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Someone recently said to me “I like reading your blog-very informative and you make me think about things that I often overlook or don’t see clearly.” “Thank you,” says me. Then this person went on to say “but can’t you, sometimes, write about funny things”. I said, “Sorry, but I can’t do that”. I guess for a couple of reasons: a) I’m a spontaneous funny kind of guy. I see something in my minds eye and the visual makes me laugh. It could be anything and b)for me to sit and create something that I think others will find funny, sorry, I can’t do that. Too often we laugh at things-anything-just so that we can be distracted from what is happening in front of us. We get overwhelmed-we laugh. When things get crazy-we laugh. When we get stressed-we laugh. Much of the time we laugh at things that aren’t really funny but it just feels good to not take things so seriously all the time. Yes-I get that.

Perhaps it’s the light speed at which time is moving by me. It seems that the older I get and the more invested I get in working to produce change for the better the more needs to be done and there is less time to do it in. Maybe when the list gets shorter I’ll laugh more.

Lately I have been reading about and researching the role or non-role parents have taken in the lives of their children and it is not difficult to see and understand why we have become such a violent world. I look straight at parents. Some will say that it isn’t all the parents fault. This isn’t about fault or finger pointing it is about recognising what we are not doing well and understanding that it can be and needs to be done better-much better.

It’s time for parents to grow up and become more accepting of their leadership role and to be role models. That is really not happening in a good number of cases. It’s also time for parents to accept the responsibility that comes with being a mentor and a teacher┬áto their kids. If they can’t do that or are not prepared to do that then perhaps they should not have helped to create another life. That’s fairly straight forward I think. This society has become so money focused and so egocentric that we have completely forgotten about the messages we are sending our kids by our attitudes and behaviour. I’ve said before that not all parents need a slap and a wake up call. There are some brilliant parents out there both co-parenting and acting as single parents doing an outstanding job of introducing their children to the realm of adolescence and early adulthood. Unfortunately there are not enough of them to turn this ugly tide of entitlement and political correctness.

The more I research and listen to the experts and read about their findings the more I am convinced that the major source of our current concerns about our kids and the violence they not only face each day but the bullying and the fear mongering they themselves create each day is preventable and quite simple in its origin.

Where am I going with this? I would guesstimate that an overwhelming cause of this originates with how we educate our kids. Our educational system is truly broken and yet very few want to admit it or have anything to do with correcting it. Ever so slowly many social psychologists/researchers are reluctantly beginning to confirm these findings. The stumbling blocks are Boards of Education and the organisations who are behind the private education business which, by the way, is a huge money maker and subsidised by our governments using tax payer dollars.

┬áMuch of our children’s anger, frustration, depression, confusion, frequent demonstrations of a lack of self-control and disinterest in furthering their educations comes directly from two sources:

1. the very system that is in charge of delivering an up to date, relevant, interesting and innovative learning experience for our kids falls woefully short when providing any of those necessities in our educational system and

2. a lack of any great organised pressure from parents who need to demand a better system which is more in touch with, not only the needs of future employers but also the real needs of their own children. By the time our children get half way through their university programs much of what they have learned will be out of date bordering on the edge of being useless. This useless information, however, comes at a very high price.

Parents need to wake up and get involved in their children’s lives before it is too late to do so. They need to add their voices to the growing numbers who recognise that the heart of our societies problems with violence and mental health problems are not about anything other than a poorly operated and maintained educational system that is still greatly influenced by people who are unwilling to consider that they are out of touch and date.

Video done by Grant Lichtman. If you are a parent,single parent or grandparents this video is a must see for you in order to understand the tremendous importance of revamping the educational system. We need to change the way our children learn. We cannot be of help to them if we are not understanding what the issues are and how to work within the 21st century.

Anyways, that’s how I see it–all the best, Jim

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