You Have ‘Em . . . I Have ‘Em And They Seem So Real

True story:

They seem so real at the time. Strange though that we never see our own faces in our dreams. We can see our body outline. We can see the backs of ourselves. We know it is us.We can feel panic or happiness. We can enjoy or be frightened in our dreams. We can also learn in our dreams at least I think I do. I have conversations with characters in my dreams. I feel like I can or am discussing things as well. If I get up in the morning and remember all of or at least some of the dream then it must have happened.

I’m not sure about the neuro chemical changes that go on when I dream nor am I aware of any biochemical changes that go on. I just know that dreams are dreams and I have them. I can often feel them in my sleep.

Many attempts have been made to ‘interpret’ our dreams but I’m not buying that one. No one mucks around in my head except me. I’m good with that and besides, I really don’t want someone else’s idea of what my dreams mean to me. How could they know except to repeat tendencies or probabilities? If someone says they can tell you what your dreams mean–Run and don’t look back.

This one was a bit weird to be sure. Parts were quite funny. I have no idea where it came from and no idea of the significance of it. What I do know is that the messages contained within it were real for me in my waking hours. They are important and so I thought I would pass them along for whoever reads this article. Take from it what you like and leave the rest behind.

I’m sure many of us still remember the show called ‘Laugh-In’. Dan Rowan and Dick Martin were one of the funniest teams ever. However, one of the characters I enjoyed the most was Arte Johnson. The other show I enjoyed was SNL-in it’s early seasons. An actor named Don Novello created a chain-smoking character called Father Guido Sarducci. Guido’s job on the show was to be a music critic dispatched by the Vatican to report on what was happening in the music world. Anyway, in my dream, the character who presented himself was a combination of these two actors in one person who called himself ‘Timothy’-who knows why Timothy?

As Timothy presented himself to me (I don’t know why me. Remember it’s a dream.) I couldn’t help but notice his face. He was a wizened soul who had seen more than his fair share of life in the fast lane. He was small in stature but his presence filled the room. His voice was strong and he spoke with conviction. I can’t remember exactly how our conversation began but he helped me understand that he had traveled a great deal and had learned a great deal on his journey. He said that it was important that he tell me what he had learned so that I could pass this knowledge, information, and wisdom along to people who would hear it from me.

I said I would so here it is:

–The first person he mentioned was Donald Trump. I know, I know I didn’t want to do it either but there you are. He said he will prove to be a very sad, lonely, dangerous bully with more than a modicum of phony self-confidence.

–The four most important assets we have to give are our trust once it has been earned, our honesty in terms of how we treat others. We also need to be as honest with ourselves as we are with others so that we cannot be directed, shaped or manipulated by our own guilt. The 4th, says Timothy, is our time. We need to be sure to give some of our time to helping others. Once we can do that we are free to be who we really are meant to be in the world.

–Be sure you learn how to enjoy your own company so you can be free to enjoy others’ company as well. This is what will keep us connected to one another.

–See the value in all you do and pass on any wisdom that you come by to others. What they do with it is up to them.

–Laugh at yourself. You are not all that perfect that you won’t from time to time mess up.  As long as your mess up doesn’t hurt anyone so be it.

–Love children. Appreciate them for who and what they represent. They are our window to the world. They understand it and they will manage it. Adults can learn much from them. Treat them with the respect THEY deserve as well.

–When we look at someone who looks different to us just remember that we look different to them as well. In the end, we are all men women, black, red, yellow, brown, white and we are all human beings.

Then I woke up wondering who was that guy? These are the words from Timothy 🙂  Take them-leave them or forget them. That’s up to you.

These are the words from Timothy 🙂  Take them-leave them or forget them. That’s up to you.

Anyways, that’s the way I see things. Thanks for stopping by–all the best, Jim

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We Need To Blame Us For What We Get

About this time of the year I get grouchy and cantankerous even. I’ve had enough politics, both American and Canadian. I don’t want to hear groaning about who should have been gifted with an Oscar–does anyone really care anyway? A bunch of rich folks complaining about who should have more. News folks seem to begin to run out of things to say about anything that means anything so I’d like to suggest that they report on what the criteria should be for Canadians to be able to impeach their politicians for breach of promise. Apparently there is no process for this happen-I think there should be.

In A/A there is a very profound truism that goes: ‘If you always do what you always did you will always get what you always got’.

