The Week Gone By . . .

The APSGO Conference

I am looking forward to providing a workshop at APSGO-The Association for Parent Support Groups for Ontario Inc. in conjunction with their annual general meeting. A great opportunity to communicate with others who are directly involved with helping strengthen families and providing support to children at risk. It’s held in Newmarket-Nov 7, 2015–if you are close by you are welcomed to attend.

Speaks for local groups and organizations

I’m now booking speaking engagements for the fall season. If you are a group or an organization, no matter the number, and your members are interested in gaining support, education around parenting strategies or how to build stronger and more healthy relationships with their kids the topics I address may be very helpful to you. Check out my web site at for more information on my program called “Discover 10 Secrets About How To Connect With Your Kids” or email me at

A important podcast with expert/author  Dr. Anne Marie Evers 

Next week we will be discussing the second of four cornerstones from my book called “A Man’s Work Is Never Done : A Novel About Mentoring Our Sons.” This is a book that benefits both single moms and single dads as well as co-parents. We will discuss anger and how we can use anger for our benefit–as a motivator for change for both ourselves and our children. If you are interested in learning more about how to deal positively with anger tune into the Dr. Anne Marie Evers Show on on Saturday October 10th from 3-4PM-EST.

Video for the week:

Folks aren’t always what they appear to be. This is about 6 minutes in length–watch it to the end you’ll be glad you did–Jim

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