Is It Time To Reclaim Canada??

I think it is great that we, as a country, open our doors to offer an opportunity to anyone who wants to enjoy what we have and to share in the possibilities that are not available in many other places on the planet. I was first introduced to the concept of creating a multicultural society and how it would make us stronger as a nation, when I was a younger man. Being diverse, I was told, was good for us because it widened our scope of the world–yaddda, yadda, yadda.

So let’s see now–There were those who helped build the railway system from coast to coast and in 1824 began to dig the waterway between Port Colborne and Port Dalhousie virtually by hand. Many of those labourers and builders brought their families here from foreign lands taking a huge risk. There were those who wanted to live in Newfoundland when many wouldn’t not because it wasn’t magnificent but because there wasn’t a great deal there, early on, to sustain them. Living off the land was the only choice. But they came anyway because it was Canada. Opportunity waited for them. Freedom waited for them. There was a chance to be a pioneer and a citizen on a grand scale. Our First Nations People were the first real Canadian citizens and pioneers and as such were the first representatives of multiculturalism in this country. They worked hard and many died working hard to build this country into a place where everyone felt as though they belonged and that they were a part of a great plan for equality and opportunity.

There were First Nations Peoples, French people, Newfoundlanders, East Coasters, West Coasters, Dutch folks, German folks, English and Scottish and Irish folks and then came East Indian folks and Chinese folks and Polish people. We have always been a multicultural nation and one which fought together and built this great country–until now it seems.

It saddens me to see what has happened and continues to happen to Canada. We are a fragmented country. People have come to our shores but instead of joining in with those who were already here and those families that had fought for those freedoms we have allowed particular groups to use our charter to destroy us from within–to exterminate us culturally. Any of this beginning to sound familiar? For example we are not free to experience or practice OUR OWN religious beliefs and practices in public places while others are allowed to practice their religions in our schools and on our streets. We are becoming strangers in a strange land. Political correctness is now the weapon of choice. This parliament, with little insight, is guilty of not protecting our rights as they promoted the rights of others in consideration for votes and favours. Our own culture has been hijacked by those who live among us–those who would see us destroyed.

You fill in the blanks about how this is happening and who is making their move. Changes need to be made while we still have some control over our own political process. Twenty-five years ago you would not have been able to find too many people that dreamed of being the minority. Today that is a full blown possibility.

George Walker Bush said, “if you are not part of the solution then you are part of the problem.”
Here are 9 things that I believe need to happen:

1. Vote for the candidate who talks about re-claiming our cultural identity. If they are not talking about it ask them why they aren’t.
2. Citizenships need to be earned not given away. You must live here, physically, for 5 years on a registered visa which allows the applicant to work and to experience the freedoms of travel–just like any other citizen.
3. Applicants who are arrested for a major crime and are found guilty are deported back to their native country, immediately.
4. Canadian citizens and applicants would be subjected to the same laws of the land. Each is held accountable by the same judicial system. Refusal to do so or to comply are grounds for deportation.
5. Legal immigrants seeking citizenship cannot own land, houses, businesses or holdings until they become citizens.
6. Non-citizens will not be allowed to vote at any level until they are citizens of Canada. They don’t have a stake.
7. Non-citizens will enjoy the same rights and freedoms as any other citizen. However, this does not include working to limit or ignore the rights and freedoms of any or all others.
8. If someone is not here legally then he/she/they should be asked to leave. Besides, if its so bad in your own country then fight THERE to change things for yourself and others.
9. We need to stop politicizing immigration. Immigrants need to earn the right to stay not give over to a political body that is willing to trade with them for a vote.

Unfortunately there are those who enter our country, not to enjoy it but to destroy it from within. There are clearly spoken groups who have stated that intent. Most that enter Canada come in peace and hope and are hard workers who share our beliefs and culture. There are those who come with malice in their hearts. We need to do a much better job of sending those folks back home. Sometimes we’ll get it wrong-I can live with that. Do we really need immigrants coming into Canada right now–No we don’t-not until we figure out how to do it better.

Anyways, that’s how I see it–Jim

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