Every four years or so we get to hear a bunch of folks travel around the country on our dime and tell us what they think we want to hear so that we will vote for them and thereby grant them the best flippin’ pension anyone could receive. That’s another discussion though. The point is that there seems to be no boundaries regarding what they can promise us and what they actually have to deliver. The problem is they all do it so who do you believe? Is it the smoothest one–the funniest one–the most serious one–the most sarcastic one? None of the promises have to be based in anything that comes close to resembling the truth about anything. Politicians can say what they want about who they want any time they want and nothing can happen to them. If you or I did that we could be sued for defamation and libel. They can make wild claims about balancing budgets and how they will spend the surplus. They can out and out lie to us about not cutting programs and not raising taxes or promising to cut taxes and then the old favourite line comes out–wait for it–“Oh I’m sorry but we just didn’t know how bad the situation was so we have to put off a couple of our promises for another year but we will get there-we promise. What I can’t believe is that we still haven’t demanded a method of holding our elected officials accountable for their promises. Impeachment seems about right for me. If you can’t do it–you can’t say it. That’s pretty simple to me. If you say you will you had better or you are gone. That’s pretty simple for me too. If you can’t show me, as a voter, how and what you will do and the ramifications we can expect then you can’t talk about it. When debating if you can’t prove or substantiate or back up what you are going to do then don’t mention it until you can. Make the debates about policies and solutions and not the freak show it is now about who is a liar, who is not worthy and so on.

I always thought that the first hundred days was supposed to be the barometer of what and how a new leader is doing. If a leader has promised to reduce taxes he has the first hundred days to begin to make that happen. It doesn’t have to be done, necessarily, but the process by which it will get done does have to begin by that time. It needs to be seen as being in the act of taking place with a definite time line. If it is not and it is a major piece of legislation, as opposed to signs going in the park about cleaning up after your animals or some other thing of much less consequence, then the leaders need to be held accountable for why that isn’t happening as he/she had promised when stumping for votes. Impeachment needs to be seen as one of those possible outcomes. My other point would be this: There is a great teachable moment at hand here. If we want our children to grow up to be responsible and caring adults then we need to demonstrate to them that adults and adolescents alike need to be responsible for what they say to one another. If ‘adult politicians’ can say and promise what they like with no ramifications then why should our kids  be treated any differently? We cannot expect our kids to be anything but confused by such a double standard and there is no rational excuse.

This move would really cut down on the idle and empty promises made by those who haven’t had an original thought for years if ever. It would separate out the serious politicians who genuinely want to be of service to the public from those who are looking for the free ride. But more than anything, from my point of view, it would begin to restore some sense of control and stability in politics and maybe even take the tarnish off of what was once an honourable career choice.

Anyways, that’s how I see it–all the best, Jim

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3 Tips For Living Your Life With More Passion And Emotional Freedom.

Diannes Flight

Creation By Diane Cruttenden

It’s no secret I enjoy studying human beings and their behaviour, their choices and hearing about their dreams and aspirations. I’m fascinated by what there is know about people doing what they do and perhaps why they choose to do them. Over the years I have come to believe two things and I admit I have no real way of proving them to be true or not other than people have proven me right more often than not.

What I found out was this:
1. That we are fear driven people and we make choices and decisions more often out of fear or ignorance than anything else.
2. That we often decide to act in a certain way based on what others might say about us or how they might see us.

In both cases, the good news is that we, definitely, can have control over both of the factors that influence our decision making. We can learn to control our fear instead of us being controlled by it and 2.–we are not who others think or say we are. We are in charge of who we become. How others see us is simply their perception.

SO the tips for living a life with more passion and emotional freedom are these: We need to ask ourselves three simple questions: 1.Where is the evidence that supports the idea that my fear has valid source; 2.That other people’s perceptions are correct and 3. Is it possible that others are always right and I am always so wrong? Of course not.

Glancing back at the photo I would say that this is a woman who is not afraid of much and doesn’t really care too much about what people say about her or how they might see her. She likely enjoys a spirit free of guilt and regrets which would lead her to more peace and excitement. These are life’s true gifts.

The key to living a life of freedom and joy and passion is for us to recognize what our fears are and then challenge them. When we can do this we will likely be much happier, more contented and more healthy people with fewer mental health problems, illnesses, and mistrust.

That’s how I see it anyways, James

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