and Geography as prime subject matter. They are replacing these old standbys with ‘Event Learning’ which means they will study the worlds top events like WW2, The Civil War or the Great Depression through the lens of math and history etc. but will not ‘teach’ those main subjects. It is considered relevant education much more interested to learners and more effective when considering recall of facts–used to be known as ‘learning’.

Innovation is on the march–it will be coming to a school near you very soon.

The educational program that we have been working on for the past two years goes a couple of steps further–I’ll send along information as it can be sent but just know that we will be joining the progressive countries soon.

Truth Talkin’ Thursday:

Jane and I talked about the role the church used to play in our lives and our communities and how, since the decline of the church, violence, crime and personal injury (rapes, assault, petty theft and property damage) have all increased. My contention is that the lack of any kind of expectations to live by (which used to be taught and espoused by the church) is now lacking and for many so is a consciousness about how to live and respect our fellows who share the planet with us. To hear the whole discussion check us out at: on Truth Talkin’ Thursday-click on Episode 25. or go to U-Tube and type in Truth Talkin’ Thursday:  Episode 25 and it will pop right up for ya.

Anyways, that’s how I see things. Thanks for stopping by.

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