10 Questions That Will Start or End A Relationship

What amazing work–Canadian Artist-Guy Wales does his thing.

10 Questions That Will Start Or End A Relationship:

Ever wonder why so many relationships start out with great excitement and promise and then go in the tank?

They tend to start with a physical attraction and evolve from there. If you are not, initially, physically attracted to someone there is really not much chance of you going out of your way to ‘bump’ into that person again and certainly not as someone you might want to get to know a bit better. Then you progress to the point where you ‘overlook’ some of this person’s quirks. Then you begin to hear and see just what you want to in order to support your decision to see more of this other person. Your intuitions and instincts may suggest otherwise but you don’t pay as much attention to them as you need. Then the whole thing goes ‘south’ you are left wondering what happened.

The short answer is most of us never really get to know much about the other person before we jump in with both feet. We are satisfied with the basics. But most of those are physical in nature and we never take the time get to understand who this other person really is, what he/she stands for and what they believe in.

Here are 10 ‘must’ ask questions we need to ask before we decide how much more involved we want to be with this person. Difficult-Yes. Must do-yes. Find a way to ask while enjoying a free open conversation. It’s not an inquisition but rather casual fact finding. Listen to how this person responds to group discussions about things that you may or may not be interested in. Pay attention and usually we can find a way to ask these important questions. (In no particular order of importance)

1.  Is this person you are interested in married or have he/she been married before?

2.  Does he/she have any children or have they ever created any children?

3.  Does he/she like kids and would he/she like being a parent?

4.  What does he/she do for a living? Is he/she currently working?

5.  How far did he/she go in school?

6.  What does he/she like to do when they are relaxing or playing?

7.  Does eh/she like to travel?

8.  What kind of music does he/she like?

9.  I he/she romantic? What would a romantic evening look like to him/her?

10.Do they have any hobbies? (might tie into #6)

If you can hear the answers to these questions it wont take long for you to decide if the ‘relationship’ has any future. Sex & emotional commitment happens way too early these days and I’m no prude-trust me but these life changing events need to happen or not happen as a result of the answers you get from the questions you ask. If you are looking for a ‘fun time’ and nothing serious-friends with benefits-then do what you must. If this is the case make sure that your partner understands this and is on board with this so that no one gets surprised or hurt when it’s time to move on. It’s your life. How much of it do you want to waste?

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This week I have included a music video by a great Canadian band that does not get the recognition it deserves–Enjoy ‘Diamond Mine’ by Blue Rodeo.

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