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This thought came to me while I was watching the Cavaliers take Golden State apart to win the NBA Championship. One of the commentators-Mark Jackson I believe, made a comment about a move that LeBron had put on Steph Curry and he called it ‘a thing of beauty’. Now either this man has been living under a rock or he has an extremely narrow view of what beauty is. So I will put it to those who read this article to think about that and determine what a thing of beauty means to each of you?

The laughter of a wee baby brings beauty with it; it could be sight or sound; it could be a voice or a smell that brings you the happiest of thoughts, memories and feelings; it could be the presence of a landscape or a sunset; it could be a song that has been written or a collection of words that required some thought in order to create a mental picture. There are so many things that could be considered ‘a thing of beauty.’ And then I think about what some people have done to themselves to make themselves ‘more beautiful’ or what they have given up or sold out just to be more ‘beautiful’.

Perhaps we could take a few minutes away from thinking about failing economies and mass murders and Donald Trump to consider what we need to be grateful for and beauty is certainly one of those things. And it is usually free for the enjoying.

Beauty, to me, is anything that presents itself and is experienced and captured by the human heart in an emotional and meanigful way. It is a spiritual experience. Some people know they have witnessed beauty when they feel that little rush up their spine or a shiver or their heart skips a time or two or their breath is caught in their throat for just a second. Beauty can be anything that touches your heart and soul in a way that nothing else can. It leaves an imprint in your minds eye. It can be heard in the wind or the roaring surf and it can be seen anywhere at any time and experienced with anyone. True beauty cannot be bought but rather is seen or heard in music, or spoken from one heart to another heart. It is a gift of unknown magnitude. It certainly isn’t a basketball move performed by an overpaid athlete to the joy of 40 million viewers. A skill–OK. A talent–OK. But a thing of beauty–I don’t think so. The photo I included at the top of this article-that’s a thing of beauty–JIm

Video Of The Week: Almost Anything Is Possible

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Direct Quote from “Larry, the Cable Guy”

Everyone concentrates on the problems we’re having in Our Country lately: Illegal immigration, hurricane recovery, alligators attacking people in Florida . .. .. . Not me — I concentrate on solutions for the problems — it’s a win-win situation.
* Dig a moat the length of the Mexican border.
* Send the dirt to New Orleans to raise the level of the levees.
* Put the Florida alligators in the moat along the Mexican border.

Any other problems you would like for me to solve today?
Think about this:
1. Cows
2. The Constitution
3. The Ten Commandments

Is it just me, or does anyone else find it amazing that during the mad cow epidemic our government could track a single cow, born in Canada years ago, right to the stall where she slept in the state of Washington? And, they tracked her calves to their stalls. But they are unable to locate 11 million illegal aliens wandering around our country. Maybe we should give each of them a cow.

They keep talking about drafting a Constitution for Iraq ….
why don’t we just give them ours?
It was written by a lot of really smart guys,
it has worked for over 200 years,
and we’re not using it anymore.

The real reason that we can’t have the Ten Commandments posted in a courthouse is this —
you cannot post ‘Thou Shalt Not Steal’
‘Thou Shalt Not Commit Adultery’ and
‘Thou Shall Not Lie’
in a building full of lawyers, judges and politicians,
it creates a hostile work environment.

Coming Up: 

Just received an invitation to appear on Annette Abens’ Blog Talk Radio Show in July. It’s a great show and she is a great interviewer. I feel very fortunate to be invited to share my concerns about fatherlessness and the problems/solutions that face us. She has 9 published books available on Amazon. Her latest book is called: Angels Messages-A Wing and a Prayer. If you have a minute or two check her out at:

More to come about this great opportunity.

Anyways, that’s how it was and that’s how I see it–all the best, Jim

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The Week Gone By . . .


Believe it or not it happened. Many have been waiting around for him to screw up and he did. Good for him I say. Our PM lost it in parliament and committed an agregious act for which he needs to burn at the stake. For those who haven’t heard or really don’t care let me provide a quick summary of events.

Apparently a rather important piece of legislation was up for a vote in the House. This was a vote that the Tories and the NDP didn’t want to come to fruition and so they did what many election losers do when they can’t have their way. They showed their disdain for the process by not going to sit in their seats and ready themselves to participate as they should have.

