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A pictorial of some of our best political thinkers–oops!


The series is done:

Finished up the series I was doing with Dr. Anne Marie Evers on contacttalkradio.com. A gracious and very knowledgeable  hostess and interviewer as well as being an accomplished author of 8 books on the role and strength of affirmations. The full series of 5 interviews is now available for listening on my web site at jimcloughley.com—media page. Just click on the ‘listen’ button and the interview for that ‘cornerstone’ is ready to play. We spoke about a general overview of my book: ‘A Man’s Work Is Never Done: A Novel About Mentoring Our Sons’ and then focused on each ‘cornerstone’ covering topics like a)  developing and maintaining a positive sense of self worth and self value; b)  using your anger to institute positive change in your life–a positive motivator for change; c)  living in relationships with family and community and d)  a new way to build positive relationships between parent and child and produce less stress doing so. Great resource for single moms, single dads and grandparents.

The Mind And Body Makeover: Improving Relationships From Head To Toe

Check out this great workshop  to be presented by Velda Ford and Roxanne Derhodge designed to put some fire back into your personal relationships. To learn more about this exciting and innovative approach to heating up your personal and intimate relationships just click on the highlighted text.

The APSGO Conference:

Getting ready to attend and present a workshop for APSGO (The Association of Parent Sup[port Groups in Ontario, Inc.) to be held in NewMarket, Ontario. If you want to know more about this great event and the numerous benefits and new strategies that parents will come away with click on the highlighted text for more information.


My Music Video Pick For The Week:


My Favourite group of all time. I was brought up with these guys in the 60’s. They were innovative, creative and light years ahead of their time. They are still touring and are as good now or better than they were in the 60’s. That means that they have been creating and producing music for over 50 years and yet they have not been enshrined in the Hall of Fame which, in my opinion, needs to be re-named the Hall of Shame. When I think of some of the bands that have made the Hall and these guys haven’t been considered it makes me wonder about how political gaining entrance to the Hall is. At any rate this video is not the best quality but the sound is pretty good. Great tune by a great band. Enjoy.


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