Life Defining Moments . . .Had One Lately?

What is a life defining moment anyway. Have you ever had one? Would you know if you had? How would you know? What happened? My understanding is that everyone is likely to be confronted with a life defining moment. For some people they will experience several life defining moments. OK-but why are they important? These are the events that we recognize have the power to shape the course of our lives. These are the events that happen to us or around us that cause us to pause and with sober thought decide how we are about to change our world. So many people miss the significance of important events that happen to them. For example an event could be marked by the death of a loved one or the birth of a child. It could come from something we heard, something or someone we saw. These Life Defining Moments can promote our view of our future or at least what the future could provide us if we took the chance to pursue it. Life Defining Moments are just that–they are things that happen that can generate a decision that will impact our lives for the remainder of our days. It’s like getting to a crossroad where there is a chance to go left or right. You have to choose one direction. This decision to go left or right is the LDM. Either choice will impact the quality of your life for the reminder of your days and often times we don’t have the luxury of time to decide–the decisions are often immediate. The importance can be immeasurable and folks need to understand that what happens next could be the difference between having a life of adventure, excitement and fulfilment or a life of sameness, safety (no risk) and missed opportunities to make a difference in others lives. There is no way to prepare for this happening nor is it something we can wait for. When an LDM (Life Defining Moment) happens it suggests you can change your life course but to do so means risk and leaving your comfort zone.

In this article I am speaking about the positive side of LDM’s. There are many realizations that come with recognizing a LDM. We recognize that, maybe for the first time, we see we really don’t have to have or need the permission or the ‘OK’ of others to manage our lives. That in itself can be a LDM–it’s called freedom and it can belong to anyone who wants it. The tricky thing about LDM’s is that they often provide us with the impetus–the opportunity to make changes that could alter how we live our lives forever but not always the means to make the move(s) happen. We have to do our part to make it happen. The other point to be made is that there are always risks involved or attached to recognizing and acting upon an LDM. I read somewhere recently that “anything worth doing will likely terrify you.” That’s how you know it’s something you need to consider when you are thinking about making changes. We can always recognize a time or a moment in our lives that separates itself from any and all experiences we’ve had. We can always decide to do nothing with it or about it but such opportunities are usually a one time chance. It’s not like waiting for a train at the station believing ‘oh well, I’ll just catch the next one’.

For me, my LDM’s have usually happened involving other people. As I have said often in these articles–I am not one to believe in coincidence. I truly believe that other people come into our lives for one of three reasons:

  1. because he/she has something of importance to tell me
  2. because I have something of importance to share with someone else
  3. because we both have things to teach each other and we are destined to be friends for quite a while These are often identified as Life Defining Moments.

We can’t alter or dismiss our Life Defining Moments–they remain ours to do with as we please but they are what defines us a human beings.

Anyways, that’s how I see it. All the best, Jim

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