Apparently the whips (party leaders in the House ) need to present themselves to the speaker so that he can bless the proceedings and on goes the process. These two beacons of propriety hadn’t done that yet and our PM thought that he might hurry along the process by helping the Tory Whip find his way to the front of the chamber. In doing so he pushed his way through the audience on the floor, who should have been moving toward their seats at this point but no doubt were encouraged to follow the lead of their fearless leaders to take their time before making their move to be seated (a shining example of civil disobedience). On his way through the gathering our PM uttered a couple of directives, get the f__k out of my way was one, to those others who were, one can only assume, posing as real members of parliament who were also supposed to be finding their way to their assigned seats. On his way toward the Torie Whip or as he got there and began to turn around he unintentionally elbowed a female NDP-MP in the chest causing her some physical distress to the point where she needed to leave the chamber altogether. Does this sound like a skit on SNL to you by the way??  

Now I agree that it was a choice that, in retrospect, he wishes he could make again but done is done. However, he showed that he had some ‘stones’ almost immediately by apologizing for his inappropriate behaviour. He accepted, completely, the responsibility of making that decision and stated that he needed and expected more from himself and that this should not have happened. Unlike, I might add, any behaviour that either Thomas Mulcair or Rona Ambrose (Once someone could find her) had ever done at any time in their federal lives. The extent of their righteous indignation sickens me. At any rate, as he was trying to speak, the shining examples of all that is right wouldn’t shut up long enough to allow our PM to apologize, not only to the House but to the MP who was hurt in the exchange. When she returned Justin Trudeau showed his class by addressing her directly and sincerely .

There has been no end to the verbal barrage that has ensued. You’d think that some kind of depraved sacrificial ceremony had taken place on the speakers desk or something. Are we aware that in European government houses of parliament there are fist fights, beatings, all kinds of threats made and violence perpetuated on other members of parliament? I really don’t fear or see us moving in that direction. My goodness don’t we have much more important work of the government to take care of than to whine about our PM losing it because opposition members were acting like little kids?  Please.

I have more respect for our PM now than before this little incident. He showed us that he is human with emotions. That’s a good thing. He showed us that he takes the importance of life and death decisions and guidance seriously. That’s a good thing. And he showed us that, like his father, he does not tolerate fools easily. Also a good thing. He did what he did. He made the appropriate apologies–let’s get on with the business of the people.

Anyways, that’s how I see it–all the best, Jim

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Parenting Tip:

How many of us came from the school where discipline really meant punishment? We were told that “this will hurt me more than you but it has to be done”. I don’t know about you folks but I never really bought into that one. The belief was that in order to learn a lesson there had to be some physical discomfort inflicted or some kind of punishment meted out for the message to stick.

I’m no saint and I don’t wish to suggest otherwise but I, as a parent, didn’t buy into the idea that corporal punishment was a good teacher. What it did do was create a ‘fear’ of what my parents might do to me. They would never have maimed me or anything but I do remember catching the odd swat now and then.

As a parent I think it is quite possible to use discipline as a teaching tool rather than one that promotes fear. I wanted my kids to learn that what they did or what they were considering doing might be wrong because . . . . .   It was the lesson of the discipline that I wanted to stress because I knew that at some point I was not going to be here and that ‘fear’ they held would no longer be the ruler by which they made their choices/decisions. And to be honest I wanted their respect not their dismay or distress.

The Affiliate Program:

I had spoken before about trying to get some folks together to establish an affiliate program-one where all of us who had things like books and products to market would help support each other by promoting each others stuff. I must admit that I dropped the ball on that one-not because I don’t believe in it–I certainly do. I think its a great way to provide good products and services to people for a great deal less money making them much more affordable for those who would like or need them. I just got side tracked with two other projects and as I will do sometimes I found that I am only one person and I can only do so much at once. I will do the affiliate thing once these other projects are up and moving.

That’s it for now–thanks for stopping by.

Thought For The Day:

“Be sure to get the most from each day. Why-? Because you traded a day of your life for it.”

