For All Those People Who Are Seeking Freedom . . .

What a magnificent day. We were presented with the warmth of the sun, a lazy blue sky, and a light breeze but most importantly for me, I enjoyed an overall feeling of Freedom. We spent a good part of our day riding our motorcycles around the Niagara area which is always a great experience for me. However, today would be a bit different in that we agreed to go ‘out’ to record our weekly U-Tube video instead of being indoors. We decided that today’s topic would be about ‘Freedom’. Co-incidentally my friend also enjoys riding her motorcycle as well so naturally, we gravitated to the question of what we each enjoyed about being on a bike. My response really came as no surprise and with very little thought I said: “It’s  all about the freedom I experience.” She confessed that she felt the same way and that she was constantly asked “but why do you like it so much?” We both agreed, that if we had to explain to someone what ‘riding’ was about then they really wouldn’t get it. It is not to be explained. I cannot describe or explain what riding means to me nor could my colleague other than to say that it was about ‘freedom’. It is similar to asking someone to describe what a cherry tastes like or chocolate. Can’t be done in a way that someone could actually have an idea of what either tastes like. This is the same thing.

We visited a ‘Timmy’s” in a historic little village called ‘Chippawa’ just outside of Niagara Falls where we bumped into some friends that my riding partner knew. These folks would be in their 70’s and each of them was riding a nice bike. The topic got around to what’s it all about for them. They continue to enjoy being on the back of one of these machines day after day after 50+ years of riding and they all said the same thing. It gets in your blood. Once bitten you’re in for life. They just never thought a day would come when the joy of riding would end. We all agreed that every time we got on our bikes it was like the first time all over again. The anticipation is powerful. It was something that none could describe either. It just ‘was.’ We talked about how they got started riding when they were younger and many of the stories were the same.

So where am I going with all of this? Read the quote again. I read it a few times and what I finally realized was this: That fear and freedom are closely connected.  Overcoming fear is not just about riding motorcycles and the possibilities of what ‘might happen.’ It is also about overcoming fear from any source about anything. It is only when we can overcome our fear(s) will our freedom be found and truly enjoyed. It doesn’t find us we find it.When a person is able to conquer his/her fear–when fear no longer rules their lives whatever that fear happens to represent or regardless of its origin, Freedom is what is left. Freedom will then and only then be found.

I have written much about getting older and the advantages. It is we older people who have answers to the issues and problems that plague the young. If only we would be heard and respected for the lessons we have learned in our time on the planet we could help to mitigate so much anger, fear and lost time. We are able to see the world differently partially because we come from another time–a time when we sought answers instead of excuses and we could all be better for it.

Anyways, That’s how I see it. All the best and thanks for stopping by–Jim

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