Do We Need To Limit Our Freedom? . . .Just Askin’

The dictionary explains attaining a sense of self-empowerment, which is accepted as a true measure of freedom, this way:  “deriving the strength to do something through one’s own thoughts and based on the belief that one knows what is best for oneself'”.

Quite a while back I wrote a piece on freedom and asked the question how ‘free’ did people feel? I am now ready to concede that the only true freedom we experience is that which we realise when we sleep. Consider: there are no rules to observe when we sleep. There is no exasperating political correctness to live with. There are no feminists telling us how to live our lives according to them when we sleep.

We are/have surrendered some of our rights and freedoms to others and are being told we do this because . . . . because that ‘s what we do. That’s who we are as good Canadians.                             What a load of bull . . . t. This should not happen and certainly not at the expense of us not being able to exercise OUR beliefs in what’s in OUR best interest and religion, education and social justice to name three biggies, contribute to how we measure OUR freedoms. We wage war on other nations in the name of ‘freedom’, we destroy our environment to make more money yet we have no freedom to say ‘no’ to pipelines and windmills. We judge, we discriminate, we punish some and excuse others for similar behaviours in our justice system sacrificing freedoms in the process. One of the more perplexing freedoms or non-freedoms revolves around the right to choose when and under what circumstances we die. That decision needs to be a basic and fundamental human right with the freedom to make it yet it has been taken from us or denied to us? No one nor any government has the right to determine that FOR us. NOBODY. I alone should be able to determine what and when something is, or is not, in my best interest. This is the ultimate freedom. We can also see how our freedoms are becoming less defined.

With our efforts at trying to create a greater sense of freedom I think we have lost what freedom actually is or is supposed to represent.  The first thing we need to do is to stop trying to legislate true freedom. True freedom is the result of an inside job, well done, by each of us. Freedom is supposed to lead us to an inner peace of some kind. However, we have become monocular regarding our vision of freedom. We enact laws and rules to ensure that all folks are getting along and of course we know that that is not the case at all. It doesn’t work. The increase in violence and mass murder suggests that approach doesn’t work.

We cannot pursue wealth and power without limiting others’ freedoms and yet we have allowed the pursuit of wealth and material things to become our driving force and freedom has become a casualty of this move.

Educated people are much more difficult to manipulate than the uneducated masses. The ability and opportunity, then, of seeking and driving our own self-empowerment is often dependent on our exposure to education. Being able to gain an education is THE most important thing we need to protect if we are to enjoy any depth of freedom in our lives. This is not any more true than in the poor nations of the world. That’s why they will never enjoy their freedom.

As I pointed out above we need to look after our right and ability to promote our own self-empowerment. This is one of the ‘must do’ lessons that we need to impart to our children. At all times and in all circumstances you must protect and fight for, if necessary, your right to self-empowerment.

However, freedoms and our right to freedom-to be all we can be and to enjoy the freedom to share that vision for all may very well be our downfall. The freedoms we enjoy are made available to everyone. Yet how much of the psychological, spiritual, emotional and basic human freedoms we try to extend to other people, will likely be used against us in some way to weaken what we have and to thwart the pursuit of who we want to be?

So the question begs an answer: Do we need to limit our freedoms and our expectations of what freedom needs to be so that we can provide more of an equal and just playing field and so that we cannot be defeated by having our detractors using our own ‘rules’ against us to undermine our basic way of life?  Let me know if you have a thought or two on the subject.

How do we protect/grow our freedom?

1. We ensure that the education offered to our children is of value and usefulness in today’s world and that the curriculum is designed to service a learner centred approach. Currently it is not.

2. Never allow anyone who tells you they have all the answers to all the problems the power they are asking for in order to do it. All they seek is the ability to control you and to limit your freedom.

3. We need to pursue our own freedom plan but work to encourage as many others as possible along the way. We cannot advance our freedoms at the expense of others.

4. Consider choosing a clear idea of what it means to become all you can be and then accept no   attempts to sway you otherwise.

Anyways, that’s how I see it.

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