Ready Or Not . . . They Are Here

I often write about parenting and styles, approaches and being your childs’ best friend. This article to day is more for young parents and grandparents although ALL parents can certainly pick up something new. Those who have followed my articles for awhile now would notice that I really don’t understand why we are not teaching parenting 101, 201 and 301 in our schools as a regular part of the course of study. It is the single most important skill that any society needs to concern itself with. It is the one skill that will have the greatest impact on the quality of life in any community, town or city. If we want to make a difference regarding how we live and the quality of that life then lets begin by helping the next generation of parents know how to do their jobs and stop thinking it will happen by some form of osmosis.

As our children’s teachers we often approach parenting from the position of ‘what do we need to teach our children?’ when instead we need to be paying just as much attention to our kids (grandkids in some cases) and what they can teach us about who they are. Our relationship needs to be symbiotic in nature. That’s why it is so vitally important that both parents are involved in the process of parenting their kids. If Dad or Mom is no longer in the house then agreements need to be made to make that happen on a regular/consistent basis. The legal system needs to consider this instead of punishing the parents who want to be involved but can’t afford it. There needs to be some consistency in the kids learning experience. Kids learn from us too. They watch our every move and they mimic our behaviours especially when they are around their peer groups where they try out new ideas. If the adults don’t get along that well and can’t work this out then supervised visits need to happen but the child will benefit more with both parents present unless the animosity is so great that it becomes detrimental.

One of the greatest challenges facing parents, especially younger parents, is the amount of computer time or TV time they allow their kids to have each day. Much too often the ‘tube’ or the computer double up as electronic babysitters because Mom or Dad are too tired at the end of a day or dinner needs to be made or they just plain don’t feel like spending time with their kids. TV folks have got us believing that there isn’t a problem with too much TV–that it is a great learning tool and that it helps to develop learning skills and so on. There is likely some truth to that but there is also the other side which is the kids get to view all the moronic ads on TV, the violence of some of the ads and shows, the pressure to buy certain products and watching people gorge themselves with junk food with the message being–“It’s OK–go for it.”

How much tube time or computer time is enough in one day for a child. Lets say 2 hours (skill developing shows/software could be the exception like helping to develop math or reading skills). That means that Mom or Dad needs to spend about the same time playing with the kids, doing age appropriate puzzles or building something with legos or reading stories before bedtime. If you are not prepared to do these things with your kids then don’t have kids in the first place. It’s better to be selfish than it is uncaring.

So Junior can watch whatever his/her favourite show(s) are as long as they are age appropriate. I read an article awhile ago that suggested your child be given 14 tickets per week. Each ticket is valued at 1 hour of TV time or computer time and each time he/she wants to watch TV or play on the computer they hand in a ticket. They can’t ‘save up’ their tickets either. If they don’t use them that’s OK too but they can’t save them to have three hours instead of two the next day. Make a game of it like they are going to the movies and they hand in their admission ticket. They get to pick the appropriate show. If there is a family show on where everybody watches a family type show then that can happen as well but they are more a ‘treat’ then they are a regular thing otherwise there is no point. The real point is that the kids will begin to pick and choose more what they ‘spend’ their tickets on then just being entertained by some show that really has no redeeming qualities to it. The rest of the time they aren’t watching TV or playing on the computer they are entertaining themselves by using their imagination.

Apparently when kids are small their minds are the most active and process huge amounts of data that they are being subjected to. We need to be encouraging them to use their minds in order for them to continuously create new neural pathways and to strengthen the existing ones. I guess the old saying ‘use it or lose it’ really does matter especially when referring to our kids.

Anyways, that’s how I see it–all the best, Jim

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The Week Passed By . . .

A Good Business Man But A Poor Example Of A World Leader:

After seeing Mr. Trump on the news-yet again- I have decided that I have had enough of Donald Trump. I will admit that in the beginning he was interesting. He came along and did things that were totally out side the box. He said things as they were and he isn’t owned by anyone so he is free to be his own leader without special interests in his ear. That appealed to me but as this thing has gone on he has become more of a threat than he has a leader. Now he has become a man who doesn’t understand when to let go–he has become a vindictive guy and that characteristic isn’t one that  is very constructive when negotiating with other world leaders. Sometimes you have to back off a bit to get ahead. Anyway I will not take any further interest in what he says or does.  DONE.


