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A couple of weeks ago I wrote an article on ‘Love’–what is it? How do you know when you ‘love’ someone else? What does it feel like? Someone please describe it to me. I wrote this article with the hope that someone would connect with me and share their thoughts and feelings on this much misunderstood topic. I guess I’m not the only one who hasn’t got answers to my questions. However, I am a bit closer to an answer than I thought. I find that people use the word ‘love’ as an expression of what they feel strongly about. For example: ‘I really love my house’ or ‘I love driving my car’ or ‘I love that tune’ and so on. I understand that this is not on the same level as ‘I love my son/daughter’ or ‘ I love my wife/husband’ but it does help me sort out a connection between really liking something and loving something. There is a different level of emotional and spiritual commitment to each. I should mention that I am a ‘show me’ guy. I’m likely to believe what I can see and go from there.

Two instances helped me this week. First of all I came upon the photo I used to top the page of this article. Here is a man trying to wade his way through a flood with a dog on his back that was at least as big as he was. He could have just as easily left the dog to it’s own devices and yet he was trying to save it from death’s grip. I took this as a demonstration of his love for the animal. I’m not sure if the dog belonged to him or if it was a stray and he was just helping out. I think he was the dogs owner. It’s a dog afterall, not a human being and yet that doesn’t seem to matter in affairs of the heart. I would say he ‘loves’ this animal.

The second example involved my partner and watching her as she experienced the passing of her mother. I know that she truly ‘loves’ her mom and will miss her terribly. She has said that so many times with genuine heart felt emotions and feelings. But what I saw was someone whose body language and verbal expression could not have been manufactured. I could have come only from her heart and I realized that she was loving her mom as they said goodbye. Wow.

So I move closer to ‘getting it’ but I’m not there yet. I hope this helps others who struggle with the same thoughts and questions. I’ll get back to you when I know more.

F.T.P.-Our Forward Thinking Program:

Potential employers are saying that they want a different type of employee now and mid level schools are not producing them. Many students are almost unemployable when they graduate meaning that they are not ready to work and produce what many employers need. Although earning power and monetary reward is important many grads are saying they want to know they are making a difference in quality of life issues as well. They want to know how can they be successful in their career choices and at the same time be in service to those around them. The changes that are needed in order to prepare our children to be competitive in the world marketplace are coming and they are massive. There is so much more to outline. This is a bit of an explanation of what the new ’employee’ will look like and what my colleague and I are contributing to the change movement that is beginning. The reality for the next generation of learners is that our current approach to education as we know it will not remain structured on a system that is no longer relevant.

To understand more about our FTP-Forward Thinking Program (A new view of educating and preparing our children for the immediate future) please tune into a discussion I recently had on a blog radio show from Vancouver. We discuss some basics that include the development of a new curriculum. We also outline why the old one really needs to go and why we believe this is inevitable.

Blog Radio Show Info-March 11

NAME:               The Dr. Anne Marie Evers Show

DATE:                    Saturday, March 11,  2017

TIME:                    12:00 noon Pacific Standard Time


We’ll be talking  more about  FTP–come join us

Truth Talkin’ Thursday:

This week Jane and I finished our discussion on freedom and how I don’t believe we are free at all. We are certainly better off than most other countries of the world but that doesn’t mean that we are free. To tune into our discussion please go to my web site at:–click on Truth Talkin’ Thursday button–click on Episode 24 OR go to u-tube and type in Truth Talkin’ Thursday: Episode 24 and it’ll pop right up for ya.

That’s it for another two weeks. Hopefully I’ll have more to say about FTP and my quest to truly understand what ‘love’ is all about.

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