I continue to read this book and I continued to be amazed by it. It is full of optimism about sharing the ‘abundance’ of natural wealth on the planet and how we can use it to our distinct advantage. The book is called: ABUNDANCE  and it is a must read if you have any interest in where our children and our grand children might be heading and how we can make the planet a safer and more enduring place to live–read it–it’s worth your time

Program Design and New Material

I’m just beginning to develop some new program material for my site and I hope to have the first part of it available for public use next week. If you are a single mom or a single dad I will have some excellent interviews for you to listen to that could be just what you need to hear to help with that relationship with your child that creates stress and anxiety in your life.


Parenting Tip For The Week:

As a parent, whether that be a single mom or single dad, there are two concepts that need to be a part of any childs’ upbringing and both parents, regardless of their position either in or out of the family relationship, need to take responsibility for teaching their kids about these life lessons. They are about tolerance and acceptance.  For some these are interchangeable but I don’t quite agree. For me tolerance is about allowing for the fact that others may see things differently than I do and that I need to be OK with that as long as they don’t challenge other’s rights to their  freedom. They have a right to their opinions ,for instance, and they don’t have to see the world as I do. It is OK for both of us to see the same thing differently without having to declare a winner. If I believe that I am correct or that how I am seeing things is right for me then that is really the only thing that matters. By forcing or making someone else see things as I do is bullying and dangerous. That is often the basis for armed rebellion or world conflict.

Acceptance is about receiving something or someone at face value–not feeling the need to change something to suit my need(s). Being ‘accepted’ into a group or  being appreciative of something or someone just as they are including how someone looks, dresses, talks, thinks–as long as what they do and how they do it does not infringe upon someone elses’ right to do the same.

These are so very important and our children need to have these principles taught to them as early as possible so that they become a natural part of their behaviour as human beings and citizens into the world.

Video Pick Of The Week:

I thought that perhaps we could take a minute or two out of our busy schedules to go parahawking–enjoy–JIm

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The Week Gone By . . . This Weeks News

My Little Rant:

I know that attacking government is so easy but it really isn’t that much fun any more so I’ll go off on one of my other favourite targets. I wish that we, as citizens, would cease making criminals and thugs and really undesirable and dispicable people who have demonstrated their dislike for law and order and decency and respect  and . . . into rock stars and the like. What I suggest is that those criminals and those really messed up folks who perpetrate awful crimes on others whether it’s ISIS or El Chappo or mass murders and assassins or unibombers don’t get to have their ugly faces splashed all over our big screen TV’s at 6:00 pm or on CNN or any other supposed self respecting news agency. I have decided for myself that I have no interest  in seeing what these people look like–hell I don’t even want to know their freakin’ names. I don’t care. The cops know who they are and that’s good enough for me. They should not become notorious for their careless, callous and vicious acts. Let’s deny them the opportunity to be rock stars. Let’s deny them their “15 minutes.” Really–it’s bad for business. They should not have the delight of knowing that their deeds are being witnessed by millions of people around the globe. They don’t deserve that kind of recognition. Perhaps it is us who need to get a life but it won’t be me starring at some thug who can’t get his stuff together long enough to something good in the world.

Good Book To Read-A Real Eye Opener:   5 Stars for this one

We are a great deal further along the road to achieving abundance than we realize. It has become more apparent that the ‘money and power holders’ really are fearful of us peons becoming aware of what is really happening in the world. Remember the climate change folks–Al Gores’ crusade. Looking at it now. He wasn’t too far off was he. Not at all. The book is called ‘Abundance’ put together by Peter Diamandis and Steven Kotler. Do yourself a favour and pick it up. It will leave you scratching your head wondering why we aren’t doing some of this stuff-right now.

Parenting Tip For The Week:

One of the things that kids need from us is for us to be their parent not their friend. I often hear parents say, “My son is my best friend or more likely that kid will say Dad is my best friend.” I want to cry out and say no-that’s not a good thing.”  Parents cannot be best friends with their kids. Best friends cannot be parents. What our children do need is guidance, wisdom, to feel connected so that they feel they have a place, they need love but most of all they need to know that someone close by is there to hold them accountable, to encourage them to respect boundaries and other people, they need to  be taught how to compete and so observe the rights of others without losing their own. They NEED to be taught by their parents and their job is to learn from their parents. It’s a symbiotic relationship that cannot, under any circumstances, be taught them by a friend. Besides our kids, for the most part, have all the friends they need or want and if they want more friends then they just go and make ‘new’ friends.

No where is it written that parents and their kids can’t go out and enjoy the world they live in–together.  They can have fun together doing things they both enjoy, they can have the same hobby or love playing golf together or going to a ball game. Absolutely. But it doesn’t make them best friends. As for parents–they need to learn that their kids job is not to provide them with a fountain of youth. We are our kids teachers. They look to us for knowledge of the world so they will thrive.

My video pick for the week:

Enjoy–from one of the innovators and true talents in the rock and roll business

Anyways, that’s how I see things, all the best, Jim

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Another Week That Was . . .

I chose the above picture because it symbolizes what Christmas needs to be all about. It amazes me that this is likely the busiest and most stressful time of the year for so many and yet families and good friends manage to find the time to come together and celebrate such a magical time of the year. Grand parents and great grand parents get to see and hold their grand kids. They get to witness who these little people are becoming and emotions can be over whelming. Such a great time of the year. My question then is this: ‘Why do we have to have a reason to get together especially as a family?’ Everyone seems too busy to make it happen. I love seeing pictures like the one above. I just wish we could do it more often because it is most important, now more than any time before us,  for families to stay close and relevant for more than a few days a year. My hope is that we will understand the importance of having close family ties in the face of such adversity all around us. There is such strength and re-assurance for all when we stand together.

Business slows to a near halt–as it should

Not much to report or comment on because of the buzz and that’s the way it should be. Irons remain in the fire and conversations and creativity are put on hold. New ideas are born and there will be lots of time to deal with them after all the Christmas hub-bub has happened. The affiliate program is progressing slowly but moving ahead and this will provide so many more opportunities for people who visit my site to become informed about ways to improve the quality of their lives and how to grow their relationships with their families. Information is key to growth for all of us.


It’s never to late to share the gift of love, knowledge and insight.

Books are a great gift to give at any time–they say “I was thinking about you the other day and thought this might be something you would enjoy.” Although they are becoming more electronic a good old fashioned soft cover book is still a great gift that can last a life time and is more portable than carrying an electronic device of some kind. Happy to say that my literary offerings are available at CavershamBookSellers in Toronto at 98 Harbord street now or you can contact me directly at (web site)  OR if you have an interest in purchasing one of mine.


Parenting Tip For The Week.

One of our many jobs as a parent is to guide, teach and help our kids understand the ways of the world-to protect them, as much as possible, from pain and peril. However,  one  important thing that we need to be doing  that many of us miss is to just listen to our kids when they want to talk. We need to listen to him/her with ALL our attention for as long as it takes. We need to be quiet and not interrupt when he/she is talking about how the world-their world-looks to them. If we encourage them they will tell us their fears and their hopes. They will share their’wisdom’ with us regarding what is happening in the only world they have to be concerned with. The biggest mistake we can make is to correct them and tell them that they are wrong to think ‘that’ way and that we have all the answers to their problems. If you want to shut them down be critical of what they are trying to tell us. If you wonder why they don’t talk to us about the real important issues in their lives anymore it’s likely because we ridiculed or judged their words the last time they tried talking to us. We may not agree with what they say but we have to let them know that it is safe for them to say it–we need to listen. 


My Video Pick For The Week.


Anyways, that’s how I see it–all the best, Jim

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Another Week That Was . . .

I must say that I am a bit surprised by the comments I received from folks who read my article this past week (Homeless vs. Immigrant . . . It Shouldn’t Be This Way).  The sentiment seems to be similar to mine in that many people are not anti-anything but rather pro taking care of our own before we extend our Canadian values and support to others. A few said that if this is who we are and what we do then who will care for those of us (meaning homeless Canadians) who need help as well?

Thanks to those who took the time to read my article and many thanks to those who took the time to let me know what and how they were thinking and feeling as well–Jim.

” A Man’s Work Is Never Done . . . ”  in a new format

I am in the midst of creating a new program based on my latest book called  “A Man’s Work Is Never Done . . . A Novel About Mentoring Our Sons”. I’ll  use this Newsletter, Facebook, Linked-in and Twitter to let people know when it is ready to go. People will be able to purchase it through my web site– .  It is based on 6 individual 50 minute podcasts which  I did with Dr. Anne Marie Evers over the last month. We discussed an introduction to the program, topics such as dealing with the challenges of a young man as he transitions from boyhood to manhood, solutions for single moms and dads who struggle with their relationships with their children and will finish with a summary of the over all program and how to utilize the learning points contained within the story line.

Rumor has it that Santa is coming–got shopping to do?

Books are a great gift to give because they aren’t seasonal, they continue to give long after the holiday is passed and the are re-usable. You can even re-gift them to your friends. I still have a few copies of  ‘A Man’s Work Is Never Done:  A Novel About Mentoring Our Sons’  OR  ‘Managing Me . . . 8 Keys To More Passion & Inner Peace’ available. You can purchase them through my web site at  or by connecting with me directly at


This weeks parenting tip: Be a father not a dictator

One of the toughest thing for parents-fathers in this case–to do is to recognize the difference between being a parent-a father-and being a dictator.  Kids don’t want to be told what to do and how to do it all the time. They don’t want to have their ability to think for themselves constantly disregarded either. Our way is not always the right way for our children but if we are too busy trying to protect them by making their every choice for them and ordering them around to keep them safe or mistake free they are sure to rebel. They want a chance to show us what they know. Give it to them.

My music video for this week

This is by Chris Rea who is, in my mind anyway, one of the best musical artists of the last twenty years. He combines story telling with jazz and a great latino beat and uses photography like few others I have seen. I have chosen this video which combines the lyrics so that after you have played it a few times you can sing along–its fun-trust me–Enjoy–JIm


Anyways, that’s all I got for this week. Connect with me by e-mail if you like or have any comments. You can get me at (contact page)  OR 


The Week That Was . . .


December 3, 2015

Another week, another mass shooting. It is becoming a common place headline. I’m not trying to be flippant here–not by any means. I think it is so sad that the ‘free’ world-mainly our US brothers and sisters are so stuck in their ‘rights’ that they cannot see that the rights of others are being violated because they continue to believe their rights are more fundamental and important to their freedom. Wow–now I’m confused. So sad that innocents have to die to satisfy the outdated and misguided wants of others. I think the old saying goes–‘violence begets violence’–so true.

Here’s what’s going on in my world and I hope that all who read this this week are having and will continue to have safe and productive days and nights.

An Independent book store is carrying my books now

I’m excited to report that Caversham Book Sellers from Toronto have agreed to carry my books on their shelves. This is a store that services many of the Uof T student body, they have been doing business for many years in the city and have a great reputation for providing quality titles especially in the mental health field. I feel very honored to have my book in the shop and look forward to being with them for a good length of time. Thanks again to Caversham. If you are interested in some of the other titles they offer go to their web site at


Christmas IS coming–what to give–Hmmmm?

When in doubt always think about the gift of books. They are wonderful gifts that keep on giving long after the occasion has passed. The really nice thing about books as gifts is that they can be passed along to others who may be sharing your path with you for awhile. You may give it to someone who is only here for a bit and yet your book  could end up in Brazil or Africa some where. How amazing is that?


The affiliate program is still happening

Still working the kinks out of the affiliate program which is essentially a program by which people who visit me on my site have access to products and programs of other professionals who offer any number of helpful, informative and interesting ideas designed to promote an enjoyable and less stressful way of life for instance or may provide helpful tips to parents who are single moms or dads who are looking for help to keep a balance in their lives. Stay tuned I promise it will happen for all to benefit.


A Helpful Parenting Tip

Parents–you need to learn how to listen. Don’t be so quick to judge and to interrupt what your kids are telling you. Just listen and give them a forum. They will tell you all kinds of things if you let them. Believe me-you want this to happen. It is how you stay in touch with the fast changing world your kids face every day.


My Video choice this week–from Chriss Angel

Be prepared to be astonished. Even though we KNOW that this isn’t real you’ll will still marvel at how he did this. For me it says that no matter what you think you see it may not always be the truth.


Author Jim Cloughley's 
Brand New Blueprint